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Release Blitz - The One (Derek & Melissa Box Set) by Tia Louise


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International bestselling military romance: Get the complete, darkly seductive love story of Derek & Melissa. Three Full-Length, Red-Hot Military Romantic Suspense Novels in one set.







Cover design by Perfect Pear Creative

Cover image by Perrywinkle Photography


WARNING: Due to strong language and intense sexual situations, these books are not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Book #1 - ONE TO HOLD: When Derek Alexander, retired Marine and top private investigator, encounters small-town girl Melissa Jones at a spa resort in the desert, the two embark on a weeklong, white-hot affair. He’s determined to hold her, but she’s running from a past that could tear them apart.


Book #2 - ONE TO PROTECT: Derek and Melissa are planning a life together, with a baby on the way… Until a face from the past turns up dead. Derek knows Melissa is still in danger, and seeing no other option, he launches a dark chain of events to protect his little family.


Book #3 - ONE TO SAVE: A secret is never safe when more than one person knows it. Refusing to let anyone pay for his crimes, Derek takes matters into his own hands. He's exposed, he's defenseless, but his friends are determined to save him.


Exclusive Sneak Peek – ONE IMMORTAL (Ch. 1-5): Melissa is a vampire; Derek is a vampire hunter. When the two cross paths in a bar off Bourbon Street, sparks fly. But Melissa is hiding a secret that could cost Derek his life.


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Spotlight - First Touch by Laurelin Paige


Meet Reeve & Emily in First Touch by Laurelin Paige! This highly anticipated release is NOW LIVE! 

When Emily Wayborn goes home to visit her mom while on hiatus from her hit TV show, she receives a voicemail from her former best friend, Amber. Though the two were once notorious party girls, they haven't spoken in years. Although the message might sound benign to anyone else, Amber uses a safe word that Emily recognizes, a word they always used to get out of sticky situations during their wild days. And what's more chilling than the voicemail: it turns out that Amber has gone missing.

Determined to track down her friend, Emily follows a chain of clues that lead her to the enigmatic billionaire Reeve Sallis, a hotelier known for his shady dealings and play boy reputation. Now, in order to find Amber, Emily must seduce Reeve to learn his secrets and discover the whereabouts of her friend. But as she finds herself more entangled with him, she finds she's drawn to Reeve for more than just his connection to Amber, despite her growing fear that he may be the enemy. When she's forced to choose where her loyalty lies, how will she decide between saving Amber and saving her heart?


About the Author: 

Laurelin Paige is the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She's a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there's kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn't seem to complain, however. When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's probably singing, watching Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She's also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn't do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. 

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Spotlight - Spies R Us by Amber Malloy

Spies R Us
Amber Malloy 
Preorder: 24th November 2015
Early download: 8th December 2015
General release: 5th January 2016
Genre: Erotic Action Adventure. 
Publisher: Totally Bound 

Book Description:
The top African American spy, Eden Morgan, was living the good life…
Days away from permanently leaving the spy game, Eden Morgan plan of being a stay at home mom goes up in smoke. Number one on the Russian hit list, Eden must leave her beautiful family and figure out who’s trying to kill her. 
Unfortunately, her agency burns her status, so what should have been only weeks on the run turned into years. Instead of accepting her fate, Eden claws her way from the dead to save the next people on the Russian’s hit list… her kids. However, after three years missing, her homecoming isn’t well received. She finds that her awesome husband has moved on with a perky school teacher; not to mention her twins barely remember her. With a good idea who’s behind the plot to kill them, Eden must navigate car pool lanes, bitchy moms, and one angry, sexy husband.
By definition, Vann Morgan was charmed. One gorgeous wife and twins, and the most difficult thing in his life was reconstruction of his Chicago brownstone. Unfortunately everything changes when his lovely wife disappears and no one but him seems to care. After some years, Vann makes a new normal as a single dad, but his routine is blown apart when his long lost wife comes back. Unable to trust Eden with his heart, he soon uncovers that everything surrounding her disappearance was all his fault

Interview & Giveaway - Shatterproof by K.K.Weil


by K.K. Weil

GENRE: New Adult Contemporary Romance



Griffin Stone knows the stats. Sons of abusers become abusers. This is his single fear. 

After witnessing firsthand his parents’ tumultuous marriage, Griffin worries that he, too, harbors an explosive dark side. Can he escape from his father’s rage-fueled ways or is he destined to become part of the cycle? 

Unable to persuade his mother to leave and wrestling with his resentment towards her for staying, Griffin volunteers at Holly’s House, a safe haven for abused women. Through sculpture, Griffin gives these women pieces of themselves they’ve long forgotten. Holly’s House is the only place where Griffin finds peace and purpose. 

Until he meets Frankie Moore.

Frankie is an aspiring photographer, finding beauty in things most people miss, including Griffin. Griffin is attracted to her free-spirited, sassy attitude but fears Frankie will trigger the most intense part of him, the one he must keep buried. 

Frankie’s got to get her act together. Her anything-goes behavior is leading nowhere fast. She’s hopeful that her latest hobby will be a building block for the future. But when a stranger appears on the other end of her camera, looking as complex as he is handsome, Frankie thinks this might be just the change she needs. 


Pre-Order : Inked on Paper by Nicole Edwards


That's right! Nicole Edwards has her second ever STAND-ALONE ready for PRE-ORDER!

Inked on Paper
Author: Nicole Edwards 
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited (Self Published)
Release date: January 12, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance M/F ( I know, right! Who knew!!)
Available for Pre-Order now! 

Chapter One...

What happens when you don’t know what comes next?

Jacob Wild has had a lucrative writing career, but somewhere along the way he misplaced his muse. Now, unable to put anything on paper, he’s resorted to hanging out in the neighborhood coffee shop with a pen and paper, trying to find something to spark his creativity again.

That’s when he meets her.

Presley Abrams.

The coral-haired, tattooed beauty with the piercing gray eyes and sweet smile draws his attention in a way no woman before her ever has. Jake soon learns that when he’s around her his world is set to rights once more. Presley sparks something inside him and not just his ability to put words on paper.

But, Presley’s not the easiest woman to get close to and Jake finds himself trying to answer the burning question:

Does happily ever after only exist in fiction?

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Spotlight & Giveaway - Part & Parcel (A Sidewinder Story) by Abigail Roux

Part & Parcel
A Sidewinder Story
by Abigail Roux

About Part & Parcel: 

Nick O'Flaherty and Kelly Abbott had their happy ending in sight when a friend’s call for help almost ended with them losing it to the blade of a knife. Now, in the aftermath of near-disaster, both men are trying to heal and move on. 

Moving on together, though, is harder than either of them realized it would be. Kelly struggles with simply being a lover instead of the Doc, while Nick is mired in his recovery. The distance between them inches along in stilted silence. 

Desperately seeking solace, Nick finally gathers the courage to sort through the possessions his dear friend and fellow Sidewinder teammate Elias Sanchez left him when he died. Instead of comforting memories, Nick and Kelly find a stack of letters and strict instructions from Eli that prompt them to send out a call for assistance. With Eli’s letters in hand, Sidewinder sets out on one last mission together, seeking peace and absolution from beyond the grave—and from each other.

Riptide      Amazon

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Review w/Excerpt & Giveaway - Rapture by Angelique Voisen

Angelique Voisen 
Genre: Gay, BDSM, Contemporary
Publisher: ARe Books
Date of Publication: December 1, 2015
Word Count: 32,000
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill 

Book Description:  
Seeing him whole, perfect, and on his knees…I desired him.
One look at him told me he was a young man on the verge of ruination, of being an addict and a slave to his passions. He was on Marco’s arm, and was introduced as Marco’s boy. The next time I saw him, he was Marco’s marked and branded property. One moment he was free, the next he was not. He’s flawless, or he used to be. Now he’s just damaged goods. Just another piece of property owned by the Reaper Brotherhood drug cartel.
Chase is just another wasted statistic, or he should’ve been if not for my hasty intervention. I made the worst mistake any up-and-coming monster could’ve made. I wanted him so much that even after he’s no longer perfect, I still wanted to save him from his inevitable doom.


“Take it all, you nasty dog.” Marco’s voice cut through the crowd like a knife.
I stood beside my brother, Keith, a looming silent and scarred shadow while he spoke to the local businessman who ran a few of the neighborhood’s strip joints and to whom we had been supplying for a number of years.
The man’s name escaped me, but I didn’t need to know. I just needed to know whether he was a threat to Keith and the business. Keith was the brains of our operation, and I was just the muscle. Our arrangement worked just fine, like clockwork.
“Shut up and suck, hole.”
Finally, I spared a glance to where Marco, his men, and a group of men and women were standing at the corner of the room. With my attention on them, I could finally make out the whimpers and pleas coming from the naked young man causing all the commotion.
Marco was one of the Brotherhood’s best dealers, but I never liked him. Sloppy as hell, Marco treated everyone like shit, especially the cocks and pussies belonging to the Brotherhood. This one was no exception. On his knees, the young man struggled to suck Marco’s cock while Marco jerked the leash connected to the collar on the man’s neck.
Meanwhile, one of Marco’s men hit the young man with a flogger from behind They made one hell of a noise despite the loud music spilling through the room. Shit. A commotion had been the last thing we needed, especially with the rumors I’d been hearing about cops mysteriously getting tipped off about some of our dealers.
“Kade, could you remind Marco to keep it down?” Keith asked, clearly annoyed.
Taking a long pull of my beer, I sighed and ambled over to Marco. I shook my head when some of my men looked my way. This was my problem to handle.
“Why, if it isn’t Kade? Care to join us, big man?” Marco asked as the crowd parted for me. He took his cock out from the boy’s mouth while his associate stopped the whipping. Marco kept the leash wrapped around his arm, though.
Given my bulk and size, it hadn’t been hard to push through the crowd. Most knew me on sight as Keith’s head enforcer.
It took me a second to place the protesting and sweat-slicked boy Marco had been rutting. I remembered Chase because of his ridiculous name. Wondered what kind of mother would name her kid that. This time, there was no smirk on his young face. No teasing.
Just a thick leather dog collar on his neck with a little silver tag I had a feeling bore Marco’s name. The sounds coming out of his young, cum-covered mouth hadn’t been sounds of pleasure. Chase hoarsely pleaded, cried, and whimpered like a dog being beaten to death.
The last time I’d seen him had been a month ago. It only took thirty days for Marco to break him down from a human being to an object.
“Keith wants you to keep the noise down. He has important guests to attend to,” I said coldly. Something darted to my leg.
Chase. He’d somehow managed to pry his leash from Marco’s arm, and it now dangled to the ground. Big blue eyes too lucid for my taste looked up at me pleadingly from beneath long lashes. They’re supposed to be drug-filled eyes, the eyes of someone far too gone to notice reality. His hands clutched tightly at my left leg with surprising strength.
“Please. Please make them stop.”

My Review:

Wow, this is an intense story.  It is dark and bloody but still there is some love.  Chase is a young man who is slightly broken when Kade obtains him.  Kade is the muscle for his brother's drug empire and was intent on getting Chase.  Kade is both cruel and kind, he is not a "good" man but does have feelings, especially for his brother and now his new "pup'.  This is not a romance exactly but it does have depth and feelings.  Enjoyed the story more so than the characters as they were not heroes but men who lived and dealt in darkness.  3.75 stars ~Booklover Sue

About the Author:
Angelique Voisen is a bisexual, twenty-something, type-2 diabetic and multi-pubbed writer who favors LGBT and menage pairings. She likes experimenting with different sub-genres and her stories may include cogs, fangs, space battles, kinky magic systems and happily-ever-afters. When Angel’s not writing, she’s gaming, watching B-rate action movies, or enjoying teatime with friends while enviously eyeing their cake.
For more information on other books by Angelique, visit her website:


Tour giveaway:
2 winners to receive two eBooks from ARe Books.

Excerpt & Giveaway - Harvest Moon (A Blue Moon Lake Romance, #2) by Sharon Struth


A Blue Moon Lake Romance #2
Sharon Struth
Releasing Dec 22nd, 2015
Lyrical Shine

Getting past the librarian’s guard…

Trent Jamieson isn’t one for virtual romance, but there’s something about the intriguing woman he meets on the Internet he can’t resist. Then the small town bachelor discovers the mystery woman who shares her secrets with him online is the laced-up librarian in his self-defense class! Veronica Sussingham may just be his toughest student yet. Because how can he show the vulnerable beauty that some men areworth letting your guard down for?

Veronica returned to her hometown seeking shelter for her shattered spirit. The last thing she needs is a blue-eyed charmer who wants to show her how to live—and love—again. Then she discovers Trent is not just another admirer, but a man who knows her deepest secrets. Now Veronica must choose between running from her past—or finding future happiness with the kind of man she swore she’d never fall for….

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Excerpt & Giveaway - Degrees of Being Boss by Rayven Godchild

Dgrees tour banner
Degrees Of Being Boss
Author: Rayven Godchild
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 18th
Zephyr Winston is a man in no rush to kick his social life back into gear after his ex's betrayal. So when he rescues Bailey Haven from a Russian hit man, he's surprised at the intensity of his attraction to the older woman.
With her husband, her perfect sub, dead two years, Bailey has no interest in doing more than running Club Precedent and mentoring Domme/sub couples. But her best friend's death sparks a domino effect that brings Bailey's path into a collision course with Zephyr. When the two meet, their chemistry is undeniably potent. They go head to head, Domme and Dom, but quickly learn there are many degrees to being boss.

Purchase your copy today:

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Excerpt - Rath's Deception (The Janus Group Book 1) by Piers Platt

We're thrilled to be hosting Piers Platt's RATH'S DECEPTION blog tour today!
Publisher: Piers Platt
Pages: 350
Genre: Sci Fi/Thriller
On the cut-throat streets of Tarkis, orphaned teens like Rath end up jailed … or dead. So when the shadowy Janus Group offers Rath a chance to earn riches beyond his wildest dreams, he seizes it. But the Janus Group is as ruthless as the elite assassins it controls. Rath will have to survive their grueling, off-world training, and fulfill all fifty kills in his contract before a single cent comes his way. And ending so many lives comes with a price Rath can’t anticipate. It’ll certainly cost him what’s left of his innocence. It may well cost him his life.

For More Information:

  • Rath’s Deception is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

Excerpt - Justice Is For The Lonely by Steve Clark

by Steve Clark
Publisher: Rorke Publishing
Pages: 430
Genre: Suspense

In JUSTICE IS FOR THE LONELY, the stunning new suspense novel by author Steve Clark, Kristen Kerry, a smart, attractive, young lawyer faces the dilemma of trying her biggest legal case while attempting to fulfill the less than moral demands of her client and boss. Kristen’s malpractice case has the potential to be the largest verdict of its kind in Texas legal history. She must juggle her strong legal skills with a heavy load of insecurities stemming from a traumatic childhood. The book, which Midwest Book Review says is “exceptionally well written and engagingly entertaining from beginning to end,” features action-packed scenes; complex multidimensional characters; and compelling subplots.

Kristen Kerry made partner at Wright and McGee in six short years. During that time, she worked obsessively and spent most of her personal time alone or slamming punching bags in martial arts training. The “Layne” malpractice case is Kristen’s opportunity to prove she is a trial lawyer equal to any male. Tammy Robberson, a tough talking, morally deficient insurance adjuster handpicked Kristen to represent the defendant hospital in the lawsuit, certain that Michael Stern, senior partner representing the doctor would see the attractive young attorney as another potential conquest. To win the case, Kristen is expected to be competent, wily, and a team player, even if it means sleeping with attorneys her firm is supposedly collaborating with during the malpractice case.

After Kristen fails to charm information out of Tony Caswell, Stern’s associate representing the doctor, Tammy instructs her to focus on Stern himself. She is told to do whatever it takes to gain his trust then betray him so the doctor ultimately bears the liability rather than the codefendant hospital and nurses. Michael Stern who is an attractive, masterful attorney, is also a known philanderer. His wife Diana is a Dallas socialite from very old money. Teaming up with Stern is a risk for Kristen that shakes up her professional and personal worlds. Despite her disgust over the assignment, Kristen finds herself attracted to Stern after she sees him in his role as father of a teenage daughter, but she still knows he might double cross her.

As the case progresses, Stern’s wife, a member of the Texas Pardon and Parole Board, becomes responsible for the release of Leonard Marrs, a sexual predator, who is violent and disturbed, yet very charming. After leaving prison, he becomes obsessed with Diana. When Caswell, whom Stern removed from the Layne case, discovers secrets about Kristen’s past, he teams up with Marrs for revenge against both attorneys. And what better revenge than implicating them in murder?

Clark was inspired to write JUSTICE IS FOR THE LONELY as a means of showcasing story lines and characters from some of his own dramatic cases. He has encountered many fascinating people during his years of private legal practice. Clark states, “While there are many legal genre books, the vast majority involve the criminal system and none, to my knowledge, explore the nasty business of malpractice litigation, particularly its effect on troubled characters.”

JUSTICE IS FOR THE LONELY is much more than a novel with thrilling legal action, gripping subplots, and romance. It offers readers a story of the transformation of a shallow, self-absorbed man who finds love and an adult child of alcoholic parents who overcomes her inability to trust anyone.

“I think almost everyone, including men will identify with Kristen and her insecurities, her loneliness,” Clark says, “they will cheer on her courage, even her recklessness, and will be heartened by her integrity and hopefully eager to follow her future adventures.”

For More Information:

  • JUSTICE IS FOR THE LONELY is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

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Review & Giveaway - Kinks in the Road Home by Roz Lee

Kinks in the Road Home
by Roz Lee 
Genre: Gay, Menage, BDSM * Publisher: ARe Books
Date of Publication: December 1, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-943576-53-1 * Word Count: 37,500
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill

Book Description: 
Though there be kinks, the road still leads to home.
Three years ago, Paul found Cameron beaten and clinging to life in a NYC alley. Determined to protect the man he loves, they move to a remote mountain retreat. Though Cam’s physical wounds have mostly healed, the past still has an emotional hold on them, preventing Paul the Dom and his slave from finding the third person they dream of to complete their family.
When Cam meets Matt, thoughts of a third person in his relationship with Paul resurface. His master isn’t pleased with Cam’s attraction to the other man, but the fact they’re talking about a third again is a sign they’re both ready to put the past behind them. The only thing left to do is see if Matt is the one.
Rejected by his family, Matt works at Bound to put himself through culinary school and make a life for himself. Intrigued by Cam and the life he leads as a sexual slave, Matt agrees to become their cook and housekeeper, while deep down he wants more.
Is there room in Paul’s heart for another slave?

Guest Post & Excerpt - Marked by Fortune by Ann Gimpel

Marked by Fortune
by Ann Gimpel
Dream Shadow Press * 95K words
Release Date: 11/10/15 * Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Tumble into a dystopian world where magic rules and hope is hard to find.
Book Description:
Magic levies a steep price on anyone brave enough or stupid enough to dabble in it.
Wizards never forgave Ned for not being one of them. They didn’t exactly come out and say his life was expendable, but they didn’t have to. He figured it out fast enough when they conscripted him into their long-running war the second he was old enough to fight. Isolated, different, he puzzled out how his brand of magic worked on his own. When he’s finally, finally sent on a solo mission, he vows to make the most of every single moment of freedom.
Fleeing the tide of doom wiping out humanity, Amanda and her family escape to a remote corner of California, where they eke out a hardscrabble existence. With her parents at each other’s throats and her brother mysteriously gone, Amanda runs up against malevolent power beyond her wildest imaginings. Captured by the undead, she’s about to join their ranks when Ned shows up.
Attraction ignites—hot, urgent, delicious—but celibacy may well be the price of Ned’s magic, and he can’t risk his power. Or can he? Even though he stands to lose everything, Ned doesn’t hesitate after Tantalus—one of the insidiously beautiful dark gods—kidnaps Amanda. Defying a direct order from his wizard battle lord, he goes after the woman he loves. Even if she can’t ever be his, he’ll be damned if he’ll leave her to the dark god’s whims. 

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