Thursday, July 24, 2014

ARC Review - Temporary Dom (Bad Boys of Rock series) by Holly S. Roberts

Temporary Dom
Bad Boys of Rock

by Holly S. Roberts


Luke Isaak, the drummer for Blood Rights is on a mission. Machala Winters got away once and Luke is determined it will never happen again. She’s perfect for his sadistic proclivities though the first time she held herself back and drove him crazy.

Machala knows what she wants and if Luke would accept her submission and stop prying into her past, he would be at the top of the list. Some things are meant to stay buried and a certain Dom needs to respect her privacy.

Sometimes love hurts in more ways than one. And sometimes a Temporary Dom holds a girl’s heart forever.

This book contains adult situations with BDSM, sadism, mm, mfm, and mf. If this is not your thing, read no further or you might have your pants shocked off and then anything could happen. Recommended 18+

My Review:

I was blown away reading this awesome book!  I found myself totally absorbed in Machala and Luke's relationship and refused to put it down until I finished it!  Machala is a masochist who needs pain to feel pleasure and thought she found the perfect Sadist in Luke.  Luke loves to give pain and knew Machala was the perfect woman for him but he refused to let her hide parts of her inner self and lost her when she had enough of his prying.  Machala is a strong woman who has secrets that she refuses to reveal to anyone and gave up the one man who she felt such a strong connection to because of those secrets.  Luke is an alpha man who won't give up Machala because of something in her past and will do whatever it takes to get her back.  I loved the building of the complex yet very sexual relationship of these two strong and stubborn characters.  This is a very well written and emotional story where the journey to a happy ending is not a smooth one.  I highly recommend Temporary Dom to lovers of BDSM romances that feature a loving yet sadistic rock star who is attracted to a stubborn and secretive submissive with secrets to hide.  Warning: this book does features heavy BDSM elements, if that is not something you enjoy reading, this is not the story for you. ~Booklover Sue

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  1. You absolutely made my day. Thank you for this wonderful review and I'm so glad you enjoyed Luke and Machala's story!