Friday, October 28, 2016

Spotlight - A Healer for the Bear (Sarkozy Brothers) by Pia Milan

She's an ex-con with world-class surgical skills

Surgeon, Irina Nikolai is an ex-con. Out on parole for a crime she did not commit, she's lucky enough to find a chance to use her healing skills, however underground the job.

More than just a chance to heal
When old man Sarkozy, her father's long-time friend, asks her to look after his grandson, how could she say no? But meeting the enigmatic, cantankerous and supremely antagonistic Aleks Sarkozy makes her wonder if she should have declined the opportunity. Worse is the sizzling heat every time she has to touch him. And she has to touch him a lot.

He is just a patient. So she tells herself.
But she is determined to do is her job; heal the patient, get paid, leave.
It's what the patient wants. And it's what Irina wants too.
Or is it?

He's a Bear in need of more than just his wounds mended

Carpathian bear shifter Aleks Sarkozy, is angry, bitter and filled with hatred for humans. Held in captivity by The Legion for a year, Aleks was victim to unspeakable torture at the hands of one human, Nathanial.

His hatred for humans knows no bounds.
Until he opens his eyes to the vision of an angel that stirs his blood. An that vision is a human one.

She is off limits
But humans are off limits, especially when it comes to mating. So why does Aleks's need for his beautiful healer grow every time he sees her face. Why does his blood fill with heat and desire every time he smells her enticing scent?

Confused and conflicted, Aleks tries to understand his emotions, to understand the needs of his heart versus those of his brain. Can his desire for Irina override his hatred for her humanity?

*Standalone Bear Shifter Romance*

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Pia Milan is the author of sexy paranormal romance with bite plus mystery. It’s not just boy meets girl – or shifter meets human.

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