Friday, May 12, 2017

Spotlight & Giveaway - Stone-Cold Heart by Jami Gold

Stone-Cold Heart

by Jami Gold


Abandoned to his fate,
a shapeshifting gargoyle is trapped
until she sets him free…

A gargoyle betrayed by his soldiers…

After centuries of stone-cold death, Garrett discovers his legion has deserted him. Without their help, he’ll succumb to eternal sleep once more unless he can trick the woman who woke him into trusting him with her soul.

A combat veteran scarred inside and out…

Her last night in Afghanistan, Raquel Guerrero’s team fell victim to a suicide bomber, killing everyone but her. Now, despite her determination to never again let anyone close, her sense of duty compels her to help an endangered warrior survive.

Trust isn’t in their vocabularies…

A tentative truce frees them to investigate his regiment’s abandonment—and unleashes passionate temptations. But when the truth is uncovered, Garrett and Raquel’s fragile bond—and the healing power of love—might be the only thing that keeps them alive.

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She dropped her book and nailed him in place with her stare. “If your clothes are a part of you, that means you can’t take them off, right?”

“Are you asking me to demonstrate?” He didn’t hold back his grin at the question.

She blinked hard and swallowed. “No.” She picked up the book again and riffled through the pages.
“Just scientific curiosity.”

He pressed a fingertip on the edge of her book, forcing it down from her face. “I simply absorb them into my body temporarily, like so.” He left his jeans, but made his shirt and coat disappear.

She gaped at his chest. “Oh. Okay.”

Yes, he definitely had the ability to affect her. Now, how to use that power…


After playing fetch with a werewolf, Jami Gold moved to Arizona and decided to become a writer, where she could put her talent for making up stuff to good use, including winning the 2015 National Readers’ Choice Award in Paranormal Romance for the novel Ironclad Devotion in her Mythos Legacy series. Fortunately, her muse, an arrogant male who delights in causing her to sound as insane as possible, rewards her with unique and rich story ideas. Fueled by chocolate, she writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales that range from dark to humorous, but one thing remains the same: Normal need not apply. Just ask her family—and zombie cat.

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  1. Thanks so much for spotlighting my book! I hope readers enjoy it. :)