Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Readers and Writers Unite


Readers and Writers Unite will bring the best of two worlds together…

Education for New and Seasoned Authors:

Friday will be dedicated to our authors.  The day will start with educational sessions geared towards topics that will encourage peer to peer discussions. There will also be a vendor and supplier trade show along with an evening of mixing and bonding between vendors and authors. Here you will get to meet service providers that will take your books to the next level.


Fans and Authors, Fans and Authors:

Saturday will be our Author Signing and evening events.  Details are still being worked on, but the day will be filled with fun and HUGE surprises!
Sunday will be a morning filled with networking with your favorite authors during a handful of Author lead panel discussions.

Authors Attending:

Angela McConkey - Ann Lister - C.C. Wood - Cam Cassidy - Cara Marsi Dana Wayne - Holley Trent - Jas T. Ward - Katherine Rhodes - Keli Heneghan Layla Dorine - Lisa B. Kamps - Macy Farmer - Marisa Adams - Megan J. Parker Missy Jane - Nathan Squiers - Nely Cab - Olivia Hardin - Patty Wiseman Sable Hunter - Sandrine Gasq-Dion - Sharon Hamilton - T. Saint John - TM Smith Tawdra Kandle - Thia Finn - W.L. Sexton


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