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Review Policy:

LOVE to read as well as telling friends and followers about great books and their authors! If you have a book you would like me to review and/or spotlight, it must be sent in a mobi file ( PDF only if mobi/prc is not available).

All requests MUST include:

Book Title and Author
Include series name, if any (if series please indicate if standalone)
Cover (jpeg preferred)
Publisher or Indie
Genre/sub genre
Length (pages or word count)
Release Date
Earliest Date Review can be Posted
Author’s web-site/links to social media
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I prefer to read romances, in the genres of: contemporary, paranormal, sci-fi, dystopian, suspense as well as books with BDSM elements (including D/s, M/s, spanking, etc).  I am also a fan of M/M romances.  I do have a few hard limits on the content in the books I will accept, so if your book needs warnings, please let me know when contacting.  If your book is in other genres, please contact me to determine if I will be willing and able to review it.  I try to be "genre flexible" and I also have a small review team who are interested in other genres.  I am a huge supporter of Indie authors as well as Debut authors. I will try my hardest to review your book.

All review content posted on Booklover Sue is the property of Booklover Sue. Please feel free to post the review or portions of the review elsewhere but I do require a link back to or recognition of Booklover Sue.  If I review your book, the review will be posted on Booklover Sue, Amazon and Goodreads.

By submitting your book for review, you agree to my terms. The terms are subject to change at any time and without prior notification.  Submitting a book to me without approval will not guarantee a review.

I will accept print books for review, please contact me at the above email for shipping address.

Thank you,
Booklover Sue

PS:  Please allow 24-72 hours for a response.  I will try my hardest to respond promptly but life can sometimes make that difficult.