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Guest Post & Excerpt - Body Talk by Cara Bristol

Body Talk
by Cara Bristol

Sometimes the best way to say ‘I love you’ is through touch…
Remember when your favorite paperback books used to naturally open to the scenes you'd read over and over, the ones that made you laugh, tugged your heart or got you hot and bothered? In Body Talk, USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has compiled full-chapter excerpts of the sexiest scenes from her most popular and favorite erotic romances. These story excerpts will tug at your heart, captivate your imagination, and stir your senses. You’ll visit the familiar…and escape to the unexpected in a variety of subgenres including: contemporary romance, BDSM/spanking romance, science fiction romance, romantic comedy, and even a historical romance selection.
Come share some tender, erotic moments in some of Cara’s beloved stories.
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When I’m building a science fiction world, one of the questions I ask myself is “how can I make this different?”

I also ask myself that question when I’m writing a sex scene. How can I make it new and fresh? What can I do that hasn’t been done before? In most romance novels, the characters have sex in bed in the bedroom. And, although I’ve written plenty of bedroom scenes, getting characters out of bed and into other locations can bring interest to the sex scene. Even something as simple as sex in an automobile. You have to account for the tightness of the space (no pun intended), the steering wheel, the center console, passersby, fogged windows, seats lying or not lying down, the availability of condoms, bumped heads…you get the picture.

Put a couple in the shower and you can use the sensations of water spray, the slipperiness of soap, the coolness or hardness of tile to enhance your scene. They can stand, sit (on a shower bench) or kneel.

But even the car and shower are mundane. My characters have had sex in the kitchen (while talking on the phone), in a swimming pool (while being observed), on the front porch, on the beach at a sex resort, at the headquarters for a spanking society, in a tree (yes, in a tree), in a glass (see-though) hotel, in a cave, in an observatory. Moving the sex out of the bedroom can bring in exhibitionism, voyeurism, different sexual positions, and danger.  It also reveals more of the characters personalities and the plot because where they choose to have sex says a lot about who they are and what is going on in the story.

In Body Talk, which excerpts chapters from eleven different erotic romances, the characters have sex in many different venues. Sometimes it does occur in bed, but sometimes not. You’ll find some unique sexual settings in Body Talk.
An excerpt from Body Talk (Irresistible Attractions):

In this scene, Jordan is dating college student Hannah Laurie. She works nights as a housekeeper. He takes her back to the Rod and Cane Society mansion for a spanking session. Irresistible Attractions was a Golden Flogger award finalist for best BDSM book of the year by the BDSM Writer’s Conference.

“If it gets too intense, you need to give me a word, and I’ll stop and escort you to your vehicle.” Vehicle. How formal he sounded. Their circles would never intersect again was what he meant.
“A safeword.” She nodded.
“You’re aware of safewords?”
If she confessed she’d read about them in her e-book library of two hundred plus BDSM and spanking erotic romances, would he view that as positive or negative? Would he worry she lacked real-life experience to proceed? She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and nibbled on it.
“How about vacuum?” she said, and cringed. Could she have picked a stupider word? Why remind him she was a cleaner? Why hadn’t she chosen something like lavender? Or lingerie? Or the tried-and-true red?
He didn’t seem to notice how dumb it was. He was staring at her mouth.
In a flash, all hesitancy and indecision vanished from his expression and posture, and he became dominance personified. He straightened. His face hardened. Muscles bulged. His gaze lusted.
She peeked at his trousers. Yessss, sir!
“That will work.” He motioned. “Take off your jeans.”
Take off— Confidence crumpled like a cellophane wrapper at the prospect of baring her imperfect body under the harsh fluorescents and his microscopic scrutiny. Of course, that’s how it would be. Why hadn’t she foreseen that? It shouldn’t matter—he’d already seen her near-naked rear end, but that had occurred under different circumstances.
Heat suffused her face, but she compressed her lips with determination and unzipped her boots. She stumbled in tugging them off, and he grabbed her elbow to steady her then released her when she undid her jeans. She expected him to tower over her while she completed his instructions, but as she fought her way out of the tight denim pants, he strode to the wall of paddles. Her pants lay in a messy heap atop her boots—not at all the way a cleaner should leave them, so she folded them.
She had nowhere to set the neat little pile except the chair they’d used the last time, so she shook out her jeans and draped them over the metal-legged spanking bench she deemed least likely to be put into service then realized she could have put the denim on the seat and hadn’t needed to unfold them at all. Hannah took a deep breath before she squeaked “vacuum” and ran from the room wearing her thigh-skimming baby-doll-style top and undies. She moved her boots next to the bench and peeked at Jordan. He was taking a long time to pick out a paddle. Was he nervous, too?
He unhooked a smallish leather-covered one and then raked a steely gaze over her. Nope, didn’t seem to be. “Last chance,” he said, and smacked the paddle against his palm.
Once again, she got the impression he was attempting to frighten her into leaving.
She couldn’t decide whether to be pissed off—or amused. Or flee like he goaded her to. She planted her hands on her hips. “You don’t scare me,” said the pantless girl to the man wielding a paddle.
“Maybe I should.” He stalked toward her until he had invaded her personal space then tucked the paddle under his arm, captured her face between his palms, and kissed her. His mouth slid over hers, and Hannah dissolved. She forgot to be mad, forgot to be annoyed or amused, and melted into him, absorbing his taste and scent. Power and strength.
He claimed her, his lips demanding, his tongue insisting. Never had simple intimacy been so all-consuming, so possessive, so heady. This kiss would be the kiss against which all others would be judged. The room spun like in the movies.
He set her away from him. “How about now?”
She swayed a little. “Nope.”

Author Bio:
USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes erotic romance in several subgenres. Her romances have ranked no. 1 in science fiction romance, BDSM  erotica, and holiday fiction on Amazon. No matter what the subgenre,  her books are character-driven stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine and a touch of humor.  Besides her list of fiction credits, she is the author of Naughty Words for Nice Writers, a sex scene thesaurus for romance writers. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.
Cara’s website: http://carabristol.com/
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