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Excerpt - As Wings Unfurl by Arthur M Doweyko


As Wings Unfurl took 1st place as best sci-fi novel of 2014 at the Royal Palm Literary Awards and was published by Red Adept on July 19, 2016.

Applegate Bogdanski returns from Vietnam with a missing leg, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. A fair trade, he thinks, for a coward. He stumbles through each drug-besotted day working at an obscure Newark, New Jersey bookstore. Enter Angela, who claims to be his guardian angel. Neither one is an angel, but together, they uncover a conspiracy which threatens to undo humankind itself.

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The Prudential Building, Newark, New Jersey, 1975 

          Jason tucked in his shirt and ran his stubby fingers through the graying remains of what had once been jet-black hair. He bent forward to take a closer look at his distorted reflection on the smooth office-door window. A mosaic of a shadow danced across the opalescent glass. He backed up as the door handle turned.
          A woman stepped inside, forcing him to take a step back. She held her head high, an unnecessary affectation because she stood a full half-foot taller than him. Dark eyes with dilated pupils darted from him to the room beyond. Her oval face was framed by a tight black coif with a solitary strand nearly covering one eye, giving Jason the unsettling impression that she was a pirate. A single silver earring took the image further.
          She sniffed the air. “And you are?”
          “Like it says on the door, miss, MacKenzie Investigations. I’m Jason MacKenzie. My secretary, Viola, she’s not in yet. Who might you be?”
 She looked familiar, but his sleep-deprived brain spun in place and couldn’t find her name.
She pointed to Viola’s visitor settee. “May I sit here?”
          She sat, crossing her legs and giving her tight black miniskirt a tug. Jason leaned back against the edge of Viola’s desk.
He coughed to clear his throat. “How can I help you? Do I know you?”
          “I doubt you know who I am, and it’s of no importance. However, you can help me.”
          “Are you sure you’re in the right place, miss?” Jason was sure he had no clients scheduled this early in the morning.
          She nodded at the inner door. “That is your office?”
          “Yeah, but we can’t go in. There’s broken ceramic on the floor. I dropped my coffee cup—”
          She marched inside. Jason shuffled after her. An odd scent wafted into his sinuses, a mixture of flowers and something else—oil? He heard her stilettos crunch their way around his desk. When he caught up, she pirouetted, taking time to give the room a complete three-sixty.
          “Please watch your step, miss. What are you here for?”
          She strode to his desk chair and sat.
          “Suit yourself.” He pulled up a chair from the corner to face her, waiting for an explanation, wondering if it would ever come.

Author Bio:
Arthur has authored 100+ scientific publications, invented novel 3D drug design software, and shares the 2008 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for the discovery of Sprycel, a new anti-cancer drug. He writes hard science fiction, fantasy and horror.

His debut novel, Algorithm, which is a story about DNA and the purpose of humanity, garnered a 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) and was published by E-Lit Books in October, 2014. His second novel, As Wings Unfurl, a story of guardian angels that are not angels, forbidden love, and the secret fate of humankind, took 1st place as best pre-published science fiction novel of the year at the 2014 RPLA competition. As Wings Unfurl was published in 2016 by Red Adept Publishing. Many of his short stories have been honored as finalists in RPLA competitions, as well as achieving Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contests. His current project is Henry The Last, a story about the last creature with a human brain, and what it means to be human in a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is what it seems to be. Henry The Last was recently honored with a 2nd place 2016 RPLA.

He lives in Florida with his wife Lidia, teaches college chemistry and happily wanders the beaches when not jousting with aliens.

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