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Excerpt & Giveaway - No Small Parts (Bluewater Bay) by Ally Blue

Hello out there, lovely readers. I’m Ally Blue. Welcome to the blog tour for my new book, No Small Parts. It’s the latest addition to Riptide Publishing’s awesome Bluewater Bay universe. I love this story, I love my boys—Nat Horn and Rafael Cortez—and I’m excited to give y’all a glimpse behind the scenes. Thanks so much to my blog hosts for having me here, and thank you all for joining me!

About No Small Parts: 

Nat Horn is almost living the dream. His part as a werewolf extra on the hit show Wolf’s Landing has somehow turned into a regular role. Beautiful rising star Solari Praveen has taken an interest in him. He’s even making enough money to think about getting out of Bluewater Bay someday. Except his retired dad’s dependence on pain medications seems to be getting worse, and Nat’s the only one around to take care of him. 

When Nat learns that Solari’s interest isn’t romantic, his disappointment is surprisingly short-lived, because in getting to know her, he also got to know her assistant, Rafael. And Rafael turns out to be the kind of friend—and potential boyfriend—Nat never dared to dream about. 

Distracted by his astonishing new life, new friends, and new possibilities, Nat lets his guard down, and suddenly his life goes careening out of control. Racked by guilt, he tries to push his new friends away, but the bonds he’s formed are already too strong. In fact, they’re strong enough to pull him forward, into the future he’s been longing for—but to get there, he’ll have to let go of the past.  

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“Nat. Wake up.”

Nathaniel brushed a vague hand at whatever dream person was bugging him. “Go ’way.”

“You’re already late. You have to get up.”

Wait. He knew that voice. Low, scratchy, nervous.

So. Not a dream.

Odds were he wasn’t actually late, but he couldn’t avoid dealing with his dad when he got insistent.

Nat forced himself upright, hauled his eyelids open, and squinted at the ancient clock radio on his bedside table. The skull sticker he’d stuck on the table’s peeling paint in high school glared back at him with its one remaining eye socket. “Christ, Dad. It’s only seven thirty in the morning.”

“You said you had to be on set at six thirty. You’re an hour late already.” Jerome Horn nudged Nat’s chest with a thin, trembling finger. “They’re going to fire you, and then where will we be?”

“I have to be there at 6:30 p.m. It’s a night shoot. Like last night. Remember? I didn’t get home till three in the morning? Which was four and a half hours ago?”

Realization dawned on his father’s face, followed by a flood of guilt, and Nat wished he’d kept his mouth shut. He knew his dad had a hard time remembering his Wolf’s Landing shooting schedule, in spite of the paper stuck on the rust-spotted fridge with Wolf’s Landing magnets. Hell, Nat had trouble himself sometimes. He’d worked nights before. But his part-time werewolf gig on Bluewater Bay’s wildly popular TV series had him going from indoor daytime set shoots to midnight forest shoots and back again. It was crazy and sometimes exhausting.

Worth it, he thought, picturing the barely controlled chaos that somehow created weekly magic.

The money was nothing to sneeze at either, considering the sporadic nature of the work and how little other income he had.

About Ally Blue: 

Ally Blue is acknowledged by the world at large (or at least by her heroes, who tend to suffer a lot) as the Popess of Gay Angst. 

She has a great big suggestively-shaped hat and rides in a bullet-proof Plexiglas bubble in Christmas parades. Her harem of manwhores does double duty as bodyguards and inspirational entertainment. Her favorite band is Radiohead, her favorite color is lime green and her favorite way to waste a perfectly good Saturday is to watch all three extended version LOTR movies in a row. 

Her ultimate dream is to one day ditch the evil day job and support the family on manlove alone. She is not a hippie or a brain surgeon, no matter what her kids’ friends say. 

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  1. Congratulations on the new release, Ally. The Bluewater Bay series is a wonderful series by different authors, but they are all connected. I am about halfway the series reading.
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  4. Congrats on the release & thanks for the excerpt!

  5. Hi everybody, thanks you so much! I'm happy y'all enjoyed the excerpt. I really hope you like the book too, I absolutely loved writing it :D