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Spotlight and Giveaway - 'Tis The Season To Be Kissed by Amy Andrews

'Tis The Season To Be Kissed
By Amy Andrews



A down-on-her-romantic-luck kindergarten teacher plans to drown her New Year’s Eve sorrows in a gallon of spiked eggnog, but the arrival of her best friend’s sexy brother threatens to melt the snow piling up outside the tiny Vermont cabin.

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Luke chose his words carefully, taking a pull of his beer before he said anything. She might have been intoxicated but this angst was obviously coming from somewhere. “So…this ban on casual sex includes kissing?”

She nodded vigorously and Luke was left in no doubt that kissing was off the table. Damn. “Most definitely,” she added for extra emphasis. “It’s like a gateway drug.”

“A gateway drug?”

She looked directly at him and somehow, sitting in her long johns with no bra, possibly no underwear, and high on eggnog, she still managed to look just like a kindergarten teacher.

“I don’t have good impulse control. Not when it comes to kissing anyway. I like kissing. Hell,” she bugged her eyes at him, “I love kissing. It’s addictive.”

She held his gaze and Luke was captured by the earnestness he saw in hers. “You know those deep, wet, hungry kisses with plenty of tongue and a lot of groaning that taste like cotton candy laced with cocaine and reek of anticipation that can go on for hours until you can barely breathe and every cell feels alive? Just kissing and kissing and kissing like it’s never going to end?”

When she shut her eyes and sighed with her mouth slightly parted, Luke swallowed. Hard. Hell yeah, he remembered those kisses.

She turned her troubled gray gaze to the fire. “But then I want more. I want to feel his hands all over my body. I want to be naked. I want to be horizontal. Or not,” she shrugged. “It depends. And I don’t want to leave until I know all of his kinks and erogenous zones and he knows that I like it when he talks dirty to me as I’m about to come and we’re lying in an exhausted heap barely able to breathe.”

Luke didn’t say anything as she stared into the fire. Her voice had become husky and he could hear a hitch in her breathing. Her admissions sent all the blood rushing from his head and other areas of his body straight to his dick. There was none left for his vocal cords, which seemed to have gone into some weird kind of paralysis.

She sighed and looked at him. “Gateway drug.”

He cleared his throat. “Right,” he said and hoped it came out a lot more manly than it sounded.

“You know what bugs me?” she asked. “Men think because we’re women, we don’t understand what it’s like to be ruled by our libidos. That we don’t need sex as much as them.”

She snorted and Luke blinked at the vehemence of it. “That’s just crap, you know? ’Cause I can tell you, after twelve months of dating and really trying hard to find the one and failing miserably, my libido is really freakin’ loud.”

She looked him up and down, her gaze fanning over every inch of his body, and Luke’s belly clenched at the sudden clarity and frankness there. “How about it?” she said, zeroing in on his mouth like she was already kissing it deep and wet and hungry exactly the way she’d described to him.

Every single cell he owned screamed yes. He’d been in a war zone for nine months and getting laid had been pretty much at the top of his things-to-do-when-I-get-home list. His dick was definitely voting yes.

But he couldn’t do it.

She was drunk. Amusing, cute, and funny as hell with it, but still obviously under the influence. And it didn’t take a genius to figure out Tamara was a good girl who was really going to hate herself tomorrow when she remembered this conversation.

She stood abruptly, things shifting nicely beneath her shirt, her face contorting and looking crazy-fierce for a moment, and Luke knew if she jumped him, he’d be a goner.

It was almost a relief when she said, “I think I’m going to be sick.”


About The Author:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Amy is an award-winning, best-selling Aussie author who has written thirty + contemporary romances in both the traditional and digital markets. She has written for Harlequin Mills & Boon, Entangled, Harper Collins and Momentum.

To date she’s sold over a million books and been translated into thirteen different languages including manga.She loves her kids, her husband, her dogs, cowboys, men in tool belts, cowboys in tool belts and happily ever afters. Please, DO NOT mess with the HEA! Also good books, fab food, great wine and frequent travel – preferably all four together.

She lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane with a gorgeous mountain view but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany.

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Review and Giveaway - Vivian's List (Book 1 of 2) by Haleigh Lovell

Vivian’s List

Book One of Two Part Series

By: Haleigh Lovell


Vivian Sorenson is in a verbally abusive relationship, and all the abuse has left her feeling lost and disoriented. When her boyfriend, Brody, calls her "frigid" and "boring ol' vanilla," Vivian ends the toxic relationship and embarks on a journey of sexual self-discovery. Hence, the sexual bucket list or as she calls it: Vivian's List.

Liam Sykes has known Vivian all his life. He's always been overly protective of her and perhaps half in love with her, too. When he happens upon Vivian's sexual bucket list, he agrees to be her sexual partner. Soon it becomes more than just sex as Liam picks up every jagged little shard of Vivian's shattered heart and pieces it back together, replacing it with a piece of his own.

** New Adult Erotic Romance intended for readers 18+ due to language and sexual content


Unable to meet his gaze, I picked up my fork and pushed the food around the plate in a circle. “He accused me of sleeping with you.” I inhaled sharply. “And he called me frigid again.” I paused and took a swig of wine to cover my distress. “Sometimes I can’t help but wonder …  if I wasn’t so frigid in bed, he wouldn’t have needed to find it elsewhere.”
I heard Liam exhale. “Don’t do that, Viv.”
As I fiddled with the stem of the wineglass, I forced myself to meet his gaze. “Do what?”
“Doubt yourself. Blame yourself. Don’t do that.” His voice was nothing but kind. There was no hint of condescension in it.
I tried to speak, failed, so I drank some more wine.
“Listen.” Liam set his fork on the table. “If a girl is frigid, it is usually because the way she is treated outside of bed has left her frigid.”
“But there has to be something wrong with me. I mean, what twenty-two-year-old has never experienced the Big O? You know, I can be a little uptight, even high-strung at times. So really, it could just be me.”
“It’s not you,” Liam said firmly. “Don’t let Brody mess with your head. Do you know that about ten percent of women have never experienced an orgasm? And most women aren’t able to climax with intercourse alone. They need other sorts of …” He paused, seemingly to search for the word. “Stimulation.”
The word made a blush rise on my neck and throat.
Liam leaned back in his chair and regarded me steadily. “And from what it sounds like, Brody is a fucking moron. No guy should ever expect you to function with the predictability of a machine. And if he does, then he should just have sex with his car.”
I smothered a giggle. “So I take it you’ve had plenty of experience helping girls reach the pinnacle of sexual passion.”
His lips turned upward in a semi-grin. “Not really.”
“C’mon,” I teased, swirling the wine in my glass. “What about all those Jessicas you dated? Jessica Neal, Jessica Cena, Jessica Long, Jessica Alba?”
He let out a dismissive laugh. “I never dated Jessica Alba.”
As I forked a mouthful of ravioli, I pointed out, “You had the biggest crush on her, though.”
He didn’t deny it. “Me and every other guy I knew.”
I arched an eyebrow. “So did you love all the other Jessicas?”
He shrugged. “Truthfully, I don’t think I even knew what love was back then.”
I eyed him curiously. “Do you know now?”
He shoveled in a bite, chewed then swallowed. “I think I may have some idea.”
I leaned back in my chair and ran a fingertip around the rim of my wineglass. “What do you think love should feel like? Fireworks? Crazy intense, mad passion?”
The look he gave me was long and considering. He lifted his glass and took a swig before answering. “I think a slow burning candle produces more warmth and light than a brief explosion.”
We stared at each other as his words hung in the air between us. “With Brody …” I spoke into the silence. “It was crazy intense. I met him in college my freshman year. And right from the start, we had instant fireworks … the brief explosions you were just talking about. He pretty much swept me off my feet, and I kind of jumped off the diving board into the deep end.”
Liam had a deep and intent expression on his face as he listened to me.
His eyes were open and accepting. Nonjudgmental.
When I finished, he grew quiet for a moment. Then he said, “I think the idea that love must be crazy intense all the time is what keeps people from being satisfied with the normal, boring day-to-day love. The sort of quiet love that is tucked away in the corner instead of shouted from the rooftops. That kind of simple day-to-day love … that quiet love, it might seem dull to others. But for me—” He gave a short shrug— “that’s love.”


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My Review:
 This was a very good romance and I enjoyed reading it.  I am now eagerly awaiting the next book as it is the continuation of this story.

Vivian is looking for love and thought she had found it with Brody but she was very wrong.  Brody was very verbally abusive and I was thrilled that Liam opened Vivian's eyes to Brody's true character.  Liam is a very strong yet sweet and caring man.  He refuses to let Brody destroy Vivian's sweet, fun personality.  The developing relationship between Liam and Vivian was so well written.  I love the strength that Vivian shows in deciding that she needs to experience a whole new world of sexuality and having the courage to be upfront with Liam the he is her choice in a partner.  Liam is such a romantic at heart who decides that Vivian needs not just sex but wooing from a man, that I fell a little in love with him myself.

I recommend this book to readers of "friends to lovers" romances or any reader looking for a very good love story. 

Author Info:
Haleigh Lovell lives in the west coast with her husband and three rescue dogs. Haleigh received a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin--Madison. Despite training as a journalist and a sociologist, Haleigh soon found she preferred making up her own stories--stories with heat and heart.
An expert at the art of procrastination, Haleigh is easily distracted by food and can often be found snacking on Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Pringles, Kit Kat bars, Toblerones and sushi.

Twitter: @haleighlovell8
Haleigh will be hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card or TWO Kindle Copies of VIVIAN'S LIST

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers!!

Author Interview and Giveaway - Strapped by Nina G. Jones

Welcome Nina G. Jones!  This book sounds so good, I can't wait to read it and I am sure many readers will be adding it to their TBR list!  Nina has answered some questions about her work and life and generously offered commenters on this tour a chance at winning a Gift Card, so don't forget to comment! 


by Nina G. Jones




By all appearances, Shyla Ball has an enviable life: a loyal boyfriend, a great job, and family that loves her. She doesn't realize how deeply unsatisfied she is until she has an embarrassing encounter with a handsome stranger at a coffee shop. 

Taylor Holden, a successful businessman, takes a sudden special interest in her and offers her a job she cannot refuse. Soon after, she learns there is much more to this intensely private man than meets the eye. He is hiding many painful secrets, including why it is that he has seemingly plucked her out of obscurity for such a lucrative position. Her "perfect" world is turned upside down by her infatuation towards Taylor and in just a couple of months, her life looks nothing like it did before. While she is frightened by the changes she sees in herself, she cannot resist the lure of Taylor Holden. 

As Shyla slowly gains Taylor's trust, she learns of his complex history and how it has molded him into the person he has become. When elements of Taylor's secret past resurface and threaten to destroy them, Shyla finds out there may be more to Taylor's story than even he is aware of. 

Strapped is a story of passion, manipulation, obsession, and family secrets.




“You forgot your jacket.” It is still on my shoulders. I turn around to offer it up to him. 

“Thank you Shy,” As he says this he takes both of his hands, grabbing each shoulder of the jacket and oh so slowly pulls it off of me, grazing my bare arms and back as he pulls it off. I close my eyes taking in his touch. Each caress of his fingertips feels like one thousand little sparks. How can just the faintest touch from this man set me off like this? Please kiss me. Kiss my neck. I won’t say no. I hold my position for a second more than I should, but it feels so tortuously long. There is nothing, not another touch, not a kiss. I turn to face him again and bid him goodnight. His face looks sad, almost guilty. Every word, every touch, every action tonight was an implication. This keeps us safe from one another. It keeps me safe from him. 

“Goodnight Shy,” he says as if dismissing me from his presence. 

“Goodnight Taylor.”
Author Interview:
What is your writing environment:
I love writing in my office or living room in the stillness of the night, among the dim yellow glow of a few lamps as some mood-setting music plays on my laptop; one or both of my Boxers resting at my feet.
Who is your perfect hero? And why?
I am going to define “perfect” as “perfect for my enjoyment.” In that case, I love complex, damaged heroes who tote the line between “good” and “bad.”
Which authors have caught your interest lately? Why?
Gillian Flynn, because of the buzz around Gone Girl.
What type of book have you always wanted to write?
There are a few. The Strapped Series, is one of those stories I wanted to tackle: dark, twisty, and sexy.
I have a dark romantic comedy sitting in my brain, as well as a heart-wrenching contemporary romance and a sexy detective novel.
Ultimately, I would like to also write something more literary, and I have some ideas, but I want to continue in the romance/erotica genre for a while before I move to that type of project.
What’s the last movie you watched and loved?
Prisoners! I think if you read Strapped, you’ll see why this movie fit perfectly into my tastes.
Top three things on your bucket list:
-    See the Northern Lights from that Igloo hotel in Iceland.
-    Travel throughout Europe and South America without any plans, just following where the wind blows.
-    Get on the NYT Bestseller list. Yeah!
How did you get the idea for this particular novel?
I saw the movie Nine and a Half Weeks, which lead me to the book. It then lead me to other books such as the Story of O and then just after that the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon struck.
Meanwhile, I have always been fascinated by crime, abnormal psychology, and psychopathology. Ever since I can remember I have loved psychological horror movies, and watched detective shows (particularly those about psychological profiling). I felt I could take the common themes we currently see in Erotica, such as the rich-alpha and BDSM, and fuse it with a much darker tale of crime, family secrets, and mental illness. I also became frustrated by books where characters where severely damaged and then became completely “cured” by the end. I get it, it’s Romance and escapism, but I was always left feeling incomplete because I know in real life, endings are hardly ever so perfect.
As you delve deeper into the story, although it may begin with themes that have already been touched upon in other works, as you get to know these characters, I hope you will see that I take them in a much different direction as the series goes on.
What is your favorite scene in your new release?
That is so hard to answer! I think it’s Taylor and Shyla’s night in St. Petersburg after the gala. The beautiful scenery of the city and so much unrealized tension between them was a lot of fun to write. I just love when she goes to return his jacket. I think if you have ever wanted someone who was forbidden, you could identify with that longing she feels for him.
What’s your idea of a perfect date?
Something fun and active, like speedboating or ATVing, followed by a beautiful dinner outdoors, and then...well, you know ;).
If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be?
The one on my bucket list. Snuggling with my husband, looking through the glass ceiling of an igloo-like enclosure, watching the magnetic swirls of the Aurora Borealis dance in the sky.
AUTHOR Bio and Links: 
Nina G. Jones was born and raised in Bronx, NY and currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two crazy Boxers. 
She is the author of Strapped, and is currently working on the sequel for Strapped, slated to be released in early 2014. 
Nina lives a pretty wholesome life, but is fascinated with the dark side of things. She loves watching true crime TV shows and it creeps her husband out to no end. Nina has a degree in Psychology and uses her characters as a vehicle to explore the human psyche. 
She also totally gets it if you want to throw your Kindle at her when you reach the end of Strapped, but please let her know so she has a chance to duck. 
Amazon  *  BN  *  ARe  *  Kobo
Nina will be awarding a $50 Victoria's Secret Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.  The more blogs you visit and comment at the better your chances!  Follow the tour HERE.

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Spotlight and Giveaway - Celtic Tapestry Anthology

Celtic Tapestry Anthology

The wheel of the year turns, bringing the joy of spring, the warmth of summer, the richness of autumn, and the merriment of winter. But eight Celtic festivals link these seasons together, bringing with them romance, lust, danger, and even magic. From a city under threat from night-time creatures at Ostara, to a selkie caught by the light of the Lughnasadh moon, to a writer caught in the flames of a fiery goddess at Imbolc. 
Eight authors have come together to give their own twist on these festivals, weaving each story with a blend of myth, magic, and contemporary telling…to create A Celtic Tapestry:

Crimson Beat--Elle J Rossi

In Nashville, Ostara night is filled with monsters...and only one woman can take them on.

Beltane Fires--Livia Ellis

Deep in the Irish countryside, a witch takes over as Mother of her coven. Will a 'wink at the moon' love spell give her what she most wants?

Blade's Magic--Carolyn Wolfe

Midsummer celebrations are going as usual for one magical young woman, until she comes into contact with Max Blade--a man from another dimension.

Shore's Edge--Tara S Wood

Lammas beckons in Ireland in the year 1170, bringing with it war. Will one feisty young woman have to marry the man she hates most, or will the Gods bring her another answer?

The Picnic--Elodie Parkes

The woods near Morgan's home are under threat. But will salvation come for the woods--and himself--in the form of a beautiful environmental officer?

Shadows in the Dark--Miranda Stork

A surprising past life regression opens up a new world for one young woman...but it also throws her at the mercy of an unknown Shadow Man.

Magic in Memphis--Hunter S Jones

Memphis. The favourite place of a hard working public-relations employee, whose life is good, but without surprise...until she has a chance meeting with James Wellington on Yule night, throwing her world upside-down.

Brigid's Flame--Laura DeLuca

A writer, depressed at the turns of his career and losing his relationship with his girlfriend, looks to the Gods for inspiration at Imbolc...and finds the goddess Brigid answers his prayers.

Buy Links:  Amazon     Amazon UK     Barnes & Noble   Moon Rose Publishing 


Watch the Trailer:  YouTube link
Prize package includes star pendant, Steam Punk pendant, incense, keychain, and crystal points.

For a chance to win please fill out the Rafflecopter below.

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Spotlight and Giveaway - Othrinia's Rain by A. J. Adwen

Othrinia's Rain
by A. J. Adwen


If truth gave a freedom that could destroy all you've ever known, would it be better to live shackled to a lie?

When the kingdom of Othrinia was split down the middle at the hands of feuding twin kings, leaving Othrinians scattered and the new land of Veodue secluded in desolation, these two lands, worlds apart, became the epitome of light and darkness. 

Raenah Brookshire is not a typical Othrinian young woman. She yearns for adventure and chases danger with a passionate drive that is unmatched by the people of her village, Farreloch. It would seem as though her life is rich with possibilities, but she has no idea just how far they’ll take her. 

A mystery of her birth is uncovered by sheer chance that leaves her reeling in shock and betrayal. The key to who she is lies in the hands of a dark Veoden stranger who begins to plague her dreams. He has the answers to her undying questions, but refuses to offer them without a price. 

Caught between the life she knows and a passion more rich than the darkness before the dawn, Raenah must decide her own fate.


Excerpt: Angee's After Thoughts  

   The rising mist curls upward from the Hallowed Oaks into a crystal clear sky. Such a dark place looks so unthreatening in the bright afternoon sun that I find myself riding closer to see if anything about it has changed. From here, I can’t tell.

   The circular grove of trees is impenetrable by the naked eye, due to the denseness of the foliage and the mist that seeps between the trunks to veil its depths. This place is believed to be sacred, and legend says that if one seeks to find himself, the Pool of Reflection is where one may make a self-discovery.

   According to that legend, the mist is heavily laden with the souls of those who sought answers but didn’t make it past the strangling vines and creatures that emit a weeping sound until closing in on their victim. They weep with loneliness, yet kill because they know no other way. This shadowy nook of our land is a piece of Veodue—the only place we know of that stands in Othrinia. The last time I was here, I was disappointed by the Pool. It had no answers to ease my restless spirit. I haven’t felt content for months, while everyone around me moves on with their lives. Gavin and Mother, even in their grief, are content with hope for the future. So why, then, do I feel so lost?

   I have to know.

   I remove Gafian’s bridle and pat his neck, touching my dagger as my feet tread lightly toward the mist that reaches out from the trees. The closer I come, the damper the soil is. The first beads of moist air touch my skin with a cold sensation that seeps to my bones. I think the legend must be true, because by the time the sun is blotted out, I feel as though hands are brushing against my clothes. I pause when I notice a moist handprint on my thigh. With a deep breath, I press onward.

   My spine grows rigid at the sound of weeping. Silence follows, like the pause someone takes before they speak. Movement catches my eye, my vision focusing on the swaying two-legged creature with solid black eyes. It sinks behind a tree, then looks at me from the other side. Six-fingered hands with broken claws wrap around the trunk. He, at least I think it’s a he, is no taller than my waist. He looks sickly—like he hasn’t eaten in months.

   I unsheathe my dagger halfway, then replace it when his eyelids narrow to slits. The muted sunlight creates a wet gleam on the creature’s sallow skin, pulled taut over his protruding ribs and cheekbones which wrinkle when he bares his teeth to me. Pointed they are, and they drip with a foul colored foam. I take my hand away from my dagger. “I won’t hurt you,” I say, as if speaking to a timid horse. He curls his lips back to utter another wail, then shrinks back into the shadows until I can see him no more. I press forward again, glancing behind me to make sure I am not being followed.

   Only once I am a safe distance from the weeping do I begin slashing through the vines that move on their own accord. They reach at a sluggish pace, seemingly intending to strangle me before I notice their intent. I step over fallen logs and avoid moss covered stones to maintain my balance, thankful when I am free of the foliage that has far more of a mind of its own than it should.

  The glassy surface of the pool glints with the only streaks of sunlight that reach through the haze. I crouch at the water’s edge and tilt my head downward to observe my face. Last time I was here, nothing happened. No grand revelation of my future; no clarification of my wild tendencies. I left disappointed and bleeding from my calf where something, I’m not sure what, sank its teeth into me. I never saw the creature, but it wasn’t like the one I witnessed moments ago. It gave me a nasty infection, but nothing that couldn’t be healed with a concoction of Father’s herbs—in secret, of course. I couldn’t tell anyone where I’d been.

   I sigh when nothing appears in my reflection, wondering if I’m going about it all wrong. Perhaps I should have brought an offering of some sort, though nothing like that was mentioned in the stories told in my village. I trail a finger across the glassy surface to disrupt it. A strange sound begins to build as the ripples reach outward, until a shriek pierces the air. I fall away from the noise. The angry cry echoes through my eardrums even as I clap my palms over them until the water returns to normal. Clearly, I’ve disturbed it somehow other than physically. I inch forward until I’m on my hands and knees with my face hovering over the inky surface.

   “S-Sorry,” I utter stupidly, feeling foolish for speaking to a pond. But nothing in the Oaks is typical, so my apology doesn’t feel typical either. I lie flat on my stomach with my cheek propped on my palm, gazing into nature’s mirror for any sign of life. I puff air between my lips to blow a lock of hair out of my face, nearly falling forward into the water when a flash of color reflects before me. It’s like fire, flickering all around my reflection, but when I turn my head, nothing is there. I return my gaze to the pool and watch it closely. Perhaps this is the moment of truth, I think.


   I rub my face and then push my hands into my hair, disheartened. Fire? What was that supposed to mean? I rise to my feet to brush the moistened earth from the front of my clothing, turning to leave the way I came.

   Father once said, “Only a hidden darkness of the heart will protect a soul in the Hallowed Oaks, because purity is too easily corrupted.”

   I can’t help but wonder what this means for me.


Fun Facts:

1. I have been singing my entire life, and started playing guitar over ten years ago.

2. I am a crazy cat lady (the married kind).

3. I collect old cameras.

4. I own a photography business.

5. I'm mildly obsessed with owls and dragons.

6. I detest seafood.

7. I grew up in Oregon, and relocated to Oklahoma four years ago.

8. I am 27 years old.

9. My favorite colors are purple and sea foam green.

10. I wrote my first story when I was eight.

11. I won the 2013 Oklahoma Next Generation Under 30 Award.

12. I'm 6' tall, but still insist on wearing heels when I dress up.

13. If I could choose any superpower, it would be to teleport. Hello, free travel.

14. I don't like watching sports of any kind, unless they are equestrian sports.

15. I talk out loud when I write, especially when my characters are talking to each other.


Buy Link:



Author Info and Links:

Adwen is an Oregon native, born and raised in the mountains.  She currently resides in Oklahoma with her husband and three cats, where she devotes the majority of her time to writing and photography.

Facebook URL:  


Follow the tour:

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