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Author Interview & Giveaway - Past Lives Series by AC Chenier

Past Lives Series
Loves of our Lives and Love by Knight

by AC Chenier

GENRE:  Romance



The Past Lives series of books introduces two strong women who undergo dramatic changes in their lives when they learn about their soul's past. Through past life regression they learn of their own history and investigate the concept of soul mates reuniting through time. Read Loves of our Lives and Love by Knight to learn about Katie Benjamin and Kelly Taylor.



Loves of our Lives – Book 1

“I had this commissioned for you to have. I want you to wear it close to your heart and know my heart is now and will always be yours.” He opened the case and displayed a gold locket. She gasped at the beautiful locket within the case. It was a white cameo in a pale pink background.

“Turn it over,” he said.

She did and read the words he had engraved on the back. Forever in my heart, forever in my soul.

She felt tears running down her face as she looked at the beautiful words and then into Jonathon’s eyes. She looked deep into his eyes and felt her own soul connecting directly to Jonathon. He said to her, “Forever in my heart, forever in my soul. I will find you again.” He then wrapped his arms around her and took her lips in a passionate kiss. Her heart was hammering in her throat as she kissed him back. To her it felt a bit like a good-bye kiss, but a kiss filled with the promise of reuniting in time.


***Talking with author AC Chenier!***

What is your writing environment?

Well, my current writing environment, and my dream environment are two very different things! My current one is in my loft at my home in Lindsay, Ontario. I’ve got my desk and computer set up in the window alcove. I’m finding this set up great for editing and all of the marketing and business work I do,  but not so conducive to writing my next novel. Where I seem to get my best inspiration for writing is close to the water or in the country. So, I’ve recently purchased a notebook that I hope to start using to actually write the third book that is floating around in my head. 

Who is your perfect hero/heroine and why? 

When I think of a perfect hero or heroine, I actually think of someone who would be perfect for me, or a character who I really connect to.  For a male lead, I connect deeply with Fitzwilliam Darcy (especially as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice). There is something about the way he presents himself, a little superior but yet with a soft and gentle side, that is just sexy to me. I actually like his arrogance and pride as he stands for what he believes in. 

For a heroine, I would pick a strong woman, who knows what she wants in life, but yet is still vulnerable. I might have to pick someone like Polgara from the Malorean series by David Eddings, or Maurynna from The Last Dragonlord series by Joanne Bertin. I know both of these are fantasy series, but I find these women are the ones I relate to the most.  

What authors have caught your interest lately and why?

I haven’t been reading many new authors lately. I’m still working on my own voice in my writing, so I don’+t want to read a lot of other authors, for fear that I’ll not really find my own style. But, I have been going back and rereading a lot of my old favourite novelists....just to get the inspiration to continue on with my process. 
Now that is the fiction side. In non-fiction, I’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Brian Weiss and Doreen Virtue. That is all part of my own research into past lives and other spiritual aspects of life. As well, I’ve been doing a lot of research in preparation for my novels, so specifically for “Love by Knight” I’ve been reading a lot of books and research papers on the Knights Templar, and other history from old Europe.

What type of book have you always wanted to write? 

Well, I’ve just started writing in the romance genre, and want to continue with that. I would really like to add even more paranormal/ fantasy side to the books to bring together two of my favourite genres. 

Top 3 things on your bucket list? 

Going back to Ireland to do a horseback riding and golfing tour of the west side of the island. 
Visiting Australia and New Zealand, especially some of the amazing scenery from the Lord of the Rings trilogy 
Do past live regressions

How did you get the idea for this particular novel? 

My second novel “Love by Knight” was greatly influenced by my first novel “Loves of our Lives”. However, I wanted to add some more adventure/ fantasy aspects that are not in the first book. I’ve always been fascinated by the Knights Templar, and felt this would be a great component to add to a romance novel.  The balance of the ideas just came to me. Aren’t a lot of romance novels based on rich man, poor girl (or vice versa) friction?  The idea that opposites attract....and the notion that you can and will meet your soul mate, at some unexpected time and place. 

What is your favorite scene in your new release? 

I would say my favourite scene is when Neil and Kelly travel to Cyprus for dinner. There is an incredibly romantic scene when they are in the limousine driving from the airport when they have that first moment of connection and just “know” that something special is happening between them. 
One scene that I wish had come together a bit better is when they are walking around the village in Egypt. I had a vision of that particular scene in a dream and couldn’t believe how romantic and special it was. However the writing of it just didn’t convey the same emotion and tension that was in my dream. Perhaps it’s one of those scenes that are better as a visual and being experienced rather than written.

What are you working on now and when can we expect it to be available?

I’m working on my third book in the Past Lives Series, a follow up novel to ”Love by Knight” that will feature Neil’s cousin Jason Carter. I’m in the very early stages of writing this one. I find it incredibly hard to be working on the editing and marketing work for one novel, and still be creative enough to write another one. My goal is to have the book written by the end of September and then start on the rewrite and editing late in the fall. The target is for an early 2017 release date.  
I also have another book in the late rewriting stages that is a completely different “easy reading” romance novel. I’m hopeful to have it finished by the fall to submit to a couple of traditional publishers to see what happens.  

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

My greatest passion has always been my horses. So when I’m not writing, I spend a lot of time with them. I also enjoy golf and curling as appropriate to the season. When I need some quiet “me time” you’ll find me at a lake just enjoying the peaceful breezes and the lapping of the water.


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AC Chenier is the author of the Past Lives series of books, including Loves of our Lives and the forthcoming Love by Knight. The novels explore the fascinating spiritual world and the concept that we are all souls who have lived before, and that we reunite with our loved ones through time. The novels allow her to couple her long standing interest in the romance and fantasy genres with a passion for writing.  When she’s not busy typing away at her computer, you can find her with her horses or golf clubs.

Her books are available in paperback and ebook.

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