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Spotlight & Giveaway - Love Me Tender (Caribou Crossing #4) by Susan Fox


Love Me Tender
Caribou Crossing # 4

By: Susan Fox

Releasing December 2nd, 2014

Zebra / Kensington


Pay a visit to Caribou Crossing, the rustic, inviting Western town where broken hearts mend and new love takes root… 

Dave Cousins, owner of the Wild Rose Inn, is known throughout Caribou Crossing as the nicest—and loneliest—guy in town. He’s had his heart broken more than once, and he’s determined not to let it happen again. So it’s no wonder he’s wary when a free-spirited drifter leaves him longing for more than just a steamy fling… 

Like the wild goose tattooed on her shoulder, Cassidy Esperanza goes wherever the wind takes her. For her, a new day means a fresh start. And yet something about her days in Caribou Crossing—and nights with its handsome hotel owner—makes her think about staying a while. But when life takes an unexpected turn, her first instinct is to take flight once more. Is Dave strong enough to help them both face their fears, come to terms with the past, and believe that sometimes love truly can last a lifetime?


[Since the death of his fiancée Anita three years ago, Dave’s been broken-hearted and has barely noticed women – until Cassidy came along.]

“You’re a nice guy,” she said. “Everyone turns to you when there’s a problem. You help people, you fix things.”

He shrugged. He didn’t know if it was nice, so much as part of who he was. If someone was hurting, in trouble, had a problem, he was driven to help.

“But what do you do for you?” she asked. “What do you do for fun?”

Holding her would be fun. So would kissing her. His throat was dry and he had to swallow before he managed to say, “Hang out with Robin. See my family and friends.”

“You dance sometimes. I’ve seen you on Sunday nights.”

“I do dance sometimes.” He barely knew what he was saying.

Cassidy was no more than five feet six compared to his six two, and she stood at least a foot away from him. And yet her presence overwhelmed him. Was it his overactive imagination, or was something going on here? His heart belonged to Anita. But the rest of him wanted to grab Cassidy and hang on to her.

“I like to dance,” she said softly. “But I’m always working.”

He swallowed. He was vaguely aware that Faith Hill had given way to Elvis Presley singing “Love Me Tender.”

“I’m not working now,” she said, tugging his jacket and tie away from him, then tossing them over the back of a chair.

When he didn’t say anything, she prompted, “This is where you say, ‘Cassidy, would you like to dance?’ ”

Was she flirting, or did she just want to dance? Though the need to hold her in his arms was painful, he couldn’t shape the words or even move toward her.

That didn’t discourage her. “And then I say, ‘Thank you, Dave, I’d love to.’ ”

She stepped forward and some muscle memory or instinct or pure blind need had him raising his arms so she could step into them.

As Cassidy raised her arms and twined her hands around the back of his neck, as she pressed the front of her body lightly against him, his blood stirred. Oh God. Small, firm breasts lightly brushing his chest. Curved hips swaying gently as he and she shuffled in place. The heat of her back through wrinkled cotton, the total femininity of a bra strap under his fingers.

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Author Info:
Award-winning, international best-selling author Susan Fox (who also writes as Savanna Fox and Susan Lyons) is a Pacific Northwester with homes in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. She has degrees in law and psychology, and has had a variety of careers, including perennial student, computer consultant, and legal editor. Fiction writer is by far her favorite, giving her an outlet to demonstrate her belief in the power of love, friendship, and a sense of humor. Visit her at her website.

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