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Excerpt & Giveaway - The Red Kiss (Safe Words Book 2) by Drury Jamison

The Red Kiss
Safe Words Book 2
by Drury Jamison
Genre: New Adult Romance, Suspense

Years after being targeted in a violent, public attack, Seneca Graves is no longer the women she was. Once a forceful and outgoing writer and BDSM lifestyle advocate, she now secludes herself behind walls both physical and mental. When other survivors of the attack begin showing up dead, Seneca’s life is again bound up with her former lover, Special Agent John Book of the FBI. Their bond, and his willingness to submit, draws out Seneca’s strength and dominance.
At the same time, Holly Rabb and Jason Wills of the local police join the investigation. They are partners, dealing with their own feelings and dangerous flirtations. All are thrown together in a swirling mix of mystery, murder, and heated attraction as Seneca and Book become mentors to Holly and Jason in feminine-led love.
As the pressures of romance and investigations come to a head, secrets are revealed that put lives and careers at risk. The mystery deepens as Seneca makes plans for a return to public life, bringing the connections--and passion--to a head. Danger collides with sex, whips with skin, and dominance with love. Not just Seneca, but all four lovers must evolve and learn as a new killer rises to threaten them all, once again in a very public confrontation.
**Can be read as a standalone!**

Seneca Graves steadied her hand and her heart before drawing back the eight-foot braid of leather. When everything—her target, her thoughts, her body, and most of all, the audience—was ready, she shot her arm forward. The motion was so much more than that. She knew it without thinking it. Even as she swung the leather with her arm and shoulder, her wrist both twisted and flicked. Following through with her whole body allowed the full mass of the leather to fly freely. All the power of her muscles and the grace behind them ran through the wave that accelerated down the long taper of supple leather. The last-moment shift of weight and draw of her wrist gave the final burst of speed that sent the tip of the whip supersonic.

She watched the whip flash across the stage, cracking like a lightning strike. The sound was sharp as hate and as startling as profanity in church. Seneca heard it and felt it jolt through her. If the audience hadn’t already been silent before the sound, she was certain they would have been after.

She gave them another flash of leather and another snapping strike. Many in the audience jumped, but they didn’t make a sound. The amazing thing, and the most satisfying to Seneca, was, the man against whom the whip was being trained made no sound either. Just a few minutes before, she had introduced Devon Hans. After he smiled at the audience, he had removed his shirt and stepped up to be shackled to two crossed beams on a pallet. The beams, called a St. Andrew’s cross, resembled a large X. The man, chained to it with his back exposed to the audience, looked like a tragedy waiting to happen.

Safe Words
by Drury Jamison
After years of alcohol and promiscuous sex, Detective Eleanor Silver is not the cop or the person she wanted to be. New doors and new worlds open up when the murders of sexually dominant women, involved in the world of BDSM, lead her to Dr. Anderson Wells. A psychologist and sexual submissive, Anderson offers to be her guide. They soon find themselves exploring on more intimate levels. In her, He sees the strong and forceful woman he craves. She sees in him a man strong enough to surrender control.
As he escorts her into the world of kink parties, leather corsets and safe words she flourishes, becoming the kind of woman she never dreamed. Even as they become closer, both as lovers and as Dominant and submissive, new murders and his own lie make Anderson a suspect and then the target of a cop looking to clear his own name.
Events and passions collide with bite marks, pretty underwear and murder in a world where cops may be killers and lovers may hold whips. Eleanor Silver has to let go of her pain to claim for herself the life she wants and risk everything to save the man she loves.
**Can be read as a standalone!**
Drury Jamison is not a bestselling author, yet. But he believes hard work will prevail. He has been writing since he could read and gave all his attention to the story at the expense of the rules.
Born an Army brat he finally settled and came to call the Missouri Ozarks home. While raising wonderful kids and failing at everything else he wrote screenplays, television scripts, advertising copy and filthy limericks. After many twists, and multiple once-in-a-lifetime life changing events, he returned to work on the short stories and novels he loved best.

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