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Spotlight and Giveaway - Forged (Fragments of Me #1) by G.A. Regla


Title:   Forged (Fragments of Me #1)

Author:  G.A. Regla

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date:  14 February 2014

Cover Designed by:  Whispering Words Graphics

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What happens when the lines of love and friendship are blurred? 

After discovering a heart shattering secret Elora Gerent collects the fragments of her life, and returns home in hopes of finding a way to put them all together. What she didn't expect to find was her sexy playboy neighbor Thane.

Thane has shards of his own that he's left with to reassemble. Never did he imagine that the wholesome girl next door would make him even want to try. On the Eve of his fourth deployment a hope is crushed and they part on bad terms. 

When a dreaded phone call reaches Elora she realizes that the frame is aways bigger than its picture. 

Will Thane and Elora remain fragments of who they are, or will they forge the shattered shards?



If I could choose any moment to instantly vaporize it would be now. Hell, I’d settle for a teleportation beam to Mars. Maybe right before death by suffocation, I would be acquainted with the god of war himself, Ares.
Just then, I felt a warm arm circle around my waist and I was pulled up next to a body carved from a slab of stone. When I turned to look, it was my neighbor. “Hey baby.” Leaning against me, he set a gallon of milk into my basket and then kissed me before I could speak. It wasn’t a quick peck on the lips; no he cradled his hands on either side of my face, pressed his lips softly against my own, nibbled on my lip and caressed my tongue with his. Wow! Ask and you shall receive. After a moment, he looked up as if oblivious to the fact that we were not alone. “Friends of yours?”




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Author bio and social networking links:

I'm a wife, mother and healthcare worker who is currently having a secret love affair with Starbucks coffee and Marble Loaf cake, we meet at least three times a week. 

I'm also a crazy cat lady, I have two sphynx cats (yes the cats that have no hair) Sir Butterton Nugs & Le Sheik Meeko (aka The Booboo and the Meekee).



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