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Excerpt Tour and Giveaway - Scoundrel For Hire by Adrienne deWolfe

Scoundrel for Hire: Book 1, Velvet Lies Series

by Adrienne deWolfe



Raphael Jones is a Kentucky-born scoundrel, who has never played by the rules. When Colorado mining heiress, Silver Nichols, hires him to stop her precious daddy from marrying a golddigger, Rafe sets out to seduce Silver and win her fortune. 

But beneath Silver's cool veneer, Rafe encounters a sweet vulnerability and an aching secret that threatens to send his whole world up in smoke. 

Now the wily scoundrel must choose: walk away or wager the one thing he can't afford to lose—his heart.



Rafe and Silver (Sexual Tension-4) 

Silver shivered against the warmth of Rafe's length, letting the sweet solace of his thrumming heart soothe the ragged endings of her nerves. She hadn't meant to let him hold her. She hadn't meant to rest her cheek against the crisp, tawny hairs that blanketed his chest, or let her fingers slide beneath sagging linen placards to touch firm, vital flesh.  

Never in a million lifetimes would she have thought she could feel safe with a thief like Raphael Jones. Never would she have dreamed she might trust him to cradle her waist, or comb his fingers through her hair ... or kiss her temple. 

Her pulse did a dizzying little dance as his lips, petal-soft with persuasion, drifted lower. Warm, moist breaths skimmed her cheek and tickled her earlobe before she felt the nuzzling caress of mouth and tongue in the tender hollow of her throat. Her heart leaped hard enough to burst the fortress of her ribs.  When she moaned a weak protest, he kneaded the base of her skull, coaxing her head higher. 

"Silver." His voice was velvet, shimmering over her senses – a golden thread of reason in the dazed, white numbness of her brain. "Let me kiss you ..." 



AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 Bestselling Author and a recipient of 48 writing awards, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year.  She consistently delights readers with sexy, action-packed, western-style romances, including her Wild Texas Nights series and her Velvet Lies series.  In addition, she is the author of the bestselling non-fiction ebook series, The Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published.  

Fascinated by all things mystical, Adrienne writes a weekly blog about dragons, magic, and the paranormal at to help her research her upcoming YA Epic Fantasy series. She also writes a weekly blog with fiction writing tips and advice about the business of writing at  She enjoys mentoring aspiring authors and offers professional story critiques and book coaching services.

Other Books in the Velvet Lies series:           

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Book 4: DEVIL IN TEXAS (Available 2014)


Purchase Links: 

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Adrienne will be awarding a $25 Amazon Gift Card to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour;
 a Professional Story Critique of Chapter 1 of your novel (a $125 value) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour;
 an ebook copy of TEXAS OUTLAW (Book 1, WILD TEXAS NIGHTS) to to three randomly drawn commenters during the tour;
an ebook copy of HIS WICKED DREAM (Book 2, VELVET LIES) to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour,
and character worksheets to write Heroes, Villains, and Sidekicks for your novel to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour.
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  1. Howdy, Sue! So grateful to you for participating in my book tour! Thanks for all you do to help us authors reach new readers. Hugs!

  2. I love your writing...The excerpt is sweetly sexy. It makes me want to know what happens next.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

    1. I'm so honored! Thanks for the high kudos, Catherine! Glad you found me here at Sue's website.

  3. Thanks for catching up with me, Rita! Hugs!

  4. Rafe, you can kiss me any time you want...oh, sorry, did I say that out loud?


    1. ::snicker::

      "I shall take you up on that sweetest of invitations, dear Emily, my Goddess Extraordinaire." ~ Signed, Rascally Rafe

    2. I can't believe it, I think I just swooned.

  5. I had with the scavenger hunt and loved the excerpts. I've never read any of your books, but have now added them to my TBR. Thanks!

    1. So delighted you've found Rafe and the Velvet Lies gang, Jenny! Thanks for your kind feedback. Hugs!