Monday, August 26, 2013

Elysium - movie review

A movie review:    Elysium
by Jo Ellen Eisaman of The Movie Appreciation Club

Movie makers have, once again, laid our world to waste as in post-apocalyptic war Earth, the wealthy live off-planet in what I presume is a paradise. I am unsure because this movie only shows a little of this Land -of-Oz like dream location.

 Max, by Matt Damon, is a prison parolee who dreams of the good life to be found on Elysium. He lives under constant threat of being placed back in a prison which must be horrific given Earth has become a living Hell. He has the opportunity to go to Elysium once he is brutally attached via 'kitchen-table, no painkiller surgery' to robot fixtures.

 Max has a love interest in the form of Frey, played by Alice Braga. Frey has a terminally-ill daughter, Matilda, portrayed by a very healthy Emma Tremblay. A little make-up  would have made it more believable. There was little chemistry between the two and a well done, instead of half-baked, back story would've allowed us to care about the pair as a couple. As it was even Max didn't really care. He was more than willing to leave Frey and her precious little girl behind in order to save himself and to reach his goal of getting to Elysium. So much for a hero.

 Jodie Foster plays a frighteningly cold, heartless defense minister whose main ambition is to be top dog. For her performance alone, this movie rated a pathetic "4" out of 10. This movie wasted what could have been a great tale if the powers that be had been less interested in finding ways for good guys and bad guys to battle one another and more interested in making this the awesome film it should have been.

The Movie Appreciation Club score was 6.17 out of is the 3rd lowest movie of 2013!

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