Saturday, July 27, 2013

Red 2

The latest Bruce Willis action comedy, "Red 2," leaves it's audience speechless due to constant laughter! It also proves retirement is not for the weak or unfit. This is, of course, if you are retired from being a spy or agent of one of the many covert agencies run throughout our world.
It is classic Bruce Willis as he, as Frank Moses, tries so hard to be normal and live an average life when he and the life he leads is anything but. Helen Mirren, as the ever-calm, expert hit-woman, steals any scene she graces.
Anthony Hopkins, as the brilliant creator of numerous mass-weapons-of-destruction, Dr. Edward Bailey, was enjoyable if not predictable. Catherine Zeta-Jones was, as always, beautiful. Let's face it, she really doesn't fit in with the average senior citizen crowd.  .
John Malkovich is zany and responsible for much of the comic relief. Mary Louise Parker, as Moses' girlfriend, Sarah Ross, hits all the romance-novel-reading women in the theater with the thrill of actually living out a fantasy. Lee Byung-Hun is too cool but he really wasn't needed for this film to ace it.
There is plenty of killing and spy shenanigans to keep the men of the audience happy and there is enough tongue-in-cheek romance for the ladies.
I highly recommend this film and while you're at it, rent "Red" and watch them in succession.

Review by Jo Ellen Eisaman of  Movie Appreciation Club of Oneida, NY

I am a member of  Movie Appreciation Club and Jo Ellen is a friend of mine who loves to review movies so she is my guest today.  I have asked her to occasionally write up some reviews for current movie releases.  I also loved this movie!  If you are a fan of Red then you will also enjoy Red 2!

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