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Excerpt, Review & Giveaway - Committed:Drug of Desire by Sidney Bristol

COMMITTED: Drug of Desire

Written by Sidney Bristol

Published by Loveswept

August 12, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-553-39252-4



In this erotic tale of sensuality and suspense, Sidney Bristol proves that desire can be the most dangerous drug of all. 

DEA Special Agent Damien Moana works hard and plays even harder. But while indulging in forbidden temptations at a private BDSM retreat, the unexpected happens: He falls under a stranger’s spell. This woman drives Damien to distraction, pushing him to the sweet boundary between pain and pleasure. When duty interrupts their heated encounter, his focus turns to catching a criminal . . . but his head is still with the seductress who ignites his deepest desires. Now Damien must choose between closing the case of his career and losing the woman of his dreams. 

Poppy Mercer can’t forget the night she spent with her mystery lover. When chance brings them back together, she seizes the opportunity to again feel his masterful hands on her body. Poppy is a switch who delights in dominating a powerful man . . . and submitting to the ecstasy of his control. Outside the bedroom, however, she questions her place in Damien’s world. His obsession with hunting a ruthless drug lord puts Poppy in the line of fire. And though Damien might be able to save her from danger, salvaging what’s left of her trust is another matter.

Committed is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

(from Chapter Three)

*Please note that this excerpt contains some explicit content. 

The urge to touch her all over, acquaint himself with her curves, was strong. But that wasn’t what they’d come here for. She wanted a new experience and he wanted to dominate. He wanted to give her everything she didn’t know she wanted.

Doms did what they did for various reasons. Some were simply born dominants. Others needed to be in control to quiet an urge. There were others who chose the role in service to their bottoms. Damien was a little bit of all of them. There were so many things in this world he couldn’t control, but for a negotiated span of time, he called all the shots. And still he gave his partners exactly what they needed.

He backed away slowly, swinging the flogger in a circular motion by his side. The leather whooshed through the air, creating an ominous sound. She couldn’t see him, so he grinned.

There were a few different ways to use a flogger, but one of the easiest was to swing it in a figure eight, with the target being the crossing point of the circles. It allowed for continuous swinging without twisting the tails. Damien transitioned into the figure-eight pattern, his gaze trained on the bit of flesh framed by the straps of her nightie.

She jumped as the air whooshed past, hunching her shoulders.

The first kiss of leather on flesh sounded with a slap.

Rapunzel relaxed as he let the flogger fall across her shoulders and back with a steady, easy rhythm. In his experience, the feel of the leather was more akin to a massage than anything else.

Her pale skin began to redden as blood rose to the surface.

She relaxed more and more, until her face was lying across a rung and her limbs hung fully suspended by the rope.

Damien grasped the tails in his left hand, breaking the rhythm. He cracked the flogger like a whip, flicking her left shoulder.

Rapunzel jumped, her spine straightening, and yelped.

Damien tossed the flogger on the table behind him and closed the distance, running his hands over her back, feeling her reaction.

“How’d that feel?”

“Mm, good.” She chuckled a little.

Damien waited a moment before hauling back and slapping her ass.

Rapunzel responded with a yelp and another giggle.

“You aren’t learning your lesson at all,” he growled into her ear.

“Sorry, sir, I forgot,” she said over her shoulder, but her tone implied no remorse whatsoever.

“Hm.” As much as he wanted to keep his hands on her, that path led to temptation, and it was still too early yet. He wanted more time to play.

Damien paced back to his toy bag and considered his options. He selected three items. Two he tucked in his pockets, and the third he carried back to his switch, slapping it against his hand.

“I’ve been nice. Now I’m really going to have to teach you a lesson,” he said, taunting her.

“Is that a promise, sir?” she said over her shoulder, the flirty tones taunting him to do his worst.

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My Review:
I loved this emotional and sexy romance.  Dominant Damien Moana was instantly attracted to Switch Poppy Mercer when he first sets eyes on her at a private BDSM retreat.  The attraction is mutual and explosive between these two very strong characters. (Ice Water was needed!)  Before the night was over, Damien was called away and against his better judgment, left Poppy before giving her all that he promised.  Poppy was devastated and hurt that he would break his promise.  Damian is a DEA agent on the hunt of a ruthless and deadly drug lord so when he is called to capture him he must abandon Poppy and do his job.  He is intent on reclaiming her trust and will do whatever is necessary to develop a relationship with this fascinating woman.  Poppy must forgive him and learn to trust that Damian will keep his promises in the future.  I was caught up in this wonderful story from page one and read it until my ereader actually died!  The chemistry between these fascinating characters was unbelievable and the story line was well-written and engrossing.  I loved that Damian was not perfect but was willing to learn from his mistakes.  Poppy was sweet yet strong who had an unusual childhood.  This book had action, suspense and humor mixed in beautifully with the romantic kinkiness of the story that I did not went to put it down until the end (and even then I wanted more).  I really hope that there will be more stories in the future based around the characters of this book (it was filled with interesting and wonderful secondary people that definitely could use their own tales)!  Sidney Bristol is definitely going on to my favorite author list and I can't wait to start reading more of her wonderful stories! ~Booklover Sue

About Sidney Bristol:

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a “normal” life. She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict, and she grew up in a motor-home on the U.S. highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves and writing, reading, and belly dancing.

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