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Book Tour: Interview & Giveaway - Christmas at the Cove by Rachel Brimble

Christmas at the Cove

by Rachel Brimble 



More family for Christmas?  

Scott Walker doesn't have time for a relationship. The sexy mechanic has career ambitions, not to mention a mother and three sisters to take care of. The last thing he needs is Carrie Jameson, the beauty he never forgot, arriving in Templeton Cove over the holidays with some unexpected news.

Scott still finds Carrie irresistible, and he's not one to shirk responsibility. Scott's issues with his own dad make the prospect of parenthood a minefield. But if he and Carrie can overcome their fears, this Christmas could bring them the best gift of all.




She squeezed her eyes shut. “I’ll stay for another couple of days, but then I have to go home. I can’t stay here for Christmas.” 

The soft whisper of his exhalation drifted over her folded hands on the table. “That’s great. It’s more than great. Thank you.” 

She swallowed, wanting the words she needed to say out of her body as soon as possible. “You have your life, and I have mine.” She opened her eyes. “Neither of us has to change our plans because I’ve told you about Belle. You can still do what you want to do.” 

His eyes ever so slightly darkened. “If I’m a father, it changes everything.” 

Be strong, Carrie. Lay down the ground rules. “I disagree.” She straightened her spine. “I get it, Scott. Truly. I understand you think knowing about Belle means you have to change your entire life, but that’s not true.” 

“That’s not what I’m––” 

“Let me just say this, please.” 

He closed his eyes and she took that as permission to continue. She inhaled a deep breath. “I like, and appreciate, you thinking what you should to do and how to do it, but I’m not asking you to change your plans overnight. This is going to take time. I want it to take time. Belle doesn’t need to know about you yet. You can go on with your life and when the time’s right, I’ll tell her about you.” 


Carrie swallowed against the dryness in her throat. When she’d been standing outside the holiday park, the decision to see her mission through to the end burning like a flame inside her, she’d thought her words would be strong and clear, delivered with a reverence he couldn’t argue with. Yet now, her stomach trembled with nerves and her hands longed to take his. 

Why did he make her feel so torn and her reasoning unfair? Belle was hers. He had no obligation to her unless he wanted one. “I’m not saying that to be cruel, you know.” She sighed. “I’ve looked after her the last year without a partner beside me. She’ll be okay…whatever you decide.” 

His continuing silence raised the hairs at the back of her neck, made her fear she drove a bigger wedge between them, but she wouldn’t falter. She had come to Templeton and achieved what she came to do––the gates were open and Scott could step through them whenever he was ready. As long as he realized the hinges wouldn’t creak back and forth on a whim.


Let's learn a little about author Rachel Brimble!

What is your writing environment? 

Right now, I am in the process of changing a spare bedroom into my office and cannot wait until the space is all mine! For now though, my writing environment is the laptop moving with me from the living room sofa in the morning, kitchen table in early afternoon and my bedroom late afternoon. It’s a case of moving around the kids!!

Who is your perfect hero and why?

A man who is fair, kind and funny – but has a simmering heat that is unleashed should anyone or anything threaten those he loves or who he views as vulnerable. Oh, and a fit body and gorgeous eyes would help too…

What authors have caught your interest lately and why?

Two authors who I’ve recently discovered are Alex Grecian and Kelly Moran – Alex writes a series of crime novels (The Murder Squad) set in Victorian London. I devoured the first one and have bought books two & three. Just brilliant! A little gory in places but I love it. Kelly writes contemporary romances with a big dose of comedy. I am halfway through The Dysfunctional Test and Troy, the hero, is just my kind of man (see above).

What type of book have you always wanted to write?

Pretty much what I am writing now – I write mainstream romance and romantic suspense for Harlequin Superromance and Victorian romance for eKensington/Lyrical. I enjoy alternating between the two publishers because it keeps my mind fresh and interested in what I am writing. The Superromance books are all set in a small UK seaside town called Templeton Cove and the Victorian romances are set in and around Bath, England. They are loosely linked but can be read stand-alone too.

Top 3 things on your bucket list?

Caribbean cruise

Tour of Italy

RWA2015 in New York 

(Can you see a travelling theme here?!)

How did you get the idea for this particular novel?

This book came to me with the opening scene – I was driving back from my daughter’s choir concert and the hero arriving onstage appeared in my mind. I could see him, hear him, knew everything that was around him. It was fabulous! I also knew it would be a reunion story…the surprise news from the heroine came much later on!

What is your favorite scene in your new release?

Probably the opening scene just because that was what sparked the entire novel J

What are you working on now and when can we expect it to be available?

Right now, I am working on the first draft on my fourth Victorian romance – I would think this would be available early 2016. However, my next Superromance is currently sitting on my editor’s desk and I guess that one to be released Summer 2015. Watch this space!

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I like to read, knit and watch far too much TV or walk the beautiful English countryside with my black Lab, Max. I always make time for plenty of socializing with family and friends too!

What would you consider a perfect date?

Ooh, a lovely dinner in a small, intimate restaurant with good food and wine – then a nice stroll by a river bank interspersed with a some good kissing!

What is one interesting fact about you that readers don’t know?

Writing wise, there hasn’t been one book I have written yet that I haven’t been reduced to tears and a mental block around the 30,000 word mark.

Personally, some may know but I’ll tell you again anyway – my family and I were rescued by helicopter from a hotel roof during the 2010 French floods. A truly, terrifying 12 hour ordeal and the opening three pages of my Superromance novel, A MAN LIKE HIM, tells what happened almost hour for hour.



AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Rachel lives with her husband and two young daughters in a small town near Bath in the UK.  After having several novels published by small US presses, she secured agent representation in 2011. In 2012, she sold two books to Harlequin Superromance and a further three in 2013. She also writes Victorian romance for Kensington--her debut was released in April 2013 and she has since signed for three more. 

Rachel is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and Romance Writers of America. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find Rachel with her head in a book or walking the beautiful English countryside with her family and beloved black Lab, Max. Her dream place to live is Bourton-on-the-Water in South West England. 

She likes nothing more than connecting and chatting with her readers and fellow romance writers. Rachel would love to hear from you!



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Rachel will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.  Follow the tour HERE



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