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Blurb Tour and Giveaway - Cosmetic Heart by Kathy Bosman

Cosmetic Heart

By: Kathy Bosman

Astraea Press

Released July 29th, 2013


Lisa works for a top South African magazine as the make-up artist, but writes articles on the quiet. When the chief editor, Daniel, asks for her help in posing as his ex-fiancée to save face with his family, Lisa agrees, hoping to obtain a promotion in return. She doesn’t expect to fall for the handsome editor nor to fit in with his family who love her unconditionally. But Lisa has more secrets, and she doesn’t believe in love and family. After Daniel finds out her secrets, will his forgiveness and determination be enough to cut through all the layers Lisa has put over her heart?

It was Thursday, the 30th December, and Dan was rounding off some edits on an article for the February magazine. Kate, the feature editor, needed to come up with something more unique next time. It was too late to change the piece now — okay, maybe he was too tired to bother, and he had the next week to get through. He would worry about her story once the reunion was over.
Lisa still hadn’t had her hairdo. Would they have to lie about her drastically changing her hairstyle to outdated and unsuitable?
He sighed. She was proving to be quite interesting though. He’d rummaged through the bag of presents she’d wrapped and left in his office this afternoon before she knocked off. They were beautifully decorated with ribbons and cards, written neatly in her curly handwriting style. He’d opened the one card and read it, astounded at how she’d written the verse to a poem before a quick “happy Christmas” wish. The woman was into detail. Maybe his family would approve for once. They’d have to get used to the idea that the relationship would end eventually though.
Someone knocked on his office door. Lisa, at last.
“Come in. I thought you were finished work hours ago.”
She smiled at him and then propped her hands on her hips. “So?” She gave a sigh — loud and raspy. “Typical male!”
He gasped. “You had it done finally. Looks great!” Looks more than great. Wow, transformation.
“Thanks.” Her smile was genuine and soft. That was the first time he caught a glimpse into the real Lisa. Maybe she was starting to thaw. Finally.
“Come here.”
“Just listen.”
“No, don’t get that employee-boss look in your eyes. Try to relax and pretend that we actually belong together.” He took her by her stiff shoulders and pulled her into a hug.
“It’s like hugging a statue,” he whispered into her ear. Her soft hair brushed against his tongue. He pulled the strands away gently with his finger and accidentally touched her cheek with his lip.
She stepped out of his grasp. “I don’t know if I can do this.”
She craned her neck around frantically at the doorway.
“Everyone’s gone home.”
“You love that word.”
She giggled.
“Okay, if not a hug, let’s try a kiss.”
Her eyes were wild.
“Have you ever been kissed before?”
She nodded numbly.
“Too bad. You have to grin and bear it. I can’t be that bad.” He reached for her hands, pulled her close and pressed his lips to hers. Sweetness flooded his being, spearing right into his inner core. What was inside this girl’s being that surged into his?
Even though her lips were unresponsive, he kissed her further. Then he pressed her chest against his. For a moment she stiffened, and then she relaxed, obviously realising there was no way out and she had to play along with it. But he wasn’t playing anymore. This was for real. He wouldn’t tell her that though. That would make her run a mile.
She pulled away and turned around, wiping her mouth with her hands.
“Not bad,” he teased.
“I’d better get going now. I’ll see you in the morning.” Her voice was shivery.
“Have you packed yet?”
She nodded, her back to him still.
“See you then.”
She was out the door without showing her face once. The back of her head was gorgeous. That hairdo did something to her whole demeanour. If only it would warm her up to him a little.

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Author Info

Kathy loved reading and writing from early childhood, but her dream to write books was put aside until her kids were small, and she had little mental stimulation. The writing became a passion as well as her love for romance. She hasn’t looked back since writing her first romance novel in 2007. She homeschools her three children so in between deciphering algebraic problems for her teenage son (with little success), conducting science experiments, and tackling piles of laundry and dishes, she miraculously finds time to write books and read many others for fun.

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