Monday, October 3, 2016

Spotlight - An Heiress for the Bear by Pia Milan

An Heiress for the Bear
by Pia Milan

When trust fund baby, Katriona Brandon inherits all her grandfather's millions, she feels the need to share some of it. Especially since the old man would disapprove. And the pro bono law firm she works at is the perfect recipient.

Which brings her too close for comfort to her delectable boss Lukas Sarkozy, who knows nothing about her identity or her money.

But the Sarkozy men are trouble. They leave broken hearts in their wake and with Kat representing her 'anonymous' donor, she plans on keeping her distance especially since Lukas sets her traitorous blood ablaze.

Pro Bono lawyer, Lukas doesn’t believe in love or fate. No real need to since traditionally, mates were chosen with specific genetic requirements. The needs of the pack outweigh that of the heart.

Until Kat Brandon, with her anonymous donor, and her gorgeous silver eyes, gets him all hot under the collar.

With Kat as the liaison between Lukas’s firm and their most prized benefactor, he is forced to spend a little too much time with her

Until things fail to add up. Something is going on with Kat and her anonymous donor, something the feisty redhead won’t discuss.
No matter what it takes, Lukas plans to find out.

Because now that he’s found her, he won’t give up on his mate.


Author Bio:
Pia Milan is the author of sexy paranormal romance with bite plus mystery. It’s not just boy meets girl – or shifter meets human.

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