Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review - The Education of Nicholas by Shannon West & Susan E. Scott

The Education of Nicholas
by Shannon West & Susan E. Scott


Everywhere Nick looks lately, he’s faced with people who are demanding too much from him. He has a good, but stressful job as a construction manager, but lately his job site has fallen victim to costly attacks by vandals. When he meets handsome Connor Easton at a fancy party for his boss, the blond detective looks at him like a chicken hawk looks at a baby chicken. Connor soon teaches Nick that he’s not quite the Dom he thought he was. Connor is assigned to the vandalism case, and though Nick is determined to prove how strong he is, old secrets have begun to haunt him again. When Connor learns Nick has been cutting himself, he uses his forceful manner to make him see a psychiatrist and then brings Nick home to stay with him. But while Nick knows he’s a masochist, he rebels against the idea of being Connor’s sub. Connor begins to train him in BDSM anyway, not realizing just how fragile Nick is, and how desperately he needs to keep his secrets.

My Review:

OMG!  This was a fantastic book and I found myself totally immersed in the story from page one.  Nick is stressed and his way of relieving his stress is either through domination or cutting.  Connor is a man he meets at a party and he is a Dominant who is intent on teaching Nick that he is not quite as dominant as he believes himself to be.  The building of their relationship was amazing and emotional.  These two wonderful men have an instant attraction and Connor refuses to let Nick run from him and the possibility of a deeper connection.  Both of these men are very alpha and I loved how the author showed that they are also very human.  Nick needs help to deal with his past and current issues and Connor knows he needs help to guide Nick in the right direction to be healthy.  This is a beautiful story for lovers of M/M romance with BDSM elements and I highly recommend it. ~Booklover Sue

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