Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Release Blitz and Giveaway - Sweet Little Thing (Sweet Thing #1.5) by Renee Carlino

Title: Sweet Little Thing (Sweet Thing #1.5)
Author: Renee Carlino
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Ever wonder what happened after the final pages of Sweet Thing?

From his candid and sometimes neurotic point of view, Will tells all in this musical and sexy follow-up novella to Renée Carlino’s USA Today Bestseller.

Life is pure bliss for Mia and Will. They have a puppy, a loft in Brooklyn, and a new music studio on the rise. It seems things couldn’t get any better for this talented couple when life decides to throw them a sweet little curve ball.

They quickly learn that things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes happily ever after is one giant leap of faith away. With the help of good music, good friends, and one eccentric old lady, they overcome a few of life’s little bumps to find the sweetest thing of all.

Watch this duo grow in more ways than one in SWEET Little THING.    

Copyright © 2014 by Renée Carlino

“I have a complaint.” I said. She climbed up next to me and cuddled her face up to my bare chest, then she used her index finger to trace a line down my happy trail to the belt on my jeans.

“What sort of complaint, Wilbur?” Ah, Mia’s sexy voice.

I reached down and ran my hand up her thigh. “You should not wear these pants around that horny little High School Musical kid.”

She popped up and looked me straight in the face. “He totally looks like Zac Efron, huh?”

“Mia, he practically shot off a load just staring at your ass.”

She punched me in the chest. “That is vulgar, Will Ryan.”

“It’s true. You can’t dress like that around him.” I tackled her back down on the bed and hovered over her.

“I thought you liked these pants.”

“I do.” I began kissing my way down her body. I lifted her shirt and kissed the swell of each breast before moving down the center of her body. “But you know what I like better than you in these pants?”

“Me out of these pants?”

“Am I that predictable?” I said as I quickly peeled them off her body.

“Yes.” She sighed.

I sat back on my heels. “You’re beautiful.”

Holding her leg from behind her knee, I kissed my way up the inside, from her calf to her thigh and all the way up to her panties. I peeled the lace from her hips with my teeth and then down to her ankles as slowly as possible. She lay there naked from the waist down, watching me gaze at her, hungry for her. Her skin was pure white and it contrasted so strikingly against her dark eyes and hair. She was an authentic beauty. I leaned over her body, putting my weight on my hands, which were placed on each side of her head. Her eyes were searching mine. She whimpered and then tried to lift her face up to kiss me.

I drew my head back. “Uh uh, I don’t think so.” I nuzzled my nose into her neck and trailed kisses to her ear. I whispered, “Stay just like this. Don’t go anywhere.” I planted a swift kiss on her lips and jumped off the bed. “I’m goin’ to play B-ball with Tyler. Be back in a few.”

As I left the room, I glanced over my shoulder and saw her lying there completely still, her mouth open in shock. I got halfway down the hallway before she finally yelled, “Asshole!”

I bent in the hallway and patted June’s head. She rolled over and then got back on her feet and trotted off toward our bedroom.

Before walking out the door, I called back to Mia, “Who’s predictable now, sweet thing?”      

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Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing #1)
About the Author:
Renee’s first friends were the imaginary kind and even though her characters haven’t gone away, thankfully the delusions have. She admits she’s a wildly hopeless romantic and she blames 80’s movies staring Molly Ringwald for that. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their sweet dog June. When she’s not at the beach with her boys or working on the next book, she likes to spend her time reading, going to concerts, and eating dark chocolate.


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