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Excerpt & Giveaway ($25 GC) - Pork by R.S. Anthony


by R.S. Anthony

GENRE: Contemporary Suspense Thriller



High school is torture for Steven Walthurst, and home isn’t a whole lot better. The only place that offers respite is an abandoned tree house at the edge of town. But something lurks in the nearby woods, and the long line of elm trees has a clear message for Steven: keep out.

Then one day, Steven finds a little girl lying unconscious, perilously close to the woods. As the two get to know one another, Steven experiences real friendship for the first time—and gets closer than ever to knowing the darkness that skulks between the trees.

He dedicates himself to keeping his new friend safe, but the tranquility of their fragile hidden world doesn’t last long. When an act of cruelty pushes Steven to his limits, his secrets—and those of the dark woods—come close to unraveling, threatening to destroy the one thing making his teenage life bearable. Can Steven save everything he’s built from crumbling under the pressure?

Exclusive Excerpt:

Steven had been holding his breath, and only exhaled when she let him inside. He went to his bedroom, dropped his backpack on the floor, and thought about his momma’s questions. She didn’t sound like she knew he had been in the woods, but she could be playing it cool. He sighed and left the room to make a peanut butter sandwich in the kitchen. After supper, he took a shower and passed out in his bed almost immediately. He was exhausted to his core.

The sleep however, did not last long. At half past two, he heard glass breaking in the hall, followed by his momma’s scream. Steven’s heart pounded his ribcage, and he squatted by the door to listen.

“I’ll kill you, you bitch! You promised!” a man’s voice hollered, and Steven’s breath quickened. His forehead turned moist and tears threatened to fall.

“You bastard! No! You can take your money back,” his momma said. There was a scuffle, and something else fell and broke. It was obvious the man had hit his momma. Steven couldn’t help it; he stayed trembling by the door, unable to move. “Let me go!” his momma screamed again, more desperately this time. Her voice was hoarse and urgent, almost as if she was being strangled.

Steven panicked at the thought of his momma dying, and anger suddenly surged through his body. Blood rose to his head and he grabbed the baseball bat by the door with shaky hands. He swung the door open and saw a big, burly man on top of his momma on the couch. He was forcing himself on her while his fingers tightened around her neck. Her face was ghostly white and she was struggling to breathe, clawing at the man’s fingers and face, but he was too strong. The man was also oblivious to Steven standing right behind him.

Steven’s knuckles turned pale as he gripped the bat. He tiptoed up to the man, swung the bat, and hit his head with a loud thump. The man jerked and then went limp, collapsing on top of Steven’s momma. She took huge breaths and clutched her neck before shoving the huge man off. He rolled over the edge of the couch and thudded on the floor.

Steven stared at the man for a few seconds, then turned to his momma. “Are you all right?”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Rosemary Anthony writes suspense fiction with a twist. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Science Malaysia and recently made the jump from writing official documents to writing fiction novels. Blessed with 17 nephews and nieces, she finds the world of young adults to be a thrilling source of inspiration for her books.

Rosemary lives in a small town in Malaysia and travels as often as possible to broaden her cultural horizon.

You can find out more about her books, giveaways, and new releases on:

Her debut fiction Pork can be found in:

NOTE: “Pork” will be free on Amazon June 21-23, 2016

What others are saying:

“Stay with this new author. She’s impressive.” – G. Harp

“The plot is elaborate leading to an unexpected twist in the end which I loved. It is a very good read-- you won't be disappointed!” – D. Mantzari

“...makes for an entertaining read, just prepare yourself to have a few WTF moments while enjoying the experience...” – Book Mafia Blog

“The author has a lovely writing style with clear, sparse prose that allows the story to breathe. Bit by bit each character plays a part in unraveling the mystery...” – The Welshbird


The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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