Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review - The Incredible Mr Razz by Bonnie Bliss

The Incredible Mr Razz
by Bonnie Bliss

Miami Heat is in full swing…

Eve Masters is single, independent, and lonely. Weekends are full of her wild friends showing her a good time on the Miami strip. The curvy blonde has her hot skinny friends to contend with, however. Realizing that she is tired of coming home alone at night she heads over to the new local Animal Shelter. Colorful characters, and a feisty white cat soon steer her towards—the cat of her dreams.

Things aren’t all that they seem with Eve’s new house pet. It all starts with a messed up kitchen and then a ruined den, and ends in a late night dream…or is it?

I will start off saying that I am a reader and not a writer so my reviews are generally short and sweet (mostly).  I am a huge fan of Bonnie Bliss but I have to say that I have only read her BDSM themed books and this story has absolutely none of that element which was a surprise for me.  Now for my thoughts on it.....I was entertained immensely by the two main characters, Eve and Iain.  Eve is a feisty passionate woman who is looking for a man but when that has failed, adopts a cat.  The cat turns out to be Iain MacLoed, a Scotsman cursed for 600 years as a feline (a huge tom cat).  Iain is hot and buff (ya know, like a sword welding Scotsman should be) and says exactly what is on his mind!  I loved that Ms. Bliss wrote him speaking with a heavy accent, it helped me imagine him better in my head and I love books where I can picture and hear characters in my head.  Eve and Iain are sinfully hot together and the chemistry felt natural to me.  I laughed a lot through this tail...I mean tale, as Iain experienced the modern world and fell in love with Eve.  There is also an evil wizard and a trapped nymph but you need to read this book to find out about them!  I really enjoyed this paranormal/fantasy erotic romance novella and I think you will as well.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of an honest review and was not compensated.

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