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Book Spotlight and Giveaway - Sight for Sore Eyes (Clarence Bay Chronicles #2) by Joan Leacott

Sight for Sore Eyes
Clarence Bay Chronicles #2
By: Joan Leacott
Releasing Feb 2014 


Love isn’t blind; it’s just nearsighted.

Emma Finn has had enough of life-altering changes. Stability is all she wants right now, no matter how boring.
Ophthalmologist Asher Stockdale wants her to dust off her old dream of globe-trotting photographer, no matter the cost to his new dream of home, family and small town life.
Carpenter ants, cream pies, and a pair of scheming seniors help Emma and Asher to see what really lies before their eyes. 

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“You’ve seen this dog before? Where?” Asher asked.

“Yes, we’ve met before, haven’t we?” She continued to talk to the dog. “I tried to get you to come home with me. But no, you didn’t want me. You wanted somebody you had to rescue before you adopted him. Make him feel properly obliged, eh?”

The dog understood every word and agreed with them all. He hung his head. He was even sorry that he’d chosen Asher instead of herself.

“So what’s your name, fella?”

“We’ve decided on Pirate.”

Giving the dog a final pat, she stood and grinned up at Asher. “We?”

An adorable blush spread across his handsome face. Oh, the cuteness of the man.

“Well, a dog has to like his name you know. We discussed Spot, but that was so obvious it hurt. And he’s too modest for Hero.”

“So he said ar to Pirate?”

He shook his head at her, mock resignation twinkling in his eyes. “You couldn’t resist, could you?”

A giggle squeaked out of her as she shook her head back at him. “Nope. Not sorry either.”

A big grin crimped the corners of his eyes. “Actually, he said arf.”

She laughed outright for the first time in months. The day suddenly seemed brighter.

“I’m so glad Pirate’s found a good home. Points for you.”

Asher gave the dog a puzzling thumbs-up. “Would you like to go for brunch?”

Her joy fled. “I’m sorry.” She gestured through the window at the crowd inside. “I’m getting tea for my friend Nadine. She’s signing her new book today and can’t get away from the table. She’s parched with all the talking.”

The twinkle in his eyes dimmed, and his smile faded.

With a gentle hand, she moved Pirate out of her way.

Asher fell into step with her. “I’ll go with you.”

“You want to buy tea?”

As they waited for the traffic light to turn green, he took her hand. “Nope. I want your company.”

Her fingers clasped his big warm hand against her will. “Why?”

“Because I like you. And so does Pirate.” He looked down at his dog. “Don’t you, boy?” Pirate barked his agreement. “Good boy.”

Her gaze drifted down to Pirate. He looked up at her and tipped his head in query. Life with this duo would be so much fun. “No fair bringing your dog into it.”

“All’s fair—” he said as they crossed the road, still holding hands, and continued down the sidewalk to the coffee shop.

In love and war, Emma finished. “There’s nothing between us.” No heat, no longing, no love. Especially not love.

“Not yet.” He smiled confidently.

She muffled her tiny gasp at how his words meshed with her thoughts.
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Author Info:
Joan Leacott is skilled in many arts—sewing, knitting crochet, cross-stitch, painting, and piano. The skill favoured by her husband and son is cooking, especially pumpkin pie.

She spends her winters in Toronto, Canada attending piano classes, melting in the hot yoga studio, and writing.

Her summers are spent on the shores of Georgian Bay relaxing on the deck with a romance novel and a glass of wine. After she's done her laps in the bay, she settles down to write more multi-generational stories of people living and loving in today’s world.

See you on the streets of Clarence Bay!

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