Friday, May 9, 2014

Review & Giveaway - Secrets and Sins: Raphael by Naima Simone

Secrets and Sins: Raphael

Author: Naima Simone

Release Date: 4/28/14

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Synopsis:

 Some sins have dangerous consequences...

 When Greer Addison finds her future husband in bed with another woman, she runs…right into the arms of dark and dangerous Raphael Marcel. Angry and hurt, she throws caution to the wind and spends a hot night with the sexy security specialist. But when her fiancé is found dead, Greer becomes the main suspect of a crime she can’t remember.

Raphael is stunned and suspicious when Greer shows up on his doorstep claiming she’s carrying his baby. Worse, she’s the target of a stalker bent on making her pay for a murder she doesn’t recall. As Raphael begins to trust Greer, they must race against the clock to uncover a killer. Because Greer’s memory is returning...

My Review:
I really enjoyed this romantic suspense story!  Greer is a woman who has spent her whole life trying to please her very unhappy but rich parents.  She agreed to an engagement with a friend thinking she would at least "like" her future husband and please her parents at the same time.  She is shocked to find him cheating on her and decides to drown her sorrows but finds herself drowning in the arms of sexy Raphael instead.  After a sizzling hot encounter in the back of his truck, she returns home to find her dead ex-fiancé in her apartment.  With an alibi she is no longer a suspect in his murder but she is being stalked by a person intent on making her pay for this crime.  She also finds out that she is pregnant with Raphael's child and decides that she must contact him to ask for his help in protecting both her and their baby.
I really enjoyed the suspense and emotional quality of this book as well as the building of a relationship between Greer and Raphael.  Greer is a very sweet and strong woman who has had a difficult life being raised by parents who had no time for her or her brother.  Raphael was raised by his mother, as his father was in and out of prison most of his life.  I felt for Raphael.  He is a very strong and caring man who is afraid of being hurt, emotionally.  He has a hard time believing that Greer would want anything to do with him, as she is a pampered princess and him a child of a criminal.  The story flows beautifully and kept me on the edge of my seat as I tried to figure out who the killer was as well as awaiting the outcome of Greer and Raphael's romance. 
I highly recommend this story and am eagerly awaiting more great stories from Naima Simone!~Booklover Sue

Author Bio:
Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey and Linda Howard many years ago. Though her first attempt at writing a romance novel at age 11 never saw the light of day, her love of romance and writing has endured. Now, she spends her time creating stories of unique men and women who experience the dizzying heights of passion and the tender heat of love.
She is wife to Superman—or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent—and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.

Author Website:

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  1. Thank you so much for your review! And for taking the time to read RAPHAEL! I'm beyond thrilled you enjoyed the book! Thank you again, and have a wonderful Friday!!

  2. You are so welcome! I am loving this series!

  3. Love the cover! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway :)