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Top 5 List & Excerpt - Runaway Road by Mira Day

Runaway Road
Author: Mira Day
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 13, 2016



Have you ever wondered who was in the car next to you? Wondered where they were going and why? A vacation? Business trip? Or is it someone’s only chance to run away…

Brett Myers needs a change; a soul searching move to another city. Walking in on your brother and girlfriend in bed together will do that. So after two weeks of sleeping on a friend’s couch, Texas is his destination. A new town and a new life. He’s ready to start over.

Mia Brown needs a change; a soul-searching trip to her past. More than ready to leave her controlling boyfriend and life in North Carolina, Mia uses this chance for a fresh start. There’s no plan. Just to hit the road, head out West, and never look back.

When their paths cross on a long stretch of Highway 85, these two strangers will learn just how much they need each other to heal.

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Runaway Road

“Brett! Over here!” Derrick calls, waving me to the bar. I peer up to see a busty blonde already leaning over, talking to him. Just his type. Female.  

Settling in beside him, I put my phone on the bar. “Double shot of Beam and a Yuengling, please.”  

“Is purposing that big a deal?” Derrick’s eyebrows raise over his beer glass.  

I stare at him, picking my phone back up. “I was just offered a job at a newspaper as their food writer.”  

“Dude! Congrats!” Derrick raises his glass and chugs the remains.  

I grin. “It’s in Austin, Texas.”  

Derrick gives me a weird look. “Austin? How the hell did that happen?”  

Busty sets my shot down and I immediately throw it back. “They ran across my blog and love my style. They want to do a phone interview asap.” A glimmer of excitement bubbles through my stomach.  

Being a food blogger has been a dream job but the random news articles for the Raleigh News and Observer have been my passion. They have given me the chance to get my face on television and my voice on the radio. The possibilities with a regular article could open a lot of doors.  

“This is a bit to take in.” I sip on my beer. “What if Holly doesn’t want to go?” Taking another person into consideration is a slap of reality. I can’t take this job if she doesn’t come. Not that she has a reason to say no.   

“Well, it’s not too late to take that ring back.” Derrick gives me a pointed look.  

“Not cool, Dude.”  

“I’m just saying. Give it some thought. Don’t jump ahead of what you want.”  

I shake my head and stare at the food menu.   

“So, there’s something I’ve wanted to ask you.”  

“What?” I continue to stare at the menu. I need some fries… maybe some wings too…  

“Why did you ask me to come get a ring with you?”  

“What do you mean?”  

Derrick scratches his chin. “Well, you have a brother. I just thought that’s you would want Tim to be there.”  

I shrug. “Tim’s been a bit put-offish lately. I don’t know what his deal is.” I flag Busty down to order. “Beside, you’re kinda like the brother I never wanted.” I laugh as Derrick punches my arm.  

“Thanks  asshole. Love you too.” 

Hello everyone!
Thank you so much BookLover Sue for having me by today! I’m so excited for the release of my new book, Runaway Road. In honor of its release, BookLover Sue has asked me… What are my top 5 favorite books/authors? I’ll tell you now; it wasn’t an easy list to make! Without further ado, here’s my Top 5. Make sure to tell me yours in the comments! 

Much Love!

5. The Baby-Sitters Club series Ann. M. Martin- Takes some of you back, doesn't it? J I ate these books up as a kid. They’re what made me such an avid reader- so much in fact that I was reading at a high school level in 3rd grade.

4. Colleen Hoover- I was a bit late to the game with CoHo. But, you know, better late than never, right? I started with Losing Hope and just fell in love with her style. Plus, she did it. She started off Indie and hit the big time- something I really hope to accomplish someday. Plus, have you seen any of her social media?? Hilarious!

3. The Harry Potter series- I’m a dork. Like, a big dork. In fact, I’m wearing Ninja Turtle socks as we speak J And the dork in me fell in love with the Wizarding World and J.K. Rowling. She has such a fantastic imagination and has created characters that can rip your heart out with just a simple phrase… like ‘Always’

2. Brightside by Kim Holden- I was told by my friend that I just had to read this. I finally got it and started. One night, I got off work around 11:30 and was still wired from my shift. Even though I had to be back at 8 the next morning, I decided that maybe reading a little will relax me. 5 am and my eyes are basically swollen shut from the tears. I couldn’t put it down! Kate is one of those characters that really spoke to me. She’s someone I strive to be- a better person who sees the Brightside to everything, no matter how hard it is.

1. All Around The Town by Mary Higgins Clark- So tough to decide on a #1 book/author but after really thinking about it, this one is it. I read it in my 7th grade English class. It was probably the first “adult” book I read. My other favorites (The Giver, Where the Red Fern Grows and The Outsiders) all have tough situations but this one has one layer after another. It’s a suspense about a girl who was kidnapped as a young child by a couple. She develops multiple personality disorder to cope with the husband abusing her. They return her after someone recognizes her picture from the news. Flash forward to her adult life, where her favorite college professor is murdered and she’s the main suspect. I think I’ve read it 10 times.


About The Author:


Mira Day is a Romance writer, born in the Carolinas with a passion for food. She loves the outdoors, NFL football and exclamation points! You'll usually find her working, writing or catching up with Friends on Netflix.

Mira has two Holiday Novellas published, Finding the Christmas Spirit and Choking Cupid and her debut novel, Playing House. After Runaway Road, look for her third book, Bourbon and the Midnight Show, coming Spring of 2017.


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