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NMtM: Interview & Giveaway - Three Black Boys:Tomorrow After Supper by Zangba Thomson


Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper

by Zangba Thomson 



Teenagers spring into dangerous action to obtain financial aid for a woman who has only a month to live. The setting is Queens, N.Y., home to Babita Harris, an Indian immigrant plagued with the deadly black fever disease. With a couple of months to live, Babita only hope of survival is a costly liver transplant. But with no health insurance, the chance of a surgery is slim. What she needs is a quarter of a million dollars in cash. Barnes, her only son, along with his two friends, Demus and Baker, spring into dangerous action to get the money. Although their road is paved with good intentions, the brothers in arms will experience more than they have ever experienced before. 


“Our front door is always open if you change your mind,” says Ojal. 

“I know, Mama,” replies Babita, before laying the bluebird chime down on the table. “I think I will take this last opportunity to go outside and revisit the new addition to the back yard.” 

The blue bird chime shakes without any assistance and Babita is startled. 

“Better hurry up before the clouds begin to cry,” says Ojal with a smile.

Babita nods her head in agreement and makes her way into the back yard. There she sees a beautiful garden with assorted color roses. Out the corner of her eye, she spots a red rose positioned behind several thorny bushes. With caution, she reaches for the delicate flower, not knowing a parasitic sandfly is traveling unnoticed in her direction. The sandfly bites Babita’s outstretched arm. “Ouch!” she grimaces softly, and quickly retracts her hand back to her bosom. Immediately, she notices a small swelling forming on her arm, and in no time, blood oozes from her tiny wound. A strong wind blows and many dandelions fly in her direction. Lightning strikes, thunder roars its ugly voice, and light rain begins to fall. Babita, afraid of her hair getting wet, quickly retreats into her parents’ home.


Let's Learn a little about Zangba! 

What is your writing environment? 

Zangba Thomson: Usually I’m inside a recording studio, writing on an iMac. Its very quiet and mild incense is burning in the background, and depending on my mood, jazz music might be oozing out of my speakers.

Who is your perfect hero and why? 

Zangba Thomson: My mother is my heroine because—in the face of adversity, she displayed courage—over and over again—and because of her continuous sacrifices, we were able to survive as a family.

What authors have caught your interest lately and why? 

Zangba Thomson: I am a huge fan of Donald Goines, not only because of the picture-perfect way he described ghetto-life, but because he didn’t compromise his vision and kept his stories in its rawest form. His books will never get old to me, and every year, I find time to read through his collection. Another dope author that I recently met is—Sophia Stewart, I love her work because she is a great visionary and truly writes from her heart. Let me just say that the information inside her science-fiction books will blow your mind.    

What type of book have you always wanted to write?

Zangba Thomson: A book that people, in all walks of life, can relate to and appreciate.

Top 3 things on your bucket list? 

Zangba Thomson: I want to make a stop in Egypt—to see the Great Pyramids of Giza, while traveling around the world. Secondly, I want to give my mother a 25-million dollar check, and lastly—I want to build a factory and employ people.  

How did you get the idea for this particular novel? 

Zangba Thomson: Three Black Boys originally started as a Hip-Hop song that I recorded at Straight Live Studios, in Queens, NY. People who heard the record were always asking me, "What's the story behind the boys’ robbery attempt?" And at that time—I didn’t know why. One day I just decided to write and record a song about three black boys robbing a grocery store. But that’s the wonderful thing about creativity, we as creators are never trapped, and we have the power to add or take away from any thing that we have created. So to make a long story short—I answered their intriguing question when I adapted the three-minute-song into the short story—Three Black Boys: The Authorized Version, which later evolved into the novel—Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper. It wasn’t easy adapting a hip-hop song into a full-length novel, because if you really think about it—my starting point would most likely be the ending scene in most writers’ stories. Even Kirkus, who did the review for Three Black Boys: The Authorized Version, was impressed that I was able to write my way out of a bad situation—and they wrote, “But Thomson amazingly manages to tack on a happy ending after the unbridled bloodshed!” If that’s not inspiring—I don’t know what is.

What is your favorite scene in your new release? 

Zangba Thomson: I would say the robbery scene leading up to the emergency room scene. It’s extremely graphic and emotional, and my eyes usually get watery whenever I get to that point. And that’s the great thing about Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper —you gonna get real emotions from real characters.

What are you working on now and when can we expect it to be available? 

Zangba Thomson: I am co-authoring an exciting new relationship guidebook (with five other authors) entitled Single Man Married Man, which will explore the psyche of single, married and divorce men about their views on the state of men and women relationships. It’s gonna be wonderful because from what I’m hearing—a lot of women are anticipating the release of Single Man Married Man, which should be released… sometime this year. I look at it like this—whenever you get a chance to do an interactive project dealing with men and women’s relationship issues—the outcome and response will always be great, especially if the advices given within the book are genuine. There are many single, engaged and married women out there—women who are having relationship problems, and those who are looking for a man but they just don’t know how to obtain Mr. Right. Well, ladies, look no further—the advices written in Single Man Married Man will get you a man or keep you in the arms of your dream man. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.    

What do you like to do when you are not writing? 

Zangba Thomson: I love spending a lot of time with my family, and also, I cherish my time alone. I love jogging, so when the sun is out, I’m usually running for several miles to the track and back. Gardening is also another one of my favorite pastimes because it strengthens my patience to sit and write. And if I’m lucky, you can catch me watching professional prize fighting (preferably boxing) and old movies from the 70’s.

What would you consider a perfect date? 

Zangba Thomson: Walking inside a beautiful floral park, while conversing with the woman of my dreams. Both of us are sipping our strawberry smoothies through a giant green straw, and the great thing about our conscious conversation is—we don’t ever want it to end.   

What is one interesting fact about you that readers don’t know? 

Zangba Thomson: I am a vegetarian and I’ve been a vegan going on 4 years now.  


AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Zangba Thomson is the Creative Director at BME LLC, the author of Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper, co-author of Do Right Do Good (a self-help guide book towards vision fulfillment and entrepreneurship), a recording artist, and New York Life Coach Examiner. Zangba balances his career and family time on the scale of hard work and dedication, and his main areas of focus include his real life experiences, metaphysics, and spirituality. Zangba's work reinforces the basic idea that goals are fulfilled when right decisions are made. Please visit his website at



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