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Release Blitz - Krie Captivity (The Nira Chronicles) by Kora Knight

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Series: The Nira Chronicles
Author: Kora Knight
 Release Date: March 2nd, 2016

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Astrum Industries’ newest charted planet. Freshly discovered. Wholly unexplored. But that won’t be the case for long. Led by Captain Alec Hamlin, a team of explorers make an emergency landing and are soon confronted by their first Niran native. A huge male Kríe packed with muscle, baring small, black horns and fangs. Fortunately, he’s friendly. Or so he lets them believe.
With the help of his pack, the Kríe takes Alec’s team captive, intending to sell them for profit. But these Nirans aren’t just shrewd, they’re arrogant and domineering. And most of all, extremely sexual. Which explains why, on their journey to peddle their new wares, they feed Alec’s team a powerful aphrodisiac. Nothing like some decadent entertainment on the side. Soon the team finds themselves feverishly trying to resist the growing urge to mount their seductive captors. But as passion prevails and unexpected bonds form, so much more is suddenly at stake. With no time left, will a shift in Kríe perspective be enough to change the fate of Alec’s team?

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Alec roused to the crackle and popping of a fire… and the sound of more than one Gesh-like voices. Eyelids not quite ready to open, he shifted with a groan. Then froze. Somehow he was sitting upright but couldn’t move. Not much at least, thanks to something holding him secure by his throat and across his chest. Heart instantly back to hammering, he forced his eyes to open so he could get busy assessing what the fuck. Slowly, his blurry vision started to clear. It was nighttime and, oh God, he was tied to a tree.

Trying not to freak, he looked down at his body. Well, tried to as least, which wasn’t easy with rope holding his neck against a trunk. Which meant he couldn’t see the other rope, either. The one wrapped tight across his chest, but wound under both of his armpits. A wrap like that would typically allow for free arm movement, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Because, with his knees fully bent and lying open, Alec’s wrists and ankles were bound and secured together by a mere six inches of slack rope. Which meant Alec could move his hands around a little, but couldn’t straighten out his legs.

Or walk.
Fucking great.
That’d definitely make escaping a challenge.

Instinctively, he tugged at his snugly tied hands. But when his wrists and forearms grazed his crotch, he made another startling discovery. His dick was literally hard as rock, and his nut sac was kind of swollen, too. What the fuck? Had he been having a wet dream while knocked out cold? Talk about messed up timing.

Warily, he lifted his eyes to his surroundings. A dozen yards away, poking at a camp fire, Gesh sat talking to… another Gesh. Alec sucked in a breath as his eyes focused more. Oh, hell. Make that three other Gesh’s he was talking to. And the four of them were ransacking the team’s rucksacks! Alec glowered, until five more sauntered into view.

Aw, fuck. Tied up and totally outnumbered.

Heart pounding faster, he looked for his men. Didn’t take him long to find them bound to trees just like him. The science trio were still completely out, probably because of their slightly smaller builds. But Zaden and Chet were wide fucking awake, glaring poison daggers at their captors. How long had they been conscious? Alec bit back a curse. He was the worst fucking team captain ever.

Zaden glanced his way and met Alec’s gaze, his dark eyes all kinds of stressed. And rightfully so. Their team was in big fucking trouble. And Alec honestly had no clue what to do. Gesh and his buddies had clearly stripped them of their possessions, so no chance he’d still have a pocket knife in his shorts. Not that he could reach it if he did. Truth be told, he didn’t want to move his hands at all. His cock was way too sensitive and needed no-contact-time to calm down.

Zaden gestured down to his own bound wrists and wiggled his index finger. Alec blinked at the thing, confused at first, until Z started tapping it in a pattern. Ah. Of course. Morse Code. Alec should’ve thought of that himself. In his defense, though, he was still kind of groggy around the edges. Intently, he tried to focus on that finger, frowning when Zaden stopped and made a strange face. Alec frowned, then realized what was up when Z awkwardly shifted his hips. Alec looked back at Zaden’s hands, or more specifically, his straining fly, of which his hands were so clearly trying to avoid.
What the hell?

Restlessly, Alec glanced at the others, discovering they, too, were sporting huge frickin’ bulges. Even the threesome still snoozing away. Zaden cleared his throat, regaining Alec’s attention. But honestly, he was still trying to wrap his brain around what the fuck was going on. Forcing his focus back on Zaden, Alec studied his friend’s tapping finger. But before he could make out a single sentiment, Gesh sauntered arrogantly over.
Grinning, the big fucker squatted down in front of him. “Alec,” he greeted, his rich timbre smug.

“Asshole,” Alec irritably returned.

Gesh canted his head, his expression amused, then reached out and ran a claw down Alec’s forearm. Not hard enough to draw blood, but enough so to warrant Alec’s attention. Because that black fucker was sharp and could definitely do damage. Alec watched the thing warily until Gesh brought it to Alec’s chin, lifting Alec’s gaze back to his. God, those dark golden eyes up close were an amazing thing to behold. Even if Alec was pissed at the guy. They were stunning. Damn near hypnotizing. Especially with those black pupils all big and dilated like that.

Again, Gesh’s lips curved into a grin. “I was impatient for you to wake, Alec. Was impatient for us to talk.”

Alec blinked, then froze. Holy shit. Gesh spoke English. No wait. His mouth hadn’t moved.

Gesh chuffed out a laugh, his smile expanding till his big-ass fangs dropped into view. Wow, for such a bastard, Gesh had a great smile. What, with the way his plump, dark lips made the white of his straight teeth pop…

Alec squeezed his eyes shut and tried to clear his head. God, not only was he hearing things, but evidently he was wearing rose-colored glasses. Gesh did not have a great smile. Gesh was a backstabbing dick.

Gesh’s next laugh came out noticeably deeper. “I never stabbed your back. And while my “dick” is substantial, I do not believe that makes me one as a whole.”

Alec’s mouth dropped open, the last of his haze evaporating. “Oh, my God. You’re talking telepathically.” He searched the male’s face, nearly unable to believe it. “But how does that breach our language barrier?”

Gesh shrugged a beefy shoulder. “Our minds perceive sentiments on a basic level. You think you are hearing words, but you are only hearing thoughts.”

Alec glanced at Zaden, who was watching them intently, then turned his attention back to Gesh. “Fine. Whatever. Nice fucking trick. Why were you waiting on me?”

“You are leader of your unit, are you not?”

Alec pursed his lips. “Why are you doing this? Why’d you trick us? Why’re you holding us captive?”

Another idle shrug. “Because I can.”

Gesh looked down to watch his claw resume its roaming. Along Alec’s inner elbow, back down his forearm, then across the meaty base of his thumb. But it wasn’t until that claw grazed Alec’s fly that his body gave a head to toe shiver.

Gesh looked up and grinned. “You are sensitive here.” He drew his finger from the bottom of Alec’s crotch to the top.

Alec groaned, then glared. “Yeah. I am. So stop fucking touching and give me a better answer.”

Gesh smirked and inched closer. “I tricked you because I want you. You and your team. But you were skittish. And had many weapons.”
Had being the operative word. They didn’t have shit now but the clothes on their backs.

Alec scowled, despite the fact that he couldn’t stop marveling at their incredible, otherworldly exchange. “But why do you want us? Maybe we can make a deal.”

Again, Gesh chuffed as if Alec amused him. “Ochay moyo,” he murmured. “Funny creature.” An utterance Alec remembered from earlier. Gesh lifted his paw and ran a knuckle along Alec’s jaw, then slid his fingers into Alec’s hair. “I want you and yours because I find you delicious. Your species is very alluring.”

Slowly, he grazed his claws along Alec’s scalp. Goosebumps instantly roared to life. Alec shivered again. Goddamn. He was super-sensitized everywhere. He tried to dislodge Gesh’s fingers from his hair but couldn’t move his head enough to do it.

Frustrated and restless, Alec glowered at his captor. “So what does that mean? You want us as some kind of yummy little prey to play cat and mouse with in your big fucking jungle?”

Gesh lifted a dark brow. “Intriguing, but no. That is not what I have in mind.”

“Then what,” Alec grated. “Gonna kill us and stuff us? So you can stick us up all pretty on your mantle?”

Gesh’s fangs flashed in the firelight as he leaned in closer. “What I want is much more indulgent than that.” He dragged his hot tongue up Alec’s cheek.

Alec froze. “Oh, God. You’re gonna eat us.”

Gesh stilled on his second lap up Alec’s face, then leaned back to let loose a laugh. A big, deep, jaunty one, and genuine as hell. “You are comical, human. But not very bright.”

Alec bristled. “I don’t know your fucking culture. You could all be a bunch of cannibals.” He paused and eyed Gesh warily. “But just so I’m clear here, you’re not gonna eat us?”

“No.” Gesh resumed his lazy lapping.

“Ah!” Alec grimaced. “Stop fucking licking me. Goddamn. And just tell me what you want.”

Gesh growled against his ear. “As if I owe you an explanation. You are nothing more than play things. Do you not see? Play things for us to delight in as we wish.” As Alec tried to process his words, Gesh cupped his crotch and bit down firmly on his lobe. Alec sucked in breath as his junk went crazy.

“Understand now, pet?” Gesh chuckled sultry low.

Every drop of blood drained from Alec’s face. “Holy shit. You guys are gonna rape us.”

Gesh jerked back as if offended, then grinned a wicked gin. “Oh, no, delicious creature. You will give us your consent. In fact, you will beg for our cocks.”

Alec grit his teeth. “Never gonna fucking happen.”

Gesh lifted a smug brow, canted his head, and eyed Alec’s obvious bulge. “You do not think?”

“No,” Alec snapped, his stupid hips rocking. “I do not fucking think.”

Gesh’s lips twitched. “We shall see.” His thumb barely brushed Alec’s fly—right atop his sensitive glans.

Alec sucked in a breath, paused, then nailed Gesh with a glare. “You did this to us, you twisted fuck.”

Gesh grinned, eyes flashing.

Alec seethed harder. “How.”

Gesh moved in close and purred in his ear. “Senna`sohnsay.”

Alec blinked as Gesh eased back. “That fruit that you fed us? But… I watched you eat it, too.”

Again, Gesh shrugged. “It is not poison.”

“Yeah, but you’re obviously immune.”

“Am I?”

Gesh curled his big paw around Alec’s bound hands and pressed them against his own crotch. Then, as if to hammer things home, he slowly moved them up his length. Alec gaped. He couldn’t help it. Was too fucking floored. Because not only did Gesh’s cock feel harder than steel, but longer than a fucking pole. The distance from its base to its bulging crown seemed to literally go on forever. Easily twelve inches, probably more, with the girth of a damn baseball bat.

Alec shook his head as much as it could move. “I don’t understand. Why would you subject yourself, too?”

“Because it was the only way to convince your team to eat. And besides, I like the feeling.”

Utterly disturbed, Alec shifted his hips, his own cock growing more sensitive. “Great. And how long does “the feeling” last?”

“It will not relent until seed spills.”

Alec exhaled in relief. Oh, thank fuck. He could easily rub one off. As could the rest of his team.

Gesh’s eyes bore into his. “So you see, Alec, you are not alone. I too ache for release.” He dragged his tongue slowly down his fang. “Would you like to help me with this?”

Alec stilled, then grimaced. “Ah, God, dude. No. Go jerk off behind a damn tree.”

Gesh canted his head, brows furrowing at Alec’s words, a hint of confusion flickering in his gaze. “But that will not do any good.”

Alec chuckled darkly. “Hey, not my problem. You got yourself into this mess. Untie me and I’ll try to help you find a woman.”

“A woman?” Gesh repeated, eyeing Alec oddly. Chuffing, he stood up and squeezed his junk. “You speak no sense. But I do not care. It is too soon for you to truly understand. Tonight I will sate myself elsewhere.” Pivoting on his heel, he called to one of his pack mates. “Roni. Reckay óondah. Nenya rhya may tai.” ~Roni. I need release. Come fuck me now.~

Alec watched as a male paused from ransacking Chet’s pack to follow Gesh into the woods. Not far, as it were, just barely out of sight. Not Alec’s sight, though. Evidently, Gesh wanted him to see a good show.


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Born and raised in the Northern Virginia, I've always loved to read, but it wasn't until my preteen years that I discovered my deep-seated love for writing. Though, with published literary teachers and play writers in the family tree, that really shouldn't have come as a surprise. Starting with my involvement in social book forums, I then tried my hand in literary role playing. Which, in turn, led to my becoming a fervent online independent writer. Since then, I've endeavored to share with the world my impassioned stories of love, adventure and sensual wonderment, my most recent delight being that of m/m erotica. Kora is a proud supporter of ALSO Youth, donating a percentage of each month's sales to this incredibly worthy cause. Consider supporting our youth today, too. ALSO Youth Website

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