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Blog Tour: Spotlight & Giveaway - The Future Without Hope by Nazarea Andrews

The Future Without Hope
by Nazarea Andrews

The Future Without Hope Synopsis:
Separated from Finn, captive of the Order, Nurrin has no hope left. But she has survived twenty years of zombies--and she has the unshakable faith that Finn will find her.

But Finn is a long way away. The Order's influence runs deeper than was ever suspected, and politics are shifting--and zombies may not be the most dangerous thing she's facing.

Finn always thought the war stripped him of all he had to lose. But with Nurrin missing and doors closing in his face, he realizes there is always more for the world to take--and he will drag the remains of civilization down with him before he gives up on the only promise that matters.

THE LESSON THAT I LEARNED, in my years of fighting in the East and watching the world fall to pieces, is that everyone wants something. And really, for most of us, it’s basic. We want to live. We don’t even need to tack happy on. We just want to live our lives. Some of us need to buy the lie to do that.
And that’s my problem. Because I hate lies. I hate them when there isn’t a reason for them, and I really fucking hate them when they’re well-intentioned.
The Haven is a lie. It’s a promise of safety that can’t really be delivered. Walkers can patrol the Walls, and the far scouts can clear out any wandering infects. But in the face of a horde? They can’t do a damn thing, and the walls meant to protect and keep the civilians safe become the tool that keeps them from escape.
It’s a pretty lie.
But in the end, a lie is a lie, and it doesn’t matter how pretty it is—it’ll still kill you.
The day drags slow. Sonny and Holts leave shortly after I tell them to evac the Havens, and Orwell stays only long enough to murmur a few words to Claire before he gives me a searching stare and vanishes.
Waiting makes me anxious—I can feel her slipping away. Claire eventually banishes me from the downstairs, and I lock myself into the dusty bedroom on the second floor, lying on the bed.
I don’t lie to myself. And the truth—the ugly truth that I’ve been avoiding is this is my fault. All of it.
Nurrin is with the order, Collin god knows where, because I wouldn’t make the hard choices. I should have killed Dustin before it became a threat.  

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Nazarea Andrews Bio:
Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She is the author of the University of Branton series, Neverland Found series, and Edge of the Falls.
She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. 

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