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Book Tour: Interview & Giveaway - Landslide by Robin Mahle



by Robin Mahle 



Author Robin Mahle is pleased to bring you her latest novel, Landslide. A corporate suspense/thriller that will pull you in fast and keep you holding on tight until the very end! 

In the sprawling suburbs of Seattle, Claire McKenna finds solace in her perfectly ordinary life. With the daily struggles of raising a family and climbing out of debt, she and her husband Colin, work hard to hang on to what they’ve got. 

So when Claire is offered an incredible opportunity to rise in the ranks of her firm, she jumps at the chance. Her joy, however, is short lived at the discovery that her close friend and colleague, Beth Graves has just been accused of embezzlement.  

Compelled to see Beth’s name cleared, Claire soon stumbles on a larger, more dangerous conspiracy at the firm. One that involves people she once trusted.  One that threatens to destroy her ordinary life. 



An odor of car exhaust remained suspended in the parking garage and, when it mixed with the damp air, the smell was obnoxious. Claire reluctantly passed through the invisible cloud towards the elevators leading up to the lobby. Standing in the breezeway of the office entrance, she found that the doors were still locked. But when she looked through the tinted glass, she spotted Jim, the security guard on the night shift. No need for him to open it up for her. She held her magnetic keycard against the white box fixed to the wall. The green light at the top flashed and the doors clicked open.  

“Good morning, Mrs. McKenna. You’re in awful early,” Jim said, taking a sip of his coffee. 

Her high-heeled steps echoed on the marble floor, the lofty ceilings further amplifying the sound. “Well, good morning, Jim. It’s not often I get to see you. How’s the family? Denise doing all right?” 

“She is and thank you for asking. What have I done to deserve such a fine sight on this dreary Tuesday morning?” Jim was a charmer to all the women in the building, but he’d known Claire the longest and seemed to hold a special place in his heart just for her. 

She leaned over the high granite counter where Jim sat below the sign that hung on the wall. “Information Desk.” A knowing grin lit up her entire face. “I just found a major problem with one of our reporting systems.” 

“And this is a good thing?” A perplexed look began to mask Jim’s previous warm-hearted smile. 

“It’s a good thing that I was the one who found it.” Claire slapped the cold black stone. “A girl’s gotta find a way to get ahead in this world, Jim, and I think I just found my golden ticket. It’s going to be a good day.”


Let's learn a little about author Robin Mahle:

What is your writing environment? 

Nothing very exciting, I’m afraid. When I’m home by myself and everyone has gone to work or school, I usually sit on my couch, occasionally glance out at the back yard and write on my laptop. If there’s someone else at home, I’ll go to my bedroom and sit at a small desk I have in front of the window. It’s a bit cramped, so I don’t write in there very often, just as a last resort.

Who is your perfect hero and why?

Well, I don’t want to sound cynical, because I’m not really that type of person, but I don’t believe there could ever be a perfect hero. I do write about male characters who have been known to help protect the female leads, but those female leads do a pretty good job protecting themselves, too. My characters are all flawed in one way or another, but I believe they are flawed in relatable ways. They love whole-heartedly and fight for what they believe in, but they do make mistakes.

What authors have caught your interest lately and why?

I must admit that the last few books I’ve read have been a bit disappointing. They just didn’t grab me the way I need to be grabbed in order for me to really become one with the story. That being said, I’ve read plenty by authors such as Michael Connelly and JK Rowling (and her pen name Robert Galbraith) in the not too distant past that I’ve absolutely loved. I enjoy mystery and there are a great many incredible mystery writers out there!

What type of book have you always wanted to write?

I’ve always wanted to dabble in fantasy. I love Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and The Hobbit. And while I have written a novel, Beyond the Clearing, that touches on elements of fantasy, it’s not really the same thing. I would love to create a fantasy world of my own, but I’m just not sure I have it in me. At least, certainly nothing that could hold a candle to the greats.

Top 3 things on your bucket list?

Wow, this is a tough question! I’ve done my share of traveling, so I’m not sure there are places that I feel I MUST see before I die. I suppose I could start with the fact that I want to write a wildly successful and internationally acclaimed novel. That would definitely be number one J Second on the list, hmm. Let me see. Watch my children grow up to become responsible and happy adults that have given me lots of grandchildren. Thirdly, I think I’d like to experience seeing the northern lights. I guess that would fall under travel, though right? Still, that would be pretty cool.

How did you get the idea for this particular novel?

This latest book, Landslide, has evolved considerably since its inception. It sat on a flash drive for about a year, only partially even started. It has been rewritten more times than I care to think about, but the original idea came from my own struggles in the corporate world. Of course, I never faced a dangerous conspiracy, but it sure was fun to write about!

What is your favorite scene in your new release?

Well, I do have a favorite that I can’t really share without giving something away. However, there is a scene, near the beginning of the story, where we see the love that the main character, Claire McKenna and her husband, Colin show for one another. You see the struggles they face, but also how they chose to face it together. It’s touching and sweet and real and I think readers will be able to relate to it.

What are you working on now and when can we expect it to be available?
Right now, I’m finalizing the manuscript for the third book in my Redwood Violet series, titled Law of Five. It’s available on Amazon for pre-order now, but is due to be released on December 1st. I’m really excited about this one and I think fans of the series will be in for a big surprise!

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

  Baking! I love to bake. I love decorating cakes and cookies and making sinfully delicious treats. If I wasn’t a writer, I’d be a baker, that’s for sure!

What would you consider a perfect date?

A perfect date for me would be one that my husband has organized. He’s taken care of getting a sitter, chosen the location, the date and time, everything. My perfect date is one in which I need do nothing, but show up!

What is one interesting fact about you that readers don’t know?

Well, up until the past few years, I worked in the construction industry. Specifically, I worked on job sites, managing the installation of waterlines and sewers and streets. I was ‘in the trenches’ literally! I was one of only a handful of women in that line of work. To look at me, you’d never guess that I used to wear a hard hat, don steel-toed boots and drive a great big truck. But I did! And I was darn good at it!


AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Robin Mahle lives with her husband and two children in Arizona. She found her passion for writing, which later became her second career, after spending 20 years in the construction industry.  

Having always been a lover of books, Robin attributes her creativity to the wonderful overseas adventures she has shared with her husband of 15 years. Traveling throughout Europe and having lived in England, opened her mind and with that came a steady stream of story ideas inspired by her author-idols in the suspense/thriller genre. 

Robin published her debut mystery/suspense novel, Redwood Violet in March of 2013. And in September 2013, the much-anticipated sequel, All the Shiny Things (Redwood Violet II), was released. Both have become Amazon Bestsellers! Now, Beyond the Clearing has also joined the list!  Her latest novel, Landslide, was released in July, 2014. This exciting corporate thriller reveals Robin’s unique voice yet again.

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