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Guest Post - Luck Is No Lady (Fallen Ladies #1) by Amy Sandas

What are the top 5 reasons readers will fall in love with Roderick?
Oh, this will be fun!
The Top 5 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Roderick, in descending order:

#5    He has a noble soul. Despite the circumstances of his birth, for which society would see him devalued, or the wildness of his younger years, or the less than respectable establishment he has made home, at his core, Roderick is a good guy. After carrying the stigma of being born a bastard, he just doesn’t know how noble he truly is. But we get to see it. In the way he is with Emma and his deep sense of loyalty. Loyalty to his mother’s memory, his friends—even old friends who may no longer be deserving—, and those who work for him at the club. Though everyone loves a bad boy hero (myself included!), there is something to be said for the good guy who only finishes last in the bedroom.

#4    He is horrid at math. Like many of us, he cannot seem to get numbers to do what he wants them to do. Roderick is successful, handsome, and noble, but he is also flawed and imperfect. And he is not afraid to admit it, which is how Emma comes to be in his employ at the club. Where he is lacking, she more than picks up the slack with her acumen for all things arithmetic. Best of all, he acknowledges her skill and admires her for it.

#3    His waistcoats. Roderick may be a shrewd and inspired investor while fiercely focusing on maintaining his club’s success and profit, but he also recognizes the value in having a little fun. Not a dandy by any means, since the rest of his clothing leans toward an understated and refined appearance, he does allow for more expression in his brightly colored waistcoats. It begs the question of whether or not he chooses his waistcoat based on his mood that day, or some other reason?

#2    He trusts his intuition. Roderick has learned how to tap into that gut instinct we all possess. When faced with a dilemma or a significant choice to make, he quiets his thoughts, blocks out external distractions, and listens to the clues provided by his intuition. Then he follows through. It is a skill requiring practice like anything else, and Roderick has perfected it.

#1    He cannot stay away from Emma. Despite all of his noble intentions and his ingrained belief that he is not worthy of being her man, Roderick is drawn to Emma. He is first intrigued by the mystery she presents and then quickly comes to admire her for her unique talents, pragmatic view of the world, and her brave, determined spirit. He believes she is deserving of far more than to be associated with the bastard proprietor of a gambling hell, but as he says, he “cannot help but play the cad” with her. Of course, she doesn’t mind one bit.


Luck Is No Lady

Author: Amy Sandas

Series: Fallen Ladies, #1

Pubdate: April 5th, 2016

ISBN: 9781492618720


“You should not have kissed me,” she replied breathlessly.

“I do a lot of things I shouldn’t. It does not mean I won’t do them again.” 

Gently bred Emma Chadwick always assumed she’d live and die the daughter of a gentleman. But when her father’s death reveals a world of staggering debt and dangerous moneylenders, she must risk her good name and put her talent for mathematics to use, taking a position as bookkeeper at London’s most notorious gambling hell. Surrounded by vice and corruption on all sides, it is imperative no one discovers Emma’s shameful secret or her reputation—and her life—will be ruined. 

But Roderick Bentley, the hell’s sinfully wealthy owner, awakens a hunger Emma cannot deny. Drawn deep into an underworld of high stakes gambling and reckless overindulgence, she soon discovers that in order to win the love of a ruthless scoundrel, she will have to play the game...and give in to the pleasure of falling from grace.


Amy Sandas's love of romance began one summer when she stumbled across one of her mother's Barbara Cartland books. Her affinity for writing began with sappy pre-teen poems and led to a Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She lives with her husband and children near Milwaukee.


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