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Excerpt & Giveaway - Red Tape Protector (FLC Case Files series, Book 2) by Kathy Kulig

Red Tape Protector
Book 2 in the FLC Case Files series
by Kathy Kulig

When a member of a top-secret White House society makes a critical mistake, she’s not fired, she’s given a new assignment—a trainee as an undercover security agent and assassin. Sexy, Black-ops agent must prepare her for the dangerous mission. Sometimes you can’t run away…from love or danger… 

The FLC Case Files series are Steamy Romantic Suspense romances with some BDSM elements.

#3 RED TAPE BETRAYAL – Coming soon

Read Excerpt:

After fifteen minutes of buzzing the nurse, Alana gave up and swung open the door. Jag stood there alone, blocking her way. “Yes, ma’am?”
Alana looked up at fierce blue eyes and a deep-set brow. Jag usually worked nights with one other guard. “Where’s your partner?” She glanced down the empty hallway. No patients or hospital personnel. Normally she heard carts rolling up and down the halls and voices of nurses, doctors and cleaning people at all hours of the night.
It was too quiet. Where was everyone? It was almost seven thirty and all the nurses should have returned from their breaks. The hackles rose on the back of her neck. After the car bomb and Zoe’s abduction, she’d become overly paranoid. Would she ever be able to live without looking over her shoulder? Now that they were letting her go, she hated to sit around. If it wasn’t for the stash of cash she had hidden in her apartment—and hoped was still there—she’d try to leave town tonight. She didn’t need to waste Julia’s time by waiting for the forty-eight hours. She’d made her decision.
She bit her lower lip and a rolling sensation swept the pit of her stomach. “I need to see my nurse. She’s not answering the buzzer.”
He frowned. “Are you in pain?” His tone changed. Softer. Was he concerned?
“No, I need a bath, and I want to remove the bandages.”
One side of his mouth quirked into a grin. “Can’t you take a bath by yourself?”
“I can, but I need supplies so I can change the dressings.” She touched the gauze on her left arm. “And I want a bath. My room only has a shower. They’ve let me use one of the empty rooms down the hall.” It was also closer to the back stairs. If they left her alone for a few minutes, she might have enough time to get away.
He frowned. “I’ll send her as soon as she gets back from her rounds.”
She stepped into the hall and he blocked her from going farther. “Honestly, I could ask someone at the desk myself. I just need a few things.”
“It’s against orders for you to leave your room.” He pressed his lips together. He wasn’t amused. “You work for the White House, Ms. MacKenna. You know what it means to follow orders.”
“I do.” She winced at that because not following orders was what had gotten her into trouble in the first place. Did he know? “But I have left my room when they’ve given me the luxury of a hot bath. Besides that, they’re letting me leave tomorrow. I don’t think I need a guard anymore.”
“I haven’t been given a change in orders,” he argued.
Alana huffed. “I used to be a nurse and I know how to care for wounds. I could get the supplies myself from their supply shelves.”
He shook his head. “It’s for your safety. They don’t want you to leave this room.”
She studied him for a minute. “You’re not like the other guards, the ones who work days. I don’t know what it is. Are you secret service?” Alana raised her chin, trying a different approach, but it did little to help her confidence. Without heels, she was five-foot-ten and still looked short compared to this guy. He was muscular, but lean, like a cross between a weightlifter and marathon runner.
“How am I different?” He raised one eyebrow, perhaps amused by her observation.
“I don’t know. The others are obvious secret service in their black suits and coiled earpieces. So cliché.”
He glanced down at his outfit, the same as the others, then pointed to the same earpiece. “What’s different?”
“You don’t belong in the suit. You don’t look comfortable. I imagine you in camouflage, combat boots and hoisting an enormously heavy automatic weapon like in one of those military thrillers.”
He smiled and let out a grunt of a laugh. The man could smile. “You have good observational skills. I used to be in the military. But from what I hear, you could work on your sound judgment.” He tapped a finger on the bandage on her arm.
“Funny,” she said. “And who told you about me? What did they tell you?”
His pleasant manner suddenly froze to the original stone-set, unemotional state. “I’ll ask for your nurse to come to your room. Wait inside.” He pointed to the center of the room as a signal for her to move so he could close the door.
Alana planted her feet in the doorway. She wanted out of this place so badly she could taste it. It was Friday night and Liam would probably be at Paradise Underground. She doubted they’d let her in with the clothes Julia had left her. They required proper attire. And it was a little late to go shopping for fetish wear. She didn’t have much cash on her either. “I’ll wait here. I’m bored, the walls are closing in. Why don’t you tell me what your real name is and where you’re from? Is Jag a nickname?” She glanced down the hall, looking for Beth, her nurse, or another nurse or aide. No one was in sight.
“Jagger Denison. I’m from North Carolina.” Dark amusement glimmered in his steel-blue eyes.
At the club, she could read men, knew if they were dominant or submissive, could tell if they were experienced or virgins to the lifestyle. She could also tell if they were lying. This guy she couldn’t read. No emotion. Was he this cold in bed too? “You prefer Jag?” She smiled.
He nodded. Power and authority radiated through him. His gaze swept her room, scanning for what? Hidden dangers? Then he returned his focus back to her.
She checked the time. Seven-thirty. It was going to be a long night. “I’ll start my bath. If you like, you’re welcome to watch.” She hoped she could embarrass him into giving her a few minutes alone. A few minutes were all she needed.
An eyebrow rose. “She won’t be long. You’re not her only patient.”
I bet I’m the only one with twenty-four-hour guards.

Reviews for Red tape, book 1:

“This was such a different take on BDSM romance! It had a bit of everything, suspense, intrigue, romance and hot steamy sex scenes. I would love for this to be a TV show! It reminds me of Scandal with a BDSM element. The characters are strong and likable, the plot will have you wondering what's next and the sex will have you blushing. The story has a wonderful build up to a fast paced ending that suits the main characters well. If you are looking for suspense with a bit of a twist, this is your book!” ~Amazon reviewer

“I definitely enjoyed Red Tape, Zoe was a strong, self-sufficient agent and the suspense element was great especially the ending. It was suspense with a touch of National Treasure (the movie)bits with a side of BDSM.” ~Goodreads reviewer.

“HOLY HOTNESS BDSM.  Wow, can't wait for more of this political BDSM series. It is a really fun premise, First Lady BDSM for freedom.  OMG…” ~Blogger reviewer.

“Loved this one! It maybe my favorite of the set. So much going on and so much to lose. I really loved this set up for a book. BDSM, suspense, behind the scenes of the White House, and so much more. A great read. Love Zoe and Jason. The past they have together only adds to the current mission. Who doesn't love a book with secret missions that are about sex? Great plot and one I will read over and over again!” ~ Amazon reviewer

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About Kathy Kulig:

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Kathy Kulig is a writer, a science geek, a part time health food nut, an occasional cat sitter, and an adventure movie junkie. She lives in a 100-year-old Victorian house with her amazingly support hubby who is also a geek and shares her love of traveling. Kathy writes sexy paranormal, contemporary and suspense. Her books can be dark and edgy, passionate and erotically-charged, but there’s always a steamy romance and a happy ending.

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