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Guest Post w/Giveaway - Saddle Up (Hot Cowboy Nights, Book 4) by Victoria Vane

Saddle Up
Hot Cowboy Nights, Book 4
by Victoria Vane

ISBN: 9781492635109

Release Date: June 7, 2016

About the Book:

Award-winning author Victoria Vane lets loose the fourth in the Hot Cowboy Nights series


With exceptional talent and looks, cowboy “horse whisperer” Keith Russo once had the world at his feet — until his career was unwittingly destroyed by an aspiring filmmaker. After being rejected by his family for exploiting his Native American heritage, Keith has no choice but to turn back to his humble beginnings as a wild horse wrangler.


Miranda Sutton always dreamed of making films, until wild mustangs captured her heart. But turning her grandmother’s Montana ranch into a wild horse sanctuary proves harder than she thought. She needs someone who knows wild horses. Keith and the mustangs need each other. And while working together to save the herd, Keith and Miranda discover a passion as wild as the mustangs they love.

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If you could meet any of your characters in this series, which character(s) would you choose and why?

That’s a really hard question. Although they are all very different from one another, I love all of the characters in my Hot Cowboy Nights series. They are all a piece of me to one degree or another.

If we are talking heroines, the character I best relate to on a personal level is Nikki from SLOW HAND. This is probably because so many of her life experiences in the book mirror my own. Nikki and I shared a similar tumultuous childhood, and estrangement and the premature loss of a parent. Unlike, Nikki, who experienced several bad relationships before finding a worthy man, I found my knight in shining armor very early (I was eighteen and he was only twenty) and we’re still going strong after thirty-three years.

Although Janice from ROUGH RIDER was an only child and a tomboy, and I was the second of five kids and very much a “girlie girl,” we both started out shy and insecure, but grew stronger and more confident after a lot of personal hardships. When Janice finally sets her mind on what she wants (Dirk Knowlton), she’s a force to be reckoned with. I admire her tenacity.

I would probably have the least in common with Haley Cooper from SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY, as she and my hero sit at opposite ends of the spectrum on virtually every issue and my personal leanings are more similar to those of my hero. Having said that, I still respect her strength of conviction and wholehearted dedication to the causes she believes in.

Miranda Sutton, my heroine of SADDLE UP is struggling to find herself. She has spent her whole life fixed on the one goal of becoming a film-maker only to learn that it’s not going to make her happy. She feels like a misfit until she spends a fateful weekend in the Calico Mountains of Nevada filming a wild horse round up. These few days change her life. She is now determined to use her talents to make a difference. I loved how her character grew throughout the story.

My all-time favorite character, however, has to be Miranda’s grandmother, Jo-Jo. She’s a wonderful character, warm and loving and funny as hell. Here’s a little snippet of a scene between Miranda and Jo-Jo that I hope will give readers a good chuckle.

Short excerpt: SADDLE UP by VICTORIA VANE 

“When we’re finished here, we should also go and take a look at some used equipment. With winter coming on, we’re going to have to feed a lot of hay to those mustangs. I think we might need a bale splitter. I wish I hadn’t already sold ours, but I didn’t think I’d ever need one again. I’m hoping we might be able to rent one.”

“Shouldn’t we wait until we hire someone to help us?” Miranda asked.

“I suppose we could,” Jo-Jo agreed. “I’ve just become used to doing everything myself. To be honest, now that you’re doing my morning chores, I’m not even sure how to occupy my time.”

“That’s probably a good thing. You’ve worked hard for a lot of years. You should do something for yourself now, Jo-Jo. Something you enjoy.”

“You mean like reading, knitting, or needlework?” Jo-Jo rolled her eyes. “I’ve tried all of those things over the years, but never could sit still long enough to do any of them.”

“Then maybe you need to find something more active? How about a yoga class?”

“Yoga? Sweetheart, I’ve had no reason to put my legs around my neck since Bud passed on.”

“Jo-Jo!” Miranda squealed.

“Don’t look so scandalized.” Jo-Jo laughed. “I’ll have you know I’ve read the Kama Sutra cover to cover.” She added with a wink, “You gotta spice things up from time to time when you’re with the same man for fifty-some years.”


About the Author:

Victoria Vane is a multiple award-winning romance novelist and history junkie whose collective works of fiction range from wildly comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. Victoria also writes historical fiction as Emery Lee and is the founder of the Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers Goodreads group and the Romantic Historical Lovers book review blog. She lives on the east coast of Florida.

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  1. THank you so very much for the spotlight! XO Victoria

  2. This would be awesome to win! I need a new handbag, been looking and can't find anything I like, but I love this one! I'm an old cowgirl that dates way, way back when, lol! Thanks for the chance to win!
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