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Interview & Giveaway - Burdened (A Burdened Novel, Book 1) by Peiri Ann

A Burdened Novel, Book 1
by Peiri Ann 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9780991381104
Number of pages: ebook (381)
Number of pages: paperback (423)
Word Count: 142K 

Book Description: 
Tracey Warren has everything an eighteen year old girl should. She lives a life of expectancies; go to school, please her parents, party with friends, and revel in life as a young adult. 
That is until she experiences an unexpected life changing accident caused by Nathan Newcomb; an illegally attractive yet perplexed guy who has her fumbling over her words and cracking her head on the concrete. In being enthralled by his overwhelming existence, Tracey neglects his promise of death (which never falls short of Nathan) and in ignoring his guarantee, she chooses to give into love over sanity and risks her life for the opportunity of being with him. 
Nathan, knowing the risks gives into this want to have Tracey presuming it may be better to jeopardize their possible ending, than to allow her to endure the pain of his devoid. Nonetheless, with him being a burdened Sephlem, not only are they burdened by their adversaries who will risk everything but the exposure of their existence to see Nathan fall. But Nathan and Tracey come to find that their most sinister enemies lie under their same roof and regrettably share the same bloodline. 

Available at:   Amazon  and   BN  
Hi Sue, thank you for having me on you blog.

What is your writing environment?
My favorite writing environment is indoors surrounded by music sitting at my desk or this comfy spot of my couch where the cushions separate with my legs crossed Indian style and the laptop in my lap. (The best scenes and characters come to me when I’m like that.)

Who is your perfect hero and why?
Superman is the perfect hero ever! He was born with his super powers and has only one weakness. He looks hard but can be gentle and he has amazing arms.

What authors have caught your interest lately and why?
I recently read a book by Loretta Lost called Clarity. She is a new author and I love her writing.

What type of book have you always wanted to write?
I have always wanted to write a tragic love story, like Shakespeare. I like reading tragic love stories for some weird reason.

Top 3 things on your bucket list?
My top three things on my bucket list would have to be: Mountain climbing, Writing an amazing novel, and Achieving the best mom of the year award (that probably doesn’t exist.) These are in no particular order.

How did you get the idea for this particular novel?
A friend once said to me. “If you don’t like the books that you are reading, write your own. You know how to write so write what you’re interested in. Just do it and love it.” She started the idea and I wrote Burdened.

What is your favorite scene in your new release?
I love this question. Okay, there is this scene when Tracey and Nathan (my two main characters) get a little steamy. No, not a little, they get really steamy. Only when they are “steamy” can Tracey get in his head (Not hear his thoughts, but she can feel what he feels and see what he sees.) So, of course they are in there moment and she can feel the way she feels to him (as he’s feeling her) and sees how he sees her. What makes this scene my favorite is that it’s interrupted and at the worse possible “moment”.

What are you working on now and when can we expect it to be available?
I’m currently working on a fiction sci-fi/paranormal romance. It has a military base, genetically altered humans, aliens, and zombies. Yeah, an entire mixture of things that all role up into a wide ride called Diminish that will release early winter.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?
When I am not writing I love spending time with my daughter watching movies like Epic, Despicable Me 2, and Anastasia. I also like read all kinds of books.

What would you consider a perfect date?
The perfect date… I live in Chicago and it would be amazing to walk downtown Chicago on a warm day with a cool breeze at night with a full moon along this trail that walk by the beach. We’d hold hands and talk about the food from the dinner we just ate, our interest. After we come upon a bench we’ll sit and fall into a slow kiss. Then we’d leave there and go to his place for uh, drinks. Yeah…

What is one interesting fact about you that readers don’t know?
I majored in Psychology because I wanted to crack the code of the human brain. I often find myself diagnosing a person which causes me to try to stay away from them because honestly, humans are weird. I also think the new 2014 Fiat commercial are odd. (Especially the one with the horse and the chicken)

About the Author:
A love for reading transpired into an admiration for writing at a young age for Peiri Ann. Starting off in writing poetry and short stories she indulged in the possibilities of creating new worlds and lives to live within them opening a window of unanticipated possibilities. In high school a pin and notebook never left her grasps and in college the pin was replaced by a keyboard and the notebook replaced by a computer screen. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and certified in business management. 
When Peiri Ann is not writing, reading, doing homework, or working in the downtown of Chicago she enjoys spending time with her little girl, watching action flicks, and spooning peanut butter from the jar as a midnight snack. 

Web – 
Twitter - @peiriann 
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