Saturday, August 23, 2014

ARC Review - Darkest Ecstasy (Black Gryffon) by Tawny Taylor

Darkest Ecstasy
(Black Gryffon)
August 26, 2014

Publisher: Aphrodisia
He wants her.
He wants to possess her.
And her body says yes.
Talen knows the Black Gryffons are the last line of defense against the Chimera.  He must marry in order to carry on the family legacy. But finding a woman who will be his partner in love and his slave for sex won’t be easy. He needs a woman who will submit to him completely, who will let him take her body in any way he wants, in ways she never imagined. With a hard thrust or a slow tease, he will make her burn with desire and beg for erotic ecstasy like she’s never known before…
My Review:
This is the first book in the series that I have read and found that it can be read as a standalone, though I am sure reading the first books would have been a little helpful in understanding the secondary characters and their past.  I chose this story based on the blurb as well as the author, Tawny Taylor.  I was a little disappointed in the character description of Talen...the blurb claims he wanted a wife who would be both loved and a slave for sex whom he wanted to dominate which sounded fantastic but Talen didn't come across to me as an alpha man.  He was a secretive and caring man but not very dominate, though there was teases of it in the beginning.  Michelle was a very sweet and naïve woman who fell in love with Tage/Talen as he is on his quest for the perfect woman.  I did enjoy the relationship building for Michelle and Talen as well as the whole premise of the book/series.  The story was well written with a great mix of chemistry, action and romance.  I recommend this book to readers of romantic suspense with small elements of paranormal but if you are expecting what the blurb implies, you will be disappointed even though you will get an engaging romance that I am sure you will enjoy. ~Booklover Sue

An ARC copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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