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Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway - It's in the Little Things by Gayle Suzanne

It's In The Little Things
by Gayle Suzanne

Book Synopsis
Our lives can be inundated with trials and pain.  Somewhere in between our struggles we might lose hope for living a fulfilling, enjoyable life.  You may have suffered from bullying, addiction, rejection or other forms of hurt that has left you feeling badly about yourself.  We might believe that a happy life is meant for others but not for us.

It's in the Little Things is a book about loving God, loving yourself, and loving others.  Through personal experiences, stories are shared that can transform your life.  Some stories are lighthearted and others are more emotional and deep.  Most have messages of how to appreciate seemingly insignificant events in life and how to take small steps to improve your circumstances.  These little things can have a profound impact on your life.  This book is designed to inspire, uplift and guide you toward a life you love.

Book Details

Author: Gayle Suzanne
Edition: First Edition
Format: eBook and Paperback
Publication Date: December, 2013


Concentrate on Your Gifts & Talents
For years I have berated myself because of things I could not do or did not excel at. I fully realize there are many things I cannot do, but I have learned to strengthen and build upon the things I can do. 
We compare, we see things that others accomplish and we want the same thing.  We tend to focus on the things that we cannot do.  Yep, sometimes we even obsess over them. Imagine that! I will be happy when I can do this.  I will be happy when I can do that. The thing is we all have talents and gifts that are unique to us as individuals.
The feeling of "I can’t do this well" or "I don’t get it" had become too overwhelming for me.  I wanted to be content the way I was and accept me for me.  I also yearned to discover hidden talents that might be tucked away somewhere.  I was determined to find out exactly what they were.  So I ventured out and took a bite out of life.  We all have our own special gifts but it is completely up to us to unearth our own talents.
I attended wine tasting events, even though as a general rule, I throw up after drinking wine.  I signed up for pottery class but each time I tried to mold a vase it looked just like a penis.  No wonder no one ever ate candy out of there!  I went to a bartending class but realized I would rather drink than pour.   I worked out at the gym but was totally uncomfortable when toned, thin people effortlessly tread-milled next to me. 
I thought I might do well in accounting so I signed up for an intro class in college.  Five months into the semester, we were in class reviewing for the final exam.  My professor wrote some complicated equation on the board and asked the class, “What is this?” I turned to my super smart friend and said, "This is accounting, isn’t it?”  I received an 11 on that final (an 11 out of 100, not 12).
I also tried a few political science courses and realized I loved them! I went on to a thirty-year relatively satisfying legal career. So I never became partner in an accounting firm, but I was a pretty darn talented paralegal.
My daughter, Becca, loves math-- a trait that was most definitely not passed down from me. She is a math major in college and wants to teach high school. I asked her what kind of math she wants to teach. She replied, “Well, Algebra relaxes me. It calms me to figure out a problem. But Statistics-- that EXCITES me! I get excited trying to figure it out!!” I glanced at her like she just grew another head.
My friend’s first job was a waitress in a seafood restaurant. On her first shift, a customer ordered a lobster dinner. She took the order perfectly and placed it in front of him. “Would you like anything else, sir?” He asked for crackers. She returned with a package of Saltines. Needless to say, her career in waitressing was not meant to be. She went on to be an incredible special needs teacher.
To aid in discovering my individual gifts, I signed up for anything that piqued my interest.  If you do not know what you have a passion for, get out there and find out! Join a pool league, sign up for charity walks, strip wallpaper and renovate a house for a children’s charity, serve dinner at an elderly function, take ceramics, learn how to change the oil in your car, sell homemade crafts at a fair, try Bikram yoga, adopt a pet, paint a picture, lead a group, go for a hike in the mountains. The list goes on forever. Somewhere in there you will unveil your true passion.


Author Bio
Gayle Suzanne is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (CPC, ELI-MP), workshop facilitator and speaker. She has a deep desire to help those with self-esteem issues and those who have dealt with rejection, bullying or emotional abuse. Gayle has a passion to empower and inspire people to see their gifts and talents and the beauty within. She has been described as compassionate, humorous, insightful and intuitive. She is a mother, wife and step-mother and lives in Charlton, Mass. She is a member of International Coaching Federation, New England Chapter. 

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