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Release Blitz - Stepping Over the Line by Laura Marie Altom

Stepping Over the Line 
Author: Laura Marie Altom
Publisher: Loveswept
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2016


If you love the stepbrother romances of Sabrina Paige, Caitlin Daire, and Krista Lakes, you’ll fall hard for Laura Marie Altom’s tale of forbidden love—a red-hot novel in her Shamed series featuring two tortured souls with an unbreakable bond.

As the chief legal counsel for dot-com billionaire Liam Stone, Garrett Marsden has grown accustomed to being universally loathed. In fact, he welcomes it. Because the bigger the fight, the easier it is to run from his desire for someone he can never have: his stepsister. But when Garrett flies back to Julep, Mississippi, for Savannah’s med school graduation, a steamy encounter makes all his wildest dreams come true—and leads to his undoing. Because that’s when he meets Savannah’s boyfriend. . . .

Five years later, Savannah Boudreaux couldn’t be happier as a small-town Southern doctor and single mom to a young son. There’s only one thing missing. Her stepbrother, Garrett, has just been released from prison, and although he may be a free man, he’s become a bitter shadow of the kind and caring man who once came to her rescue. Now Savannah will cross the line to save Garrett from himself: to prove that he can live his life, love whoever he wants . . . and be a wonderful father to their son.

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Author Bio

Laura Marie Altom is the author of more than forty books in three different genres. Now that her kids are in college, Altom spends her days writing and chasing after a menagerie of pets: a mini long-haired dachshund named Cocoa, a Yorkie named Chewie, a mutt named Sweet Pea, a giant kitty named Foxy, and Domino—a black-and-white stealth cat she rarely sees. She’s happily married to her college sweetheart (go Hogs!), and when night falls, she steals a few romantic moments for herself with her own hunky cover stud. 

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Author Interview w/Excerpt & Giveaway ($50 GC) - Luck of the Irish by Liz Gavin


Luck of the Irish

by Liz Gavin 
GENRE: Contemporary Paranormal Romance



Keira Ashe’s parents are great but her mother has overprotected her for years. Now, this twenty-two-year-old Bostonian has graduated from college and can go on a trip she has been planning for years. She fears her shyness may get in the way of her enjoying what could be a life-altering adventure. However, Keira feels her luck is about to change when she meets gorgeous bartender Declan Slane.

Declan Slane is twenty-six and works at a hotel bar in Dublin. He hasn’t been very lucky in his love life so far. Also, he has got a troubled past he has chosen not to revisit in order to keep his sanity. Because he isn’t looking for a girlfriend, Declan isn’t very pleased to meet a certain breathtaking American who walks into his bar one afternoon.

Get a taste of adventure and heartache as Keira spreads her wings and matures while she gets to know her great-grandparents’ home country – Ireland. Hold your breath when she faces tough decisions and dangers. Root for Keira while she weighs up the consequences of making love for the first time. Bite your nails when she comes across unforeseen threats.

Liz Gavin’s second full-length novel is hard to put down just as it is hard to pinpoint its genre. She has woven an intricate web around her characters that will leave readers breathless. In the sizzling concoction, this talented new author poured heart-warming romance, heart-stopping suspense, and a dash of heart-searching paranormal. Take your pick. Regardless of the literary genre you might favor, Liz Gavin’s writing will take you to a whole different side of it.


Spotlight & Giveaway - Reckless Beat (The Boxed Set) by Eden Summers

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Reckless Beat Boxed Set
by Eden Summers

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Blurb Blitz & Giveaway - Forbidden Heat by J.L. White

Forbidden Heat

by JL White

GENRE:  New Adult Romance



They call us the Firework Girls.

I’m Isabella. My comfort zone consists of a bank of test tubes and a Bunsen burner. But having to take a philosophy class to graduate from college—well, that’s causing a different kind of burn altogether. I mean, the hottest professor at Hartman is looking right at me.

Can you blame me for looking back? 


spotlight - Skin of a Goddess (Goddess Ascension, Book 1) by Victoria C. Johnson

Skin of a Goddess
Goddess Ascension, Book One
Victoria C. Johnson

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Date of Publication: April 18, 2016 
ISBN: 978-0-9973433-0-4  
Number of pages: 253 * Word Count: 78,311 
Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Design
Book Description: 

Goddesses just want to have fun, right?  
Peitho’s first job as an Immortal Representative means slumming it at the Shifter Convention, where shifters and supernaturals will be meeting to discuss concerns and build relations. She’s sure it’s going to be boring—all they have to complain about is fleas and territory.  
Wait . . . is that a dragon?  
Obsessive is a strong word.  
Hunter thinks Peitho would make a great addition to his hoard of treasure. Dragons are famously acquisitive; how is he supposed to ignore her? Everyone always says it’s bad to fight your nature.  
When shifters begin disappearing from the convention, and bodies quickly appearing, Peitho and Hunter have no choice but to investigate. Will Hunter and Peitho manage to solve the crime while still keeping their hearts intact?

Available at Amazon

About the Author: 
Victoria C. Johnson lives in Michigan with her supportive husband and amazing family. She became serious about her passion for writing shortly after having her daughter. As someone who strongly believes in doing what makes you happy, she decided to follow her own advice. She loves writing almost as much as she loves reading. Victoria adores happy endings, heartfelt characters, and extraordinary situations. She hopes to bring a little more of that to life every day. 

Book Blast w/Giveaway - Heart of the Billionaire (Almost an Angel series, book 2) by Jennifer Youngblood & Sandra Poole

Heart of the Billionaire

The scrumptiously romantic series continues with the second book in the Almost an Angel Series by Bestselling Authors Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Gracie, an angel-in-training, has completed her first assignment, reuniting Alex and Dawson after their tumultuous breakup. Her elation is cut short when she receives her next assignment: Brooke Matthews—the snotty, entitled, princess, who did everything in her power to snatch Dawson away from Alex.

Where in the world will Gracie find a man to put up with this beauty of a beast?

Nash Rigby is a bull rider. Used to taking life by the horns, he’s willing to enter into an arrangement—a dubious arrangement—to save his father’s ranch. He’s trained to hang on for all he’s worth for eight seconds, but can this cowboy hang on to Brooke long enough to win the prize? Or, will he be able to see Brooke’s inner beauty and find the love of a lifetime? Maybe … with a little help from an almost angel.

Faced with the insurmountable task of helping the cowboy and the billionaire’s daughter fall in love, Gracie digs in, determined to do things her way. When Sheldon, a dark angel with killer looks, floats back into her life, err … afterlife, Gracie must fight against her growing attraction to heaven’s bad boy.

Heart of the Billionaire is a stand-alone novel. But to get the full effect of how things work in the realm of angels, check out Candlelight Kisses (Book 1 in the Almost an Angel Series)

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Excerpt & Giveaway ($50 Amazon Gift Card) - The Dom Games by Rachel Robinson

Ten submissive women. One billionaire dominant.

Three months competing for his “affections.”

One winner takes all.



Dominic Reed, heir to an oil fortune, has spent his entire adult life perfecting his dark hobby. With little control in every other area of his manicured life, he finds his release as a dominant. With more money than he knows what to do with, he creates a TV show: The Dom Games.

This year is different than the past seasons, this year Dominic will be the star. He wants a forever submissive.

Before last month Kayla Parchet thought the word submissive only referred to dogs. Fresh out of college with a business degree that is scrap paper, she needs to get an Ivy League masters degree to pursue her dreams. When Kayla is accepted to be one of the ten, her world takes a dark turn as she competes against women who live the submissive lifestyle for enjoyment. Can she hold on to her dreams long enough to win the competition and ten million dollars? Or will she get sucked into Dominic’s twisted world?

Only a few whips and canes stand between Kayla and the future she’s always desired.

Lights, camera, sex…

Excerpt & Giveaway - Test Drive by Marie Harte

Test Drive
by Marie Harte

A smokin’ hot new series from Marie Harte featuring tough-guy mechanics and the women who jump-start their hearts.


Johnny, Foley, Sam, and Lou are the rough and tumble mechanics of Webster’s Garage. These reformed bad boys are used to living fast, but it’s the women in their lives who take them from zero to sixty in a heartbeat.


Johnny Devlin’s a charmer with a checkered past. He’s had his eye on scorching-hot bartender Lara Valley for ages, but she’s rejected him more than once. That doesn’t mean he won’t come to her aid when some dirtbag mauls her. When she asks him on a date as a no-strings-attached thank you, he can’t say no.  And then he’s saying nothing but hell, yes.

Excerpt & Giveaway - Claimed by Her Web Master (Web Master #3) by Normandie Alleman

 Claimed by Her Web Master
Web Master #3
By: Normandie Alleman
Publication Date: May 19, 2016
Genre: Erotica Romance

She's my addiction, my love--my life. She's changed me, and I never want to go back. I tried to protect her. Hell, I tried to protect myself, but I fucked it all up. I may be a sick bastard, but I would lay down my life for her. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make every inch of her mine again. I always tell her for every ounce of pleasure a price must be paid. She’s already paid more than she ever owed. Now it’s my turn to pay. Claimed by Her Web Master is the final book in the Web Master Trilogy and should be read following Her Web Master and Tested by Her Web Master.

Amazon UK - https://goo.gl/6p8fOs
Amazon CA - https://goo.gl/0tX9Ky

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Author Interview w/Excerpt - Beneath the African Sun by Maria Lynch

Beneath the African Sun
Author: Maria Lynch
Publisher: Friesen Press
Pages: 282
Genre: Historical Fiction

When Sabby Mendes leaves Portuguese Goa aboard the dhow Monsoon Wind bound for British East Africa in 1916, he has one dream—to find work as a tailor in the relatively new capital of Nairobi. Sabby is a young man, still a teenager, but he is determined to build a life for himself, and he knows that the opportunities in the British Protectorate are better than those facing him at home. 

A bright, affable young man with a genuine passion and talent for tailoring, he is not prepared for what he is about to find beyond the Arabian Sea. The Protectorate, which will become British Colony of Kenya, is a highly segregated society with the British firmly ensconced at its top; below them are the “Asians” like Sabby; and at the very bottom are the native African population who are regarded as little more than savages in need of civilization.

Beneath the African Sun offers, through the eyes of its protagonist, a street-level view of the changing social and political climate of Kenya between 1916 and 1970, including the ‘Mau Mau’ Uprising of the native Kikuyu, the eventual independence of Kenya in 1963, and the political fallout that followed. 

More than a history, it is a story about family, home, social justice, and what it means to truly belong somewhere. 

For More Information:

Spotlight - Death in Devon by Ian Sansom

Death in Devon 

Author: Ian Sansom 
Release Date: May 10, 2016 
Publisher: Witness Impulse 
Genre: Mystery/Crime 
Format: Ebook/Paperback/Hardcover

Love Miss Marple? Adore Holmes and Watson? Professor Morley’s guide to Devon is a story of bygone England; quaint villages, eccentric locals—and murder…

Swanton Morely, the People’s Professor, sets off for Devon to continue his history of England, The County Guides. Morley’s daughter, Miriam, and his assistant, Stephen Sefton, pack up the Lagonda for a trip to the English Riviera. Morely has been invited to give the Founder’s Day speech at All Souls School in Rousdon. But when the trio arrive they discover that a boy has died in mysterious circumstances. Was it an accident or was it murder? Join Morely, Sefton, and Miriam on another adventure into the dark heart of 1940s England. A must-read for fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and Charles Todd, there’ll be plenty of murder, mystery, and mayhem to confound.

B&N photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png Witness Impulse


Meet the Author:

Ian Sansom is a frequent contributor and critic for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The London Review of Books, and The Spectator and a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4. He is the author of nine books including Paper: An Elegy, and the Mobile Library Series.  


Tour Schedule:

Tuesday, May 10 - Guest blogging at Books for Books
Wednesday, May 11 - Book featured at Harmonious Publicity
Thursday, May 12 - Book featured at The Recipe Fairy
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Excerpt - Super Sized Success: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum Time by Linda Zander

SUPER SIZED SUCCESS: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum Time
Author: Linda Zander, The Success Packager
Publisher: MAXAR Press
Pages: 138
Genre: Non-Fiction: Success/Personal Development/Self-Help/Business & Money 

The only Get Rich Quick method that puts VALUES before profit as the non-negotiable to achieving lasting riches in all areas of ones' life.   

Super Sized Success delivers a revolutionary new definition of success never shared before... "Success is a balanced achievement of Wealth and Well-Being through consistently living the Truth of one's own grace inspired values."   Multi-Millionaire Author, Linda Zander, unveils the shocking Truth about Financial Wealth...that without relentlessly living the Truth of ones’ own values, financial success alone, simply put, cannot last nor make you happy.

Inside the pages of this book you will find practical, easy to use and launch 9-Fail Proof Steps that will make you so mentally, physically, intellectually, financially, and spiritually potent that you become Super-N​aturally driven to excel at the highest possible levels of human achievement. Powerful real-life stories, including those from the author’s own life, provide the reader with living proof that once one aligns their thoughts, actions, and character to reflect the highest Truth of their values, they have the unending power to become Wealthy, Healthy and Happy​.

Praise for SUPER SIZED SUCCESS: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum Time:

"A brilliant new formula for achieving success!"
 --Judith Williamson, Director of Education , Napoleon Hill World Learning Center

For More Information:

  • SUPER SIZED SUCCESS: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum Time is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

Book Excerpt:

I was and still am an “adult child of an alcoholic.” I grew up in an alcoholic home with all its crazy drama. The instability taught me not to trust. I became excessively independent. I felt that if I didn’t take care of myself, nobody would. I didn’t realize that by being so obsessively independent I was pushing away people and especially God. If I couldn’t trust anybody other than myself, how could I trust God?

Once I realized I didn’t own cocaine, but it owned me, I became determined to beat the beast on my own. I went to AA, but in spite of going to meetings, I couldn’t stay sober or learn to let go and let anyone in, much less God. I kept thinking I could do it on my own. I kept slipping back to using in spite of truly wanting to conquer my addiction. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t beat this thing on my own! I literally had a 100 percent success rate of doing everything on my own without help from anyone! In my determination to fight this thing that had control over me, I went to a hospital out-patient program, got out, and slipped again. Determination was the driver of my existence. I checked myself into the Betty Ford Center, and that’s when the miracles started to happen…and then along came Dorothy.

Dorothy was the director of the chemical dependency unit of a prominent hospital, and she signed on to be the after-care therapist for our group therapy meetings. I went to a handful of group meetings and slipped again. What was I doing wrong? I went to group the very next night after using and confessed. Dorothy asked me to stay after the group session ended. She knew how badly I was trying and how badly I wanted to overcome this obstacle in my life. But she also knew my real problem…the underlying one that was preventing me from being successful.

She sat across from me, took my hands in hers, looked directly into my eyes, and said:  “Linda, do you want to get sober for once and for all?” 

“Yes!” I said.

“Are you willing to go to any lengths to get sober?”


“Okay, good. You will have to put your faith and trust in me. If you will put your trust in me and follow my directions, I give you my personal promise that you will succeed in getting and staying sober. Will you trust me now?” 

It was a gigantic jumping-off point for me. I looked at her and paused, and my mind was wildly racing. “Why is she doing this?”  “What does she have to gain?” “Why should I trust her?” …and then: “What do I have to lose?” 

In a flash, I realized this beautiful, intelligent, extremely busy woman had zero to personally gain from helping me out. She had no ulterior motive other than to help me slay the beast for once and for all. Right then, I can honestly say, I came to believe in a Source outside of myself for the very first time in my life. 

In letting go and letting Dorothy in, I first learned to trust another human being, and then after that, I learned to put my trust in God. I am now clean and sober for over twenty-six years, thanks to Dorothy. I got and stayed sober from that very moment of our conversation. I represent a very small percentage of addicts who get and stay sober. Dorothy got me sober, and I stayed sober because through that relationship and what it taught me, a gateway to God opened up that I otherwise wouldn’t have found. Napoleon Hill teaches the power of creating what he calls “Mastermind Alliances,” which he defines as “an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common, definite objective.” Dorothy was the first mastermind alliance in my life, and the one that saved me. Learning to put faith and trust in someone other than just myself was the one-way ticket to learning that within every adversity is great opportunity and benefit waiting to be seized.

You see, Dorothy already knew the power of mastermind alliances, and her greatest mastermind alliance was with God. I came to know Dorothy, and then I came to know God. God is now the greatest mastermind alliance in my life, too. He is the director of our copartnership, and I have found great personal power and contentment in placing my trust in him.

About the Author: 
Linda Zander, The Success Packager, is a serial entrepreneur, self-made multimillionaire, success expert, coach, and award-winning amateur athlete.  She is a natural visionary and intuitive who delivers the next-generation model of success that is absolutely necessary for attaining success amid today’s global challenges.  She has a proven track record of delivering success both for herself, individuals and Corporations regardless of extreme personal or business challenges. She lives in Malibu, California

For More Information:

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Release Blitz & Giveaway - Finding Me (Second Chances, #2.5) by Stephanie Rose

Findin me rel banner
Finding Me
Second Chances, #2.5
Author: Stephanie Rose
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: May 22, 2016



I've always been lost . . .

Abandoned by a father who didn't want me. Cherished by a stepfather, though I wasn’t his. Shattered by a boy who swore he loved me.

But I belonged nowhere, to no one.

Then I met Owen, the sweet-talking hockey player who made me love him. He gave me the courage to trust in someone besides myself. He showed me a love I longed for.

When an unwanted ghost comes knocking on my door, my heartbreaking history threatens to repeat itself. But where do I turn if I lose everyone? And how do I find where I belong, when I’m still Finding Me?

Finding Me is a spinoff from the Second Chances series and can be read as a standalone.  

Purchase your copy today!
finding me 1

Spotlight - No Simple Sacrifice (Secrets of Stone, Book 5) by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue


Handsome young business man looking down to his ring while holding one hand in his pocket.


If I could turn back time...

You know what they say about wishing for the impossible.

My name is Talia Perizkova, and time is usually my best friend. It's been good to me in the months since I left the man who nearly killed me, and I've returned the favor by working hard at Stone Global Corp, even getting promoted to lead one of SGC's key expansion projects.

There's only one mar on that record. The night I told time to kiss my ass, during a business trip to Vegas with my bosses--yes, my bosses--and experienced a night for the record books with them both.

But what happened in the City of Sin refuses to stay there for any of us, and time has joined forces with his pal, karma, to exact payback where it most matters. In my heart.

Fletcher Ford. Drake Newland. They're two of the business world's sexiest, most sought-after bachelors, and I've fallen for them both. Their passion is everything I crave, their protection is everything I need--and their love is everything my orthodox family will never let me accept.

The solution, according to them, is simple. One man steps down, so at least two of us are happy.

I could find a way...

But sacrifices are rarely simple, and one plus one doesn't always equal happily-ever-after. That means all three of us have some huge, hard decisions to make. Take a chance on this rare love we've been given...or give in to fear, and lose each other forever?


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Release Blitz - Sugar Daddy (Sugar Bowl #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar Daddy
Sugar Bowl #1
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Publisher: Loveswept
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 24, 2016


“This book devastated me in the most wonderful way,” raves Meredith Wild. In Sugar Daddy, the New York Times bestselling author of the Cold Fury series proves that vengeance is sweet—but seduction is to die for.

Sela Halstead lost her innocence in a way that no sixteen-year-old should ever have to endure. She’s spent years trying to forget that night even while wondering about the identities of the monsters who brutalized her—until a telltale tattoo flashes across Sela’s TV screen. The incriminating ink belongs to Jonathon Townsend, the millionaire founder of The Sugar Bowl, a website that matches rich older men with impressionable young women. Obsessed with revenge, Sela infiltrates Townsend’s world, only to come face-to-face with a tantalizing complication: Beckett North, his charismatic business partner.

The tech mastermind behind The Sugar Bowl, Beck always gets what he wants, in business and in bed. And yet, for a man who’s done every dirty thing imaginable, there’s something about the na├»ve, fresh-faced Sela that sparks his hottest fantasies. Because with her, it’s not just about sex. Beck opens up to her in ways he never has with other girls. So why does he get the feeling that she’s hiding something? In a world of pleasure and power, the shocking truth could turn them against each other—or bind them forever.

Note: Sugar Daddy ends on a cliffhanger. Sela and Beck’s story continues in Sugar Rush and Sugar Free!

Purchase Links:


Author Bio:

New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett is a snarky Southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. Her husband works for a Fortune 100 company that lets him fly all over the world while she stays at home with their daughter and three big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Bennett would like to report that she doesn’t have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

Author Links: