Saturday, August 31, 2013

Movie - The Colony

My Friday night movie last week was
The Colony (2013).  I ordered this on demand thru my cable company and it hasn't even been in the theaters yet.  It is a action/science fiction/thriller starring Kevin Zegers, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton and Charlotte Sullivan.  This immediately drew my attention because I love post-apocalyptic stories and this movie was about the survivors after the earth froze.  The story was interesting enough that it did keep my attention throughout the entire film. The special effects were good as was the acting.  I felt this was an accurate portrayal of "what would happen if the earth froze".  Laurence Fishburne is the leader of his colony while Bill Paxton plays a man who is unhappy with the way the leader handles the colony.  There is a lot of conflict between these two characters with the rest of the colony suffering the backlash.  They get a distress call from another colony and a rescue team is sent to aid them which was very interesting to see what the world would look like under so much snow.  When they got to the other colony, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, curious about what they would find and the situation they would be returning to.  If rating this movie I would give it 7 out of 10. 

Storyline:  Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), Bill Paxton (Aliens) and Kevin Zegers (Dawn of the Dead), headline an all-star cast in this savage and unrelenting thriller about mankind's greatest enemy: himself. As an endless winter engulfs Earth, humans struggle to survive in remote underground outposts. When Colony 7 receives a distress call from a nearby settlement, Sam (Zegers) and Briggs (Fishburne) race through the snow on a dangerous rescue mission. What they find at the desolate base could mean mankind's salvation-or its total annihilation. Terrifying discoveries will unfold that will change the rules of survival forever.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Cover Reveal and Giveaway - Something To Prove by Shannyn Schroeder


Something to Prove

The O’Learys

By: Shannyn Schroeder


Releasing January 2014


Two ambitious people team up to prove themselves to their families—and find there may be more to their partnership than just business…

Elizabeth Brannigan is determined to show her father she’s capable of running the family business. Saving his struggling Chicago bar seems like the perfect project. But she’ll need a little help dealing with the rough crowd. Who better to assist her than the handsome co-owner of a thriving Irish pub? Of course, with so much work to do, there are bound to be a few late nights…

Colin O’Leary’s father passed away before he could prove to him that he wasn’t a screw-up. Now he wants to show his brother he’s responsible enough to own a bar of his own—and Elizabeth may be able to help him. But when their professional aspirations clash, tempers—and passions—flare. Are they mature enough to mix business with pleasure—or will they have to choose between the two?

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Author Info

Shannyn is a former English teacher, who now works as a part-time editor while raising her three kids.

Even though she wrote from high school through college (mostly poetry), she’d never considered a career as an author. Writing fell by the wayside as she focused her energy on creating lesson plans and new and fabulous ways to torment her teen students. One group in particular dubbed her “The Torture Master,” a title she carried into motherhood.

After the birth of baby number two, Shannyn resigned from teaching and fell in love with reading romance novels. She read so many books so quickly that her husband teased, “If you’re going to read so many damn books, why don’t you just write one?”

So she did.

That first book is safely buried on her hard drive, but the process set Shannyn on the path to where she is today—agented with a debut ebook coming out with Kensington in late 2012.

She is recovering from her Diet Coke addiction, fears putting her foot in her mouth on social media, and has a renewed appreciation for the bad girls of the world.
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