Saturday, January 24, 2015

ARC Review - Bite Marks (Paranormal Mistake, Book 1) by Rebecca Royce

Bite Marks
Paranormal Mistake, Book 1
by Rebecca Royce


George is a mystery writer in a small town who wants nothing more than one date with the local bartender named Trudy. When he finally scores a date, he is ecstatic. But the night before he his bitten by a vampire–and accidently transformed into a member of the Undead. He assumes any chance he had with Trudy died the same night his need for food did.

But, Trudy is more than she seems. A werewolf hunter on the run she knows all about vampires and if she can keep them both alive for any length of time, she might be just what George needs to survive. Can love survive an accidental bite?


My Review:

This was a very unique paranormal romance and I really enjoyed it.  George is a writer who is very attracted to Trudy, a local bartender.  He finally convinces her to go out with him only to find himself having to cancel when he is accidentally transformed into a vampire.  Because of his thirst for blood, he decides that he has to avoid her to save her.  Trudy is not your average bartender, she is a werewolf hunter in hiding.  Trudy is attracted to George and when he cancels their date, she is confused and disappointed.

The storyline of this book is unusual but its a good one.  George was a "nerd" until he became a vampire, he now finds himself getting stronger and definitely more predator.  Trudy liked George as a "nerd" but the new George is equally attractive.  I loved the building of their relationship and found myself eagerly turning the pages to see where the author was taking me on this paranormal journey.  This is an enjoyable read that I believe paranormal romance lovers will enjoy, especially if they are looking for a slightly different spin on a vampire tale. ~Booklover Sue

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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