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Spotlight and Interview - Haleigh's Ink by Jennifer Kacey

Haleigh’s Ink

by Jennifer Kacey 



Members Only, Book Two 


A three-lettered word that means different things to many people. Pictures and words that might stand as a reminder of love, loss, rebellion, or camaraderie. For Haleigh Grace, it meant freedom. 

Walking through the doors of the tattoo parlor, Inkfluence, marked the start of taking her life back. Making it what she wanted it to be. No one was going to tell her she couldn’t. Not ever again. 

Little did she know that behind those doors stood Kyle Muse. He was her best friend, who had walked away years ago without a backwards glance. The one man she fantasized would someday be her knight in shining armor. The one she saved herself for. 

But, he has a knight of his own. Tall, dark, and dangerously sexy, Scott Preston. The owner of the very shop Haleigh has an appointment with at midnight. 

Feelings long buried rise to the surface and the three find themselves bound by more than just ink… 

A Romantica® ménage BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


“You are the one who called a couple hours ago, right? All your questions concerned color tattoos from photographs?” 

She knew he held back laughter but she remained quiet. It took all her willpower to maintain the mask of tranquility bred into her from birth. She glared at the pictures on the wall and took another sip of water, trying to get her temper under control. All she wanted to do was bark at him. She didn’t lose her temper—ever—and this man had already forced her to raise her voice. And less than an hour ago she had poked him. 

What was next? Hollering in the street? A bar fight? Good gracious. 

“Yes, that was me.” 

“Then why are we discussing your nipples?” 

She jacked her head to the side so fast the room spun, and her mouth fell open, making a little “o”. She actually had to fight a smile. He was flirting with her. He had moved closer still and she could see he had the tiniest of creases fanning out from his eyes as he smiled at her. 

“Do you have no shame? Sitting there, talking so boldly in relation to my…my…” She gestured toward her breasts, unable to name the tight tips while he focused on them. 

“Nipples,” he offered unapologetically. “The term you are searching for is nipples, and no, I don’t have an ounce of shame on me today. Must be fresh out. So why the third degree on tattoos and now all the chitchat about getting pierced?” 

She didn’t answer right away. He raised his eyebrow expectantly. Explaining to him wasn’t something she particularly wanted to do, but she gazed up into his dark, amber-colored gaze and felt compelled to tell him the truth. Common sense took a rain check to a need deep inside her. Her parents always called her a people pleaser. It was a source of pride for them. She hadn’t admitted it before but it made her feel like a doormat.

Lets learn a little about Jennifer Kacey: 

What is your writing environment? – ANYWHERE the mood strikes me is the real answer. Most nights you can find me either piled on my bed, at the kitchen table or in my home office. My home office is awesome and is painted in Sumptuous Purple. If I can’t write smut well in there, there’s no hope for me.

Who is your perfect hero and why? – Tall, dark, sexy, dominant, kinky as all hell, strong, funny, good heart, ambitious, good work ethic…with a big dick. Yeah, sorry, couldn’t NOT put that!!

What authors have caught your interest lately and why? – Eden Bradley, Sidney Bristol, Sabrina York, Ann Mayburn – they’re all kinky and write amazingly hot books. Love each of them.

What type of book have you always wanted to write? – Erotic BDSM exactly what I’m getting to write. It’s the best, most freeing genre to write in.

Top 3 things on your bucket list?
*See one of my books in paperback available at Barnes and Noble or Walmart or Target – SO HOT!!!
*Go sky diving.
*Visit the Armory in San Francisco. OMG really want to do this!

How did you get the idea for this particular novel? – My best friend’s mom fought IBC. Seeing what she went through, and knowing how she, and other survivors felt about their scars I needed to write something for them. I put my really naughty spin on it, because BDSM sex is yummy, but it still comes down to accepting yourself and everything you’ve been through to become the best you, you can possibly be.

What is your favorite scene in your new release? – Love the first one and the snarky interaction between Haleigh and Scott. Love the last big scene in The Library when Haleigh and Scott are both dominated so completely. The very last scene is awesome too. Yeah, okay I can’t pick just one.

What are you working on now and when can we expect it to be available? – Working on edits for 3 other books right now. Nico’s Curse, Buried Permission and Orgasm University. All will be out later this year. Yea!!!

What do you like to do when you are not writing? – Working at my real job, being a mom to a 10 yr old boy - who is awesome, singing in the church choir, reading. I’m always busy.

What would you consider a perfect date? – Eating seafood by candlelight outside on the patio of a restaurant in Hawaii after swimming all day with dolphins. Yeah, that definitely does it for me.

What is one interesting fact about you that readers don’t know? – I’m allergic to cheese. All kinds of cheese. Makes things interesting to say the least when cooking and eating out, but I’m SO thankful to know what not to eat anymore. I was really ill when I didn’t know what was making me sick. It’s taken some getting used to, but it pretty awesome now!
AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Jennifer Kacey is a wife, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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