Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Excerpt - The Angel's Name by Selena Rivera

The Angel’s Name
By Selena Rivera
Genre- Erotic Romance
Publication Date- June 24th, 2015


When songwriter Rebecca Evans moves to Tennessee to pursue her career in writing music for a country singer, she meets cowboy football player, Bobby James, who becomes an angel in her life. But she's worried that she must leave her world behind. Her grandma would never understand. Will Rebecca take a chance on a new life with the man she loves? Will it be the right choice? 

I noticed the older couple still dancing when I felt Bobby-James pulling me closer, tighter to his body. The scent of his cologne woke all my senses, causing my body to tingle.
This is more heavenly than I ever expected.
She is beautiful, dancing with her feels amazing. To feel her body so close to mine makes me want her more.
My body is on fire with passion. I can feel the heat flowing through my veins. Having him this close is driving me insane with desire!
His eyes looked at my lips as if they were a feast, his lips got closer when he suddenly stopped.
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About the Author-

Selena Rivera lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada . A self-proclaimed "Country Girl" at heart, she loves country music. She also likes to sing and dance and has an interest in astronomy. By day, she is a busy secretary. Her life struggles have pushed her to fight for her dreams. She's an artistic person and has been writing since the age of 12. Above all she wants to share her world with everybody.



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