Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blurb Blitz & Giveaway - Revenge by JA Jackson

by J.A. Jackson

GENRE: Romantic Suspense



Last time, in J. A. Jackson’s steamy, romantic thriller Lovers, Players and The Seducer, the storm came…and went.

Back then, Nicholas La Cour played a very dangerous game of cat and mouse; one in which he involved his childhood friends, Kienan Egan and Quinn Rolandis. Even worse, he put his own sister, Lacey La Cour, right in the middle of that storm.

Everyone got swept away in the torrent of greed, lust and ruthless ambition. All except two ratchet lovers…

Another storm is coming, but the two ratchet lovers survive it? Find out in Jackson’s anticipated sequel, Lovers, Players The Seducer, Book II The Revenge Game. Winner takes all.



Sutter’s Bistro was located in the heart of downtown San Jose in an old two story brick building off of First Street and East Santa Clara. Kienan parked his Escalade in the public parking lot on the corner and walked a half block to the restaurant.

Downtown San Jose had changed since he was a kid, Kienan reflected as he paused at the corner of First Street and watched the light-rail train go by. It was one of the modern conveniences that made San Jose more and more like San Francisco every day.

He walked into Sutter’s Bistro and found Thomas was waiting for him.

Thomas smiled wide in greeting. “Hey Kienan my friend. It is good to see you.”

Kienan shook his hand. “Likewise, my old friend,” he said, taking the seat across from him. “Let’s order I’m starving.”

“I already have,” Thomas replied. “That is if you still like the house special.”

“If it is still braised short ribs? You know I do,” Kienan said, without hesitation.

“Good,” Thomas said, signaling their waiter.

Their waiter appeared with two piping hot plates of the house special short ribs, sauté green beans with garlic mashed potatoes.

“Looks like retirement agrees with you,” Kienan said, taking a bite of mashed potatoes.

“Yeah, it does. And I still remember the first time I ever saw you. It was the first day of the summer mentoring program for Future Detectives.  Your father was with you on the first day. You still look like that hardworking geeky young man.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

J.A. Jackson is the pseudonym for an author, who loves to write deliciously sultry adult romantic, suspenseful, entertaining novels with a unique twist. She lives in an enchanted little house she calls home in the Northern California foothills.

She spent over ten years working in the non-profit sector where she wrote grants, press releases and contributed many stories to their newsletter. She was their Newsletter editor for over ten years. She loves growing roses, a good pot of hot tea, chocolate, magical stories, suspense stories, ghost stories, and reading Jane Austen again and again in her past time.


Lovers, Players & The Seducer   -

When a Taker Dreams

Mistress of Desire & The Orchid Lover

Grand Hotel

A Geek, an Angel & the Deceiver

The Proposition (A Geek, An Angel)


The book is on sale for $0.99 during the tour.



The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. Congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. Can you tell us about your hobbies? (when you're not reading or writing)

    1. Hello I am the author J. A. JACKSON.
      Thank you for letting me be here today.
      Things I love to do…
      I love Gardening - growing flowers I have many species of flowers from geraniums, roses, jasmines, jade plants that I am proud of as well as a bird of paradise that’s doing well. When I’m not in my garden I love to take long rides in the car. A few other things I love to do are: I love talking a leisurely stroll around a Flea Market, the park, sitting on a park bench watching the sun go down. I love attending the many arts and wine festivals held throughout Northern California, plays, and concerts. I love gardening, I love taking a walk on the beach, going to comedy shows, bowling, going to the movies and a host of many other things.
      Favorite places to go…Yoshi’s in Oakland, Tommy T’s in Pleasant, Half-Moon Bay, San Juan Bautista just to name a few.

  3. Thanks for sharing the excerpt, this sounds like a great book!

  4. Do you have a specific area that is your writing spot or are you able to write anywhere?

    1. Hello I am the author J. A. JACKSON.
      Thank you for letting me share with you.
      Yes I do have a specific spot to write in a bedroom in my home that I use as my office. However, sometime I will take my laptop with me to write outside on the patio.

  5. I am really enjoying following this tour, thank you for all the great blog posts and excerpts!