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Spotlight & Fun Facts - The Gemina Series by Tamara McHatton and Lysa Demorest

The Gemina Series
by Tamara McHatton and Lysa Demorest
Genre: Historical Romance

The Thirteenth Twin Legion, known as a Gemina, became a key force in the Roman Empire's conquest of Gaul and Germania. The renowned commanders, Axilla and Ocella, must choose to defend their home or fight for the Romans. Death and tragedy lead the brothers-in-arms to far different fates that will be the ultimate test of their bond for each other and their loyalties.
The rebellion rises against the military and politicians with merchants and villagers caught between two nations. Brothers, lovers, and families, swept into the rising tides of war, divide their allegiance. Trading routes turn into spy rings while the heroes decide where their futures lie. Do they live in the freedom of rural Germania or submit to the tyranny of a Roman emperor?

Legends emerge when citizens challenge the threat to their land and their way of life. For a legion that once knelt to an emperor, warrior and merchant alike must decide who earns their loyalty as their ranks grow in the fire of rebellion. Love and honor will bring an empire to its knees when heroes change the fate of Germania.

Axilla goes against orders to find out the fate of his outpost, only to realize he has made the greatest sacrifice of his life. His existence now rests on his skills to survive his captivity as a Roman gladiator.
Corvina, the scarred protector of their outpost, hides her face -- and her failures -- behind a scarf. Powerful forces put her in the center of Rome, perfectly placed to spy, giving her one more chance to safeguard her people and the old Roman ways.
It falls to the lost Roman legionnaire and the scarfed woman to orchestrate the heroic plan of saving an empire from itself. They coordinate a daring escape and set the challenge on the very steps of Rome's aristocracy. A fight to inspire a rebellion, a fight to inspire a revolution.

Without his memories, Cordus has to create a new life for himself with borrowed skills. His rescue from a battle-torn town leads him on a journey through Germania and Rome with Katja Kaufer to lead the way. He is a forgotten man displaced in a rebellion that threatens the very lives of the people who rescued him.

The web of rising suspicions entangles Katja's way of life as a traveling merchant, when Cordus's past brings the leaders of the rebellion, Axilla and Corvina, to their camp. Now, she has to decide if the safety of the people she cares about is worth the protection of one man.

Fun Facts:
We wrote The Lost Legionnaires in 8 weeks so there was time for edits and formatting for paperback printing by the RT 2014 convention in New Orleans.
The hardest part of writing the story was coming up with the character names. The title was our first idea for the story and it didn't go through any changes.
We met at the Romantic Times (RT) convention in St. Louis in 2005. Tamara owned SUITE Magazine and mutual friends introduced us. Lysa's bounciness impressed Tamara enough that she corralled Lysa into helping her out during the convention, and a month later Tamara offered Lysa a job with the magazine, dubbing Lysa as "The Nymph of Mischief".
Lysa lives on a farm in Texas, Tamara lives on a beach in Florida. Their lives couldn't be any more different, but their love of books, writing, and surfing, has created a bond, that transcends the miles.
Lysa runs what she calls a book orphanage by adopting books her friends no longer have space for storing. She own 1400 physical books and is looking to go into a Library Science program to help organize her collection.
Beachhoney Tamara took up tandem surfing with her hubby a few years back. Tandem surfing is where they both surf on the same board and he lifts her. Their second year of surfing they won 6th place in the World Championships of Tandem Surfing held in Cocoa Beach, Florida for the National Kidney Foundation's surf festival.

Meet the Authors:

In between renovating her beach and river houses, Tamara McHatton writes about the heroes that have influenced her life. She grew up on the Space Coast, and spent time with astronauts, military heroes, and special ops ghosts. This fueled her love of intrigue and adventure and it shows in her stories. She has recently taken up tandem surfing with the love of her life, and cover model, Evan Scott. During the warm summer months, you can find her on the beach, on the board, working to perfect her newest passion.

 Born in 1984, Lysa Demorest has since filled her time with a love of books, renaissance faires, science fiction, and role-play writing. She is the assistant, and instigator, to many authors while working on her own stories and taking on the ropes of editor at Desert Breeze Publishing. She lives in Texas, and while studying for her bachelor degree in English, she can be found playing around with words.

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