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Spotlight - Hot & Enchanting by P.T. Macias

Hot & Enchanting
By P.T. Macias

De Las Cruz Saga #3

Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz is the sexy hot playboy attorney in the familia (family). He loves the chicas (girls) that chase him and has no desire to commit to one. 

Ricky literally runs into Jacqueline Cortez. She’s a bella, shy, and quiet certified public accountant that works for the familia. Jacki turns his world upside down. 

Jacqueline Cortez has been in love with Ricardo her entire life. She never dreamed that running into him would unleash the amor (love) that she locked up a long time ago. Will she be able to outrun Ricardo and avoid being his next conquest? How long can Jacki resist Ricky’s attention? Is she doomed to fall under his enchantment and into his waiting arms? 

Why is she pushing me away? Do I repulse her? I have never had a chica react like this. What’s wrong, thinks Ricky.


He walks out to the back yard and stands near the door looking at the entire party. He smiles with gusto. Oh yeah, this is an awesome party, thinks Ricky, taking a drink of his Corona.

Ricky glances at the chicas dancing like crazy to the fast song. Wow, that’s her! That’s my hot chica. Hell no! She’s dancing with that guey. I need to get to her and fast, thinks Ricky with urgency.

Ricky strides over to dance with Jacki. The song has ended and she’s walking towards Ricky. She’s going to get another wine cooler. Si, I love the wine coolers and I’m having so much fun, thinks Jacki, smiling.

Jacki is looking back at Angela and doesn’t see Ricky until he’s right in front of her, asking her to dance.

“Do you want to dance?” asks Ricky, standing in front of Jacki smiling into her huge hermosos hazel eyes. Oh yeah, I have her now, thinks Ricky.

Oh dios mio, it’s Ricky. He wants to dance, si this is awesome. “Si I will, but I want to get a wine cooler,” replies Jacki, smiling into his hermosos green eyes. “Follow me.”

Ricky observes that she’s a little tipsy. Should I let her have another one? I can’t stop her. I don’t know her. Okay, I will be around to see that she’s okay, thinks Ricky, smiling. “Okay, muñeca, where do you want to go?”

Ricky gets a wine cooler for her. Jacki takes a few swallows, swaying to the music. She turns around to pull Ricky to the dance floor. “Okay, let’s dance,” says Jacki smiling.   

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Hot & Wild

De Las Cruz Saga #4  

Hot & Wild the familia’s Navy SEAL Christian Arturo De La Cruz lives for excitement. He loves it when the risk is great, dangerous, and complex. He enjoys the thrill of conquering the enemy when on a mission and the chicas when he’s on leave. Christian is a carefree bachelor relishing his life. 

Monique Acosta is a young innocent bella chica. She captures the SEAL’s alma (soul) with her freshness and charm. She instantaneously turns Christian’s world upside down. She’s ignorant that her dream amor is a SEAL. Will Monique understand and accept his career. 

Christians desperately searches the perfect moment to reveal that he’s a seal without losing her love. Suddenly an evil force enters his life and threatens his amor and familia? The Seal is hurled into dangerous warfare. He engages against the biggest menacing criminal ever. He fights against time and evil to save his amor (love) and familia.

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About the Author: 

My name is Patricia T. Macias. I was born in San Jose, California. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management Administration. 

I currently live in Sacramento, California with my family. My family is my pride and joy. I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. 

I always dreamed of writing and I’m extremely happy to be achieving my dream. All of my characters are my best friends. They are always talking and living in my mind and dreams. 

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