Friday, October 14, 2016

Review - Because I Can by Elaine Marie

Because I Can
by Elaine Marie

Jenna is a victim of an attack on her college campus. After barely escaping, she manages to make her way to campus security. With the help of the security guard, the local police are called, but she soon learns no one will help her case, and the police and the college administration dismiss her accusation, leaving her feeling empty.

Tired of the whispers and looks from her classmates and professors, she decides to take charge of the situation. Tired of being a victim, she’s determined to take her life back.
Jenna soon undergoes a dramatic makeover…one that leaves even her best friend unable to recognize her. With her new look and the help of some online self-help videos, she begins her search for her attacker.

In her search, the one thing Jenna didn’t expect to find was the handsome, new student, Nic. As she gets to know him, she learns he isn’t who he claims to be. It’s then Jenna begins to suspect the guy she’s fallen for.

As she closes in on her attacker, she makes a few new discoveries, and she can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As she races against time, will she be able to uncover the identity of her attacker before he strikes again?


This was a very emotional read about a woman who after being assaulted decides that she can no longer stand the person she sees in the mirror.  She is going to not let her attacker destroy her life, she is going to move on and figure out who she wants to be as well as who attacked her.  She makes herself over and then meets Nic but Nic has a secret.  He has been watching her for a while and the reason could damage their new relationship.  Jen's obsession to find and stop her assailant could put her life at risk.
This book was a shorter romance but had a fascinating storyline.  Romance, drama and suspense was a perfect blend to this story.  Wished it was a little longer with a bit more story development but still a great read.  4 stars ~ Booklover Sue 

Author Bio:
A Jersey girl at heart! I love to write, read and spend time with my husband and children. I love to watch Football & Hockey-who wouldn't~ those uniforms!

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