Friday, July 26, 2013

Hope Springs

I watched the movie Hope Springs and really enjoyed it.  It stars Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones as a middle aged couple attending a week long counseling session with Steve Carell.  This movie is both funny and very emotional.  Meryl Streep plays Kay, a wife who after 30 years of marriage feels unhappy in her relationship with her husband, Arnold, played by Tommy Lee Jones.  She signs them up for an extensive week long marriage counseling session with Dr. Feld, played by Steve Carell.  Arnold feels nothing is wrong with their relationship but very reluctantly goes, mostly I think because his wife has spent a fortune for this trip.  Kay is so unhappy and unsatisfied with her life that she feels that only a professional can help bring the passion back into her marriage. She is willing to do anything that the doctor suggests while on the other hand her husband wants to do nothing but complain about this too expensive trip. I enjoyed the storyline and the interactions between the characters in this movie as they slowly work toward communicating both with words and touch.  I recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys entertaining romantic comedies.

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