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Review - Another Chance by Renee Lohr

Another Chance
by Renee Lohr


Amber Wilson left the only home she had ever known in Northern New York to move to New York City. There she meets the love of her life. But Ricky Davis' job causes too much stress for her and she leaves him without a word to return to her childhood home. Two months later, she discovers she is pregnant with his child. Stubborn and scared, she waits until she is eight months pregnant before returning to NYC, hoping that Ricky will forgive her and let her back into his life. But there is another woman, one he is involved with who doesn't want to let go. And yet another woman would like to be with him. Who will he choose? What does Amber have to deal with to try to win back his love?


Another Chance is about a very expectant soon-to-be single mother, Amber Wilson, who returns to the city to see her baby's father, Ricky Davis. Ricky does not know he's about to be a father. He's a stand -up guy and probably would have been thrilled had Amber not just walked out one night with no warning. He was devastated. He loved Amber. She didn't tell him the reason she left was because of her constant fear for his well-being - even for his life as he is a police detective. Murder, shootings, robberies - these were the day to day cases Ricky had to deal with.

Now Ricky has a new girlfriend, Deana, a fellow detective. He is trying to put his life back together and he believes if Amber just walked off once without even talking to him of her concerns, how can he trust her once again?

This book is a worthy effort, especially for a first time novelist. I enjoyed going through the gamut of emotions with Amber and Ricky. I felt her confusion when she first left Ricky. I felt his agony at having been left with no explanation. I felt her loneliness when she tries to re-enter his life, longing for him to still love her even though she had hurt him so badly. I felt his fear and pain when she tried to come back to him. I felt his love grow for his daughter even when he was filled with the agony of what it would be to lose her if he allowed himself to love the tiny child.

As a result of all this emotion, I give Another Chance a 4 star review. ~JoEllen

About the Author:

A first time writer, Renee Lohr was brought up in a family of readers. Renee still enjoys to read and with this book, hopes to give back to others the satisfaction she gets when reading a good book. Born and raised in Central New York, Renee still resides there. She is married and has a son. . . and is now a first-time grandma to identical twin girls, Molly and Marah.

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